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  1. We had a surprise gathering at the @BelindaN`s boathouse. On the picture me, @Scylla Rhiadra , the mistress of the houseboat her self, @Eva Knoller, @TatianaNikolay and @Saskia Rieko Later @Laika Ravikumar joined us. She is sitting next to Belinda in the next picture.
  2. trying some poses and experimenting with editing:
  3. And I also made a portrait of friendship while sharing an early morning coffee with a good friend .... here is just an impression of it on the wall.
  4. I like to dance with good friends and have a good conversation in the meantime. Here I enjoyed the moment with my good friend @Laika Ravikumar. Sharing that moment of friendship here:
  5. One day I hope I can make a picture with all my closest friends on it. For now just a nice view of a trip to New Santorini with @Saskia Rieko A meeting at Sunset A nice desert Just modelling Saskia in action
  6. Just to celibrate I have 100 followers at Flickr. But for you also lots of..
  7. Ever since someone took the liberty to post Morgan Freeman for how her or his avatar looks like today, I am taking the liberty to post this video. Great music! Good Bye everyone!
  8. this is for all the people that post wonderful pictures of themselves here: Found at Purity Falls
  9. Okay here an oldfashion photo of me at Breath of Nature, because that is why this thread was made for. Cheers!
  10. Yeah well the name patch said you live there.... so i didnt go in.... to spooky
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