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  1. Yesterday dancing, today sailing with @Saskia Rieko. Fantastic!
  2. Danced with @Saskia Rieko at the Fogs this evening. Above is how I saw it, under how Saskia saw us dance ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the dance Saskia
  3. Saskia is still no gravity woman and the extraterrestrials are still watching......
  4. Yes I also had a picture taken but not suitable for this forum.... (although there is noting to see because it is a PG SIM and everything was hidden).
  5. but the staff was gone so nothing to eat ๐Ÿคจ
  6. Hello lady Rieko. Let me play some piano for you
  7. @Saskia Riekoshowed me the garden infront of her house.... There were some crocodiles there. She said they were harmless. So today I came back and came to close... WAAAAH He got me!!! Can anybody help me please.......?
  8. reminds me of a fairy tale: https://www.grimmstories.com/language.php?grimm=049&l=nl&r=en
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