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  1. she will loose it the third evening actually 😉
  2. You can add several photo's of your story (adventure) in this thread @Scylla Rhiadra. A whole storyboard. In one post or several. You can even post cliffhangers so we will be curious to know how it goes on further....
  3. Looks like a film still from the movie Harry Potter, Doc. Up to Hogwarts, although my parrents do not know that.
  4. Sometimes a picture tells more then words. So why not telling stories with pictures? Do you have a picture that tells a story, known or unknown, you can post it here. Maybe some text to add the picture to give a hint what this story is about (a title). You can post a picture of a already excisting story (or fairytail) or make one of you own... In will give a example of a well known story..... Everyone will know this story.... Cinderella time.
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Villa Baldeney/205/188/26
  6. Thank you so much for such nice words about me Scylla. Although we have not known each other that long and our meetings have only been brief, you already have a good idea about me. It indicates that you are intelligent, have empathy, a sharp mind, good perception and a good knowledge of people. I know Scylla from the Forums, of course, where she speaks very well. Her points of view are clear but also nuanced. She is a free spirit that inspires others to be creative too. Scylla recognizes that in this virtual life that freedom can be immense. Here you can make your dreams come true. Nevertheless, she does not get lost in it. She knows that friendship in SL is the most valuable thing. Hence her good friendship with @BelindaN , @Saskia Rieko and @Eva Knoller. And this thread she set up. It show you what friendship can be, how valuable it is and to inspire you to make friendship too and to write about it. She also has a great imagination where her creativity comes from. Her stories and photos therefore have depth. She is well-read and has knowledge of the world and more. That gives her wings, a wind to fly and difficult to catch. Also a bit rebellious because of that. Her place, the name (La Dolce Vita) and the scenarios that she came up with gave me the inspiration to make this photo. Just like in the movie .....
  7. making important discovery`s there ware presecondlife avatars here..... hmm thinking about that in my mancave: .
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