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  1. Plus, part of what lets Sansar get away with it is by having the worlds be prebuilt. Which would mean, no more freely building in a sim with friends and such. One plus side though is someone could give a map a makeover without it effecting the current version. But yeah, all the fancy lighting and rendering and the whole environment itself is baked into those worlds with a minimal amount of moving physical parts, compared to SL where everything you see could be moved at any second.
  2. If anything, they would only have themselves to blame for lag if it's a human centric rp sim, cause the majority of popular human mesh bodies are some of the worst optimized avatars that exist in SL
  3. Ah, good ol tinies They've been a part of SL for so long, I think they even predated furry avatars. I remember seeing them back when you had to pay 10 bucks to make a basic SL account. I wonder where they all hang out now a days.
  4. Yeah, there really needs to be some way to help encourage people to make a proper LOD, since automatic anything in the creation process tends to be lackluster at best
  5. If I as in charge of user content stuff in LindenLabs, I would disable the 'generate' option for the lowest LOD for a month just to see what would happen
  6. Small accessories and props can be a good place to start if your new to modelling And of course, also need to get familiar with Blender itself https://cloud.blender.org/p/blender-fundamentals/
  7. Don't know if your still working on it, but your best bet it to just make your own land too Luckily, a little hill top isn't too hard to make, and you can keep the UV rather simple and just slap on a matching terrain texture to blend in with the region terrain. As for the mesh hill, just slice out a hole where it tucks in under the house so the basement can hide inside. For example, I made this recently and as you can see, the hill around it is just part of the mesh.
  8. Well, with this particular thing, it's not really like a "IQ/How smart are you" But more of what sort of methods tend to work best for you when doing work or learning.
  9. I'm certainly on your side with that. People selling an item with all the colors of the rain split into a dozen products are just making such a cluttered unattractive mess of their store, and not to mention, basically charging full price for a color change that probably only took them less than a minute to do for any single color. If anything, it's them that are making the mistake, not those that bundle them together. It's all the same item anyways, and that's where most of the work was along with the initial texture. The color variants take little to no effort to make afterwards. One of the main benefits of bundling is it just makes your store look nice and tidy, and more consumer friendly too.
  10. From my pov, the main reason MP became so popular is mainly the simplest reason. Land costs a lot of financial upkeep, even if your just renting some small tent or storefront in a fancy mall. And if you're just starting out with making stuff to sell, you'll probably not have a whole lot of L just sitting around, and your handful of items aren't gonna be making you much at the start And once the MP wasn't tethered to the magic box thing anymore, the flood gates really opened up. All the creative virtual hobos finally had a way to set up a shop.
  11. If you want to remove the tongue on the base head itself, a alpha layer specific to the tongue on the UV should do
  12. Well I do wish y'all luck with that then! Would be handy for me if I had a few more, then I could plug in a whole avatar of mine into the skin wearable, body, head, tail, and ears. Also, random question, but I noticed on the clothing layers, there seems to be a built in alpha cutout for that lower corner of the lower body were there's no UV at, any chance that can be removed, or would that be far too deep in the old code?
  13. While it's true I've not fully dug into AO making, I have some experience, mainly facial expressions for an avatar of my own, I have a couple of base animations that animate the whole face, those are 3. and then a couple of supplementary animations that are a bit more specific to be able to mix and match with one another, and play over the full faced animations, those are 4. And then a scattered amount of isolated animations here and there.
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