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  1. Luckly, the BoM stuff can be used with non standard forms, though you'll of course need stuff tailored made for it. Ideally, if you've got 3 or less textures for the body, you can hook it up into the skin layer. You can also make use of the eyes and hair as well for their counter parts, and the new universal layer will let you add tattoos to those other spots. As for Animesh, My assumption is probably not, atleast not at the moment. The BoM thing only worked on attachments when I was last trying it out. Couldn't even toggle it on an object if it's just rezzed on the ground. But who knows, maybe someday, I imagine they wanted to finally get it pushed out in a stable form so peeps can finally start to use it. ------- Hopefully the TPV's won't take too long
  2. You should think of it as a good thing. You won't need appliers anymore for your base skin and such. Skin, tattoo layers, even alpha layers can shine once more! Can even have like basic undergarments as clothing layers again.
  3. Right click on the product page, and pick inspect You'll see this pop up Then just press ctrl+f and a search box will show up in it, type in "keyword" and it'll take ya directly to em.
  4. Sure would be nice if the skill gaming regions were actually skill based game sims and not just bootleg casinos.
  5. Kind of like what @Fritigern Gothly did, worse case, you just acquire a 'permanent' neck based accessory to hide the seam Here's a random doodle of some ideas off the top of my head
  6. I bet @Penny Patton will like the sounds of the recent topics if she missed it.
  7. Before you get to rigging, I'd recommend learning about retopology. Atm it looks like your mane thing was made via scuplting, So it's polygons are probably a chaotic mess, and it'll make it a a pain to properly weight. To explain what Retopoly is, basically, you just rebuild a lower poly mesh around the high poly scuplt. Often times, the high poly sculpt will be used to make a bump map to stick on the lowpoly to retain the extra details. This video should give you a rough idea of how to do it, though I think the fellow in the vid might have some plugins that might throw ya off.
  8. Well, just try to have your lower LOD's seams match up as best ya can, then just kind of match up the UV as best ya can. Don't worry about it being a bit of a mess, you won't be close enough to see the LOD's anyways when they're working as intended. One thing you can do is select the full model, then the LOD, and when your in the UV window, click on view and toggle on the option to like "draw other" or something like that there, it'll show you the UV of the other selected object as a sort of faint backdrop.
  9. Ya sadly glitchy transparency has been something that's plagued video games for quite some time. That's why you're more likely to see things use mask instead.
  10. Well, I'm sure the tool would be nifty, but it does seems a good lot of us are blender users here 😅
  11. Ya, you can make how ever many looks you want on a single account, of various genders, races, species, etc
  12. To be fair, plenty of uses for having something like hair linked to a basic cube as the root. Like if it's made of unrigged pieces, it's easier to position if it's root is a simple cube, and if it's rigged, well surely we've all had issues at one point or another trying to right click on a model and just ending up selecting everything else but the model. Having a simple plain prim cube is much easier to aim for since it won't be as effected by that same issue.
  13. Make sure the permissions are set when it's still rezzed on the ground then pick it up. Basically, if you only change the permissions while in your inventory, it doesn't fully apply, and is more or less just temporary perms. Alternatively, if your on firestorm [I don't know if other viewers have this option] You can set the default permissions to be full perm for anything you upload onto your build account. [Those options are in preferences>firestorm>build1 for me.] An easy way you can tell is in here Look at the N, that shows the current permissions on it And if I was to check the box for Transfer, it'll now have a little * next to it But when I rez it, and pick it back up into my inventory, the * goes away Now, I do admit, I don't entirely know what some of the letters and such is short for, but basically, if you still see the *, it means the permissions haven't been fully applied.
  14. There's also the size of the model in the mix as well, if it's massive when you spawn it in SL, you might want to downscale it back in blender.
  15. That's possibly a reason, I think Penny also had made some blog posts bout that. It's kind of a bit high up behind us by default, and so people probably just built to accommodate that without much thought, and similarly, old default avatars were a bit oversized and it just kind of stuck that way.
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