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  1. Yeah, but this isn't a good solution. It requires you to not only expose the water, but also have enough room to move the camera about. Not to mention two other limitations: You have to turn everything on its side, which is a pain; Linden water doesn't reflect materials (normal and specular maps). This is why we need actual reflections. Honestly, I don't get it. Why do the GTA games have it and not SL?
  2. Why make a new thread for the same subject?
  3. Doesn't hurt to keep trying, does it?
  4. I'm bumping this topic, because it's 2021 and there are numerous applications of similar complexity to SL (from the GTA and Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport series to just about every other MMORPG you can name) that include both mirrors and immensely better global illumination (path tracing instead of ambient occlusion, with SL's implementation of ambient occlusion giving results that look more like direct lighting than actual global illumination). So, I'd like to second Whirly's suggestion; please get on board and watch that issue. I'll also get back to attending the Open Development User G
  5. Dear Oz, I want to wish you a happy retirement. You've done a great job, and exchanging ideas with you at the Open Development User Group meetings was a great privilege. Take care!
  6. So, here's my answer. And on my blog.
  7. Oh well. I never thought I'd do one of these posts, but here goes.
  8. OK everyone, just a quick update. The issue has come to LL's attention through the appropriate channel (i.e. a bug report on LL's JIRA), and a fix is currently being tested. That's all I can say for now.
  9. You do have the option to not update and hold out instead until it gets fixed in a future release of your favourite viewer.
  10. Niran, the issue I encounter seems to happen regardless of whether ambient occlusion is on or off; what triggers it for me and others is DoF.
  11. To let LL know that a sizeable number of people are affected by this bug, you need to go to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227731 and click on "Start watching this issue". The more people showing concern / interest, the sooner LL's developers will get on it.
  12. Mind you, this issue shows up in snapshots where you've enabled DoF.
  13. Hi, I'm the one who filed the bug reports on the Firestorm JIRA and LL's own system. It affects both viewers, and I've updated the issue reports accordingly.
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