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  1. This is what I was getting at. Not sure of the origin of the victorian homes, but I know LL has been very receptive to customer demand & maybe .. just MAYBE they even take into account our considerations for possible themes! This could mean my dream of one day living in a spanish style villa or even an italiante linden home might come true 😍🤞
  2. Does anyone know if the idea of the victorian theme was originally requested by a SL user or was it thought up by the LL team & put into fruition?
  3. Which is why I love Bellisseria, we all have our personal views, and why there is a home out there for each and every one of us. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
  4. Unfortunately it is an abandoned that happened too close to release that has been cycling through many users hand. Hopefully it will be the one for you though!
  5. Aww congrats, happy to hear you are now apart of the Belli community!
  6. This honestly was the most unique and amazing Bellisserian HOME (traditionals, houseboat's, and trailers/campers combined) I have ever come across! I would definitely recommend everyone find this gem, and hopefully you will be lucky enough to meet the amazing owner! She is just as lovely as her home. ❤️
  7. seemed to have come across a green toxic waterfall in SSPE238 https://gyazo.com/f03b207512d36637658739ba0cb36631
  8. Yet, another example of a failed attempt at abandoning a dream home on an alt & trying to catch it on a main account. 😭💀 10/10 would NOT recommend lol
  9. SSPE297 looks like an extension off the camper regions & railway as well. Not sure if this has been disused already https://gyazo.com/8fc69fc0b76fa830242274813f7fa19f
  10. This is how life seems to work, lol might me best I just upgrade that account to yearly premium and wait for my main account's premium membership to run out.
  11. I didn't want to, but looks like I will have to. It's ironic because I had decided I was going to stop paying for premium on this account right after I had paid for this month's billing cycle.
  12. were you able to catch it on a different account? of course, this is chance but just want to see the likelihood
  13. Has anyone had success at abandoning a home on an alt account for your main account to prayerfully catch with this new refresh limit? The day has finally come where I found my dream home, but sadly on my alt account. For me it honestly is not worth paying for an alt because I do not use the account aside from collecting the weekly L and using it as a chance to find a better home (which in turn wasn't a good idea lol).
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