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  1. Sheesh when did they release this version of SL? lol I need these graphics
  2. did you relog and this was still the case?
  3. That's what I interpreted it to mean as well, but of course this is not clearly defined lol
  4. What region is this? gorgeous parcel
  5. Which region released? Albeit a test
  6. thank you so much πŸ€—
  7. Side note: I recently declined to renew my premium account last month (May 1) b/c I quite frankly was tired of the stress of waiting countless hours to try to catch new releases and/or the off chance of a random abandon. When I heard of the plethora of log homes released yesterday, I upgraded back to premium as I knew the headache would not be as bad. Idk how I got this home, as there were according to Patch 81 available victorian homes, but I take this as nothing short of a blessing. I say all this to say, don't give up! Keep trying (at your own pace) at the Game of Homes. If you get tired, or find yourself wasting too much time, give it a break and try again when you feel you are ready! (I do not have any premium alts, so I know if i can do this, anyone can ) A word of advice would be to not hold onto something that you are only content with in fear, bc then you will never get what you truly want. That is what held me up for awhile on my hunt for my dream home. (P.S found a cute little sitting area to the right of the home)
  8. I just wanted to say thank you to whomever abandoned this lovely parcel! When Highmarket was originally released, I was unable to snag one of these gems, but thankfully today was my lucky day 😭 After almost a year of searching for the "perfect" home (for me), I finally have settled with this beautiful beachfront Victorian!
  9. The SSPE regions connecting the Log Homes and the Victorians are now open. There is nothing but open terrain as of yet, but I am very interested to see how the victorian to log home transition will look, and how homes will be placed into these regions as well. ☺️
  10. So interesting... so maybe more log home regions that seem unreleased are actually open for the taking. I went to Bugaboo and saw that yes, literally 1 home has been claimed so the region has been released. I guess there are just so many homes available that homes are going in some order unbeknownst to us. Looks like it'll take time to fill up regions, lol it's all a big lottery at this point. Happy Game of Homes everybody πŸ˜„
  11. For the inventory levels posted by Patch, i'm not sure how those numbers reflect the log homes. Although a number of new log home regions are in place, it seems some regions have not been released/claimed at all so are they necessarily available?
  12. oh cool, i always wondered how the parcels in a region were actually released. thanks
  13. I keep seeing a vic pop up on the land page, not sure if it is the same one getting caught & abandoned?? πŸ€”
  14. Wow, I wasn't aware the 2020 Home & Garden Expo was exactly what I had in mind. It is so wonderfully and tastefully done & I certainly would recommend you to view both demo regions! Hopefully LL will incorporate this mix of homes into future regions 🀞
  15. Just an idea, has anybody else wished for a region release of intermingled themed homes? I know there are currently regions with trads/houseboats, trads/campers, and maybe etc. but those are geographically separated within the region. I am referring to walking down the street and seeing a victorian, traditional, & maybe one of the new themes to come (if they play well together) lol but essentially this is just a random idea i've always thought this would be a cool set-up since the introduction of varying themes in Bellisseria. I do love the sense of uniformity of homes currently in Bellisserian "neighborhoods", but if done artistically and thoughtfully I feel like intermingled themed homes would be fun and something different. Similar to real life where some communities allow varying home styles while still creating a beautifully done neighborhood, I could see the same in Bellisseria, or at-least hope to see it one day
  16. Ready for these new theme hints from Patch
  17. About how many more region releases until the next victorian release? (i'm assuming this estimation is based off of the order of the SSPE list?)
  18. Has anybody discerned how homes are released on new regions or have any speculations? I'm referring to the order homes are claimed, like is it truly random or is there a pattern?
  19. "When did you last see a Bellisserian home available?"
  20. How thoughtful, good company is always a beautiful thing πŸ™Œ
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