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  1. We need scripters to focus in interactive content to give residents more options to choose from.
  2. Nice sims yes,but,SL core is not about pretty lifeless things,is about connecting and everybody is missing that concept and they ask themselves why sims are empty and bored people.
  3. Not good news at all. Investment groups are notorious for buying-up businesses, purging the profits, liquidating what's left, and shutting them down.
  4. Correction of my post,i said linden realm, was (The portal park 1) and one of the teleports that take you to a game is where i found those 3 naked guys with expose genitals, but still, you exploring a game and find this things?
  5. SL is slowly dying every year and you all know that like it or not,and SANSAR is the biggest fail after SL.Relax you will have more time to enjoy outdoors.
  6. Wasting your time people with Sansar wondering if 'maybe' better next year.You are not going to live forever,having hope in a broken system is not going to make it better.And you can have the best graphics,this is not about that, we need communication in order to bring people and LL is so blind about this.SANSAR fail is here.
  7. SL after mesh is not offering nothing new people get bored fast,many role playing places have very stupid rules,big places don't help,when we travel around sims we look for green dots and rating,if you have 3 avatars like i saw in Insilico 100s of times and 2 are bots? forget it, i'm looking for alive people like it or not is the way it is.Smaller places are the trend right now,why? smaller places concentrate more people, and people make the place enjoyable no big structures,plus SL capabilities are not right for many things,and not many people have good computer to render such big useless structures. Big sims are going to close fast this year and i know, like i said before, we look for land rating and green dots is the way it is.
  8. There is a hud in marketplace to put on people's head whatever you want,when the victim teleport to another sim the sign is gone.Not even the owner of the sim is able to find the source, so, go to another sim, or stay and cry . Linden Lab allow the selling of that type of item and other terrible ones,so nothing you can do about it
  9. Don't expect much from SL, in this absolute broken virtual world,has a lot of potential,sadly too many lazy paid Linden are doing nothing about it.
  10. i will give you a few points why attacks happens in about 85% of cases (1) greedy ,arrogant owners (2) unfair treatment of visitors (3)bad management (4) elevated personal problems with other members >staff< (5) Absurd rules. Anything of this nature will anger someone to the point of make your parcel useless, even worst if you get a visit from a high tech and make the server absolute useless sometimes for days, and not even Linden can't do anything about it.Be nice with others because having land and nice expensive avi's won't save you from the blaze of real life knowledge.
  11. I have the right to compare anything i want with respect in the first place,nobody except Linden Lab can tell me the opposite,i being putting a lot of real money and login in every single day in this virtual world like many others ,and i'm using an example, not ranting about anything,just worry about a virtual world i like and i play for long 7 years .
  12. Conference never worked in the first place, i'm talking about a general global chat who everybody can see on screen top corners for example,with option of closing it at anytime.I play other games and the economy is based on communication, which Second Life lacks of.Maybe this question should be propose directly to competent Linden Lab employees in other to understand my point.
  13. Greetings all, i feel related to this,i had a very active Second Life for the past 6 years, this year seems very lonely, people is afraid to talk to others or too busy fixing their 20k avatars, LOL, i'm a very simple humble person, i work for a living,open minded,love music,science,technology,astronomy and i speak 3 languages,feel free to say hello anytime
  14. Greetings all, i play this virtual world for the last 7 years,and also play Tera game,my question is, why is the reason for Second Life for not having a Global chat system like Tera for example, imagine how many people we can connect and find others to revive this world? chat windows will be GLOBAL-TRADE- (word filters-moderators around the clock) we have the people why not? please give me a solid answer because this can be done i know.Thank you so much for reading this.
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