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  1. I am soon to downgrade to a basic account and will be removing my credit card from billing information tab on the Second Life website. However, I am concerned about what happens to my marketplace shop if I do this. Originally, I had to have a credit card on file to set up the marketplace shop but does that mean a credit card must be on file in the billing information in order to keep the shop?
  2. Someone has put a text over the head of a friend of mine. How do they remove it?
  3. Thank you for your suggestions Alwin. Unfortunately, I've done what you have suggested and still no results. I have tested two different boards, one with an additonal receiver and one without. Both will not display. However, they both will change the stream. They just won't display what is streaming. I have taken the DJ boards to another parcel and they do work on those parcels. Its just this one parcel where they will not display. I turned in a ticket to have the SIM restarted because thats the only thing I can think of that might work.
  4. No matter what DJ Board I set out on my land, they will not display the radio station, the DJ or the song that is being streamed. One of the DJ boards indicts that there is a connection error 499. Does anyone have a similar issue and know an answer to this problem?
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