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  1. I was just thinking about saying hi to you the other day! Not many of our kind left ❤️
  2. Always love a trip down memory lane... Took this pic today, I'm lucky to have a cool view of the mansion from my place. Kudos to everyone who has worked on restoring it too, it's an awesome piece of history.
  3. 99% of the time "commando" in jeans... don't know why I have folder full of them. Butt...
  4. I'd vote for her. I may be bias, I have an 85 troll druid and a 85 warlock blood elf... and I voted for Jesse Ventura... yeah, I shouldn't talk about politics and virtual realities. Not together anyways :matte-motes-sour:
  5. Hah! I thought he said we couldn't keep them referring to last names. Now I get that he was/is reaching out for advice from the players on how to make new players stick around, which is always a good perspective to reach out towards. I find it odd that it's not asked on the official forums but that's another issue, most likely brought up before and perhaps off-topic. I've not looked over @ SLU much but it obviously has an element that these forums do not and I'll be lurking over there a bit more often I think. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  6. Interesting links, thanks When you say Rodvik stated over in SLU "we can't keep them"... I'm curious to peek at that statement in full context, and the actual timing of when it was said. It leads me to believe (if said recently) that they wouldn't consider bringing back last names, which is a shame if that's their current stance on it and I can only think... why the hell not? I can tell from the short time I've been back, that overall population and content quality has regressed in comparison to a few years ago. I don't know all of the causes but you're certainly right about this... THE KEY TO RETAINING NEW USERS IS RETAINING OLD USERS. After comming back to playing more seriously again... even my oldbie butt has certainly learned a few new tricks. Without the guidance of other more experienced players in SL, newer people can become bored easily and frustrated with the basics of simply setting up their avatar.. not to mention people can easily miss out on unique apects/knowledge/content of this game when older users decide to leave. I do believe people tend to take breaks and come back, which is a good thing, but the overall impression that has branded Secondlife recently isn't exactly the pretty picture that was painted a few years back either.
  7. Thanks Madelaine I caught your wink :matte-motes-smile: As an old player coming back a few months ago... I had to research... why? I wondered... and this far into it's implementation the answer to the question seems even less adequate. As you pointed out as well, 20 thousand sign ups a day, doesn't mean too much when "concurrency" is falling. I believe they neglected to consider a lot of aspects that had nothing to do with last names... as if removing them all together could be an actual solution for any real problem. Instead of improving upon it, (offer more last names, bring back some old last names, working on something that's actually broken) they decide to do away with something that's been a important part of SL and character creation since it launched. I personally think your taste and logic are impeccable.
  8. Have your friend try to log into the forums. There's a link forgot your log in information? if he can not remember it. He'll be able to send an email to the original email account the account was set up under hopefully. If that's doesn't work use this. https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ LL will verify from there if it is infact your friends account and help him further. His account status shouldn't have anything to do with it.
  9. It's sad to see a person like you go while the other has moved on to terrorizing other more high profile areas... This shows very poorly on LL and they way they manage undesireable aspects (people) in this game. This is a lose-lose situation for them, they could have and should have tried to prevent this specific situation from escalating to what it has became. They've lost a substancial amount of money and have not been proactive enough in resolving issues that will only create more problems for them and the residents of SL in the future.
  10. What other option is there? Or perhaps that's just the weak reason we were given. To pin point a step in the sign up process that's still presents the same issue now (just replace it with the first name woes) and remove last names completely (a unique option that was working perfectly fine since day one). It makes no sense, especially in retrospect. I can only hope it will be reversed in time. I think last names were an important step in creating your own unique avatar... mine means a lot to me. I know many people in the day who would create alt just to save a cool last name. Seeing people running around with Resident for a last name just makes the world feel more cold.
  11. They were made obsolete when developer incentive rewards were originally introduced in (or around) May 2004 I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong though :matte-motes-smile:
  12. I have a 1.4 mini version I dragged out the other day. That version gives a note card that tells indepth exactly how it was used back in the day. Its only a nostalgic item at this point though, and has been that way for a long time.
  13. All of your hats are bad no matter how you slice it. 1. Agreed, They are using something to gain an unfair advantage in combat. Usually because of poor skills in the first place. 2. Agreed, but there are a few groups that hack for "awareness only" to show a flaw with-in a system. 3. Disagree, there are still methods of obtaining legitimate copies of older games. Although they don't effect others with it, they are non the less stealing. 4. Disagree, Modifying an exisiting product to do something it was not intended to do is wrong again. Once again you are stealing in a way because you're using a different product as a means to use a product that you did not purchase. 5. You have very skewed views on these issues and although in general I'd love to agree with what you're trying to promote... LL stepping up and doing what they should to protect their customers from people who laugh at the ability to use this game as a tool to create havoc and misery... I can't agree with the presentation/information you're writing beyond that simple fact. For the large majority of people who use the internet, there's really no good reason to cheat, hack, or steal. Some people can still look at themselves in the mirror every morning somehow, even after doing what they do with anonymity in a virtual setting, things they've convinced themselves it's okay to do.
  14. This isn't your average griefer, and having your event crashed once by someone you think was him shows... nadda. This person is persistant (normally) and sick in the head (always). I think I've used up most of the adjectives I can even think of to describe how loathsome this person is in my posts and although I'm generally a cheery, nice, person.. I feel like I still haven't fully painted the picture of how awful this human being really is. This is my main account as well and now that I'm done building my place (No longer in fear of losing hours worth of work from a sim reset..) I'll happily paint that target on my back too. I have a feeling Robert wants justice and for LL to quit neglecting this issue. I believe Secondlife is for everyone, all walks of life, all ways of living but, this person doesn't belong here... they belong in an insane asylum. For Linden Lab to let this person manipulate this game they way have is atrocious.
  15. What Robert said earlier is true.. there is nothing but pure evil behind those multitudes of alts. LL flat out has not done enough to keep this paticular person out of Second Life and that's where the big problem lies. This person needs intensive social/emotional therapy and for all the frustration and dismay they have brought upon others... they just don't deserve the privilege of playing this game ever again. LL really needs to show that they can infact remove and not allow this player access to the game plain and simple. If you haven't been through it you just don't know. You can tell someone they should do this and they should do that but in the end you have person here who has been defeated in every attempt to secure their second life peace... most likely to the point of wanting revenge and wanting REAL action taken against this person and their ability to log into the game. There's really only a few options of what to do when LL won't/can't fix a situation like this... 1. Be confrontational and provoke him 2. Leave the game 3. Leave the area when ever someone you *think* may be an alt of his comes into your area. (Not possible for some depending on the situation.) There's no where to go for help and LL has not been proactive enough to stop this individual. He's laughing it up with every alt he creates I'm sure, and it's pathetic this little troll dwelling in his mommies basement has been allowed to do what he has for so long. This person is so mentally unstable (Not that we all aren't a little possibly) but LL should be extremely concerned about this person being at the welcome area to say the least. You just don't really know what this freak is capable of sister so it wouldn't be prudent for you to comment on what others should do when they are down and out with no help in sight.
  16. You don't and never will get it until you've had interactions with this specific individual Jeanne so don't pretend like you have a clue. I've had to have my sim reset multiple times through live chat... and I nearly figured comming back after a 7 year absence that it wasn't worth it to play even, if I had to deal with this disgraceful piece of **bleep**. He stopped bothering me... I don't know why exactly but I'll never forget what he's done. He's that repulsive to turn away new players in a heart beat... and he's that persistant and above LL that he can perversively twist and contort our would with his sick and warped ways to even make players who have been here a long time.... not want to be a part of second life.
  17. Couldn't agree more, to be in this persons cross-hairs is anything but plesant. Their only intent is to make you miserable while they laugh about it. In my opinion this sounds like something that should have been taken care of months ago. If they want to alienate their player base and leave them helpless to protect themselves against these little d-bags... allowing this to continue is the way to go.
  18. If LL really sat down for a moment and thought about it a little... they would find that addressing this issue would save them an enormous amount of actual time spent by their employees fixing the problems these people create.
  19. Yeah, I could tell from one time he crashed my sim LL was a little baffled at what he even did. He lands on my property I take off my headset (don't even want to hear the filth that he says at this point) Ban him from my land Get an IM You know what happens now **bleep**? Needless to say.... There were multiple times my sim was rolled back and I had to rebuild a few hours worth of work. He wasn't hired to greif me, he did it all for fun (which seems worse). I didn't realize how far and wide this person spreads the misery at the time... I wish I had.
  20. I'm a really nice person :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: With that said.... They need to figure out how to take this little **bleep**er down and keep him from gaining access to the game. I had no idea what I was dealing with when I first returned to playing a few months ago... he was the first person I had interactions with and I could see this wretched excuse for a human being turning new players and old players away from this game easily.
  21. I know this person. I've banned three of his alts off of my land (almost sure of two more alts that are his as well). This person is deplorable in every way possible, a complete cancer to society. I KNOW this is the same person because I can see the comment on one of the profiles through looking at the banned people from my land that says My names robert and Im a big gaybo. I can clearly see the blatant harassment as well looking up your name Robert and it's a shame LL has let this one individual negatively effect the gaming experiences of many.
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