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  1. I'm not going to say anything about religion, but I will give some advice. If you put so much energy and worry into thinking of an end, you forget to actually live. The simple truth is everything has an end. No one can stop that, but the one thing you can control is living in the time you have. Whether it be in real life or in second life live it to the fullest. Laugh as much as you can. Find joy in simple pleasures that this world provides. Read books, ask questions, surround yourself with people who truly care, and to whom you truly care for in return. Help others in need. Take time to st
  2. I would have to say a very strong and resounding no to this. There are already so many generous merhcants out there who provide monthly group gifts, freebies, and take part in hunts. You can get some beautiful items for low cost or even free at times if you really take the time to look. Merchants shouldn't lose out on their income just for the sake of people wanting something for nothing. I'm on a limited budget so I understand not having money for extra things. That being said though, the money I can put into SL I enjoy supporting merchants because that is a way I can show my support for the
  3. I've read through this whole thread and I'm just lost as to why you wouldn't think to send a message first and foremost to the creator before leaving them a bad review. Especially since you seem to have been a long standing customer. You have stated that this product had been purchased quite awhile ago at an expensive price. Like many have pointed out that when you go to purchase something on the marketplace, it indicates if an item is copyable or not. You have the choice of whether you purchase an item or not so if the item was too expensive in your opinion, why purchase it? It really seems l
  4. Yes I can see how that line could be fun to respond to. :smileylol: Thank you for your kind words. It is appreciated! :smileyvery-happy:
  5. My question for you is why does it matter? Why does it matter so much to you? It is up to the individual what they put in their profile. I see the profile as a way to express myself and to show others a little of who I am. I don't consider what I put in my profile about my husband "hook up" information nor have I ever warned anyone to ever stay away from him or I. As far as I know he hasn't either. The husband I have in rl is the very same husband I have here in sl. Showing a picture of him and I together or expressing my love for him in words has nothing to do with insecurity, but the fact h
  6. I don't really speak out in the forums although I have been an avid reader of them for years. I've seen many threads as you describe, but I never took others' comments the way you have. I really feel that they are trying to be supportive of the people who are experiencing frustration of an item not working right, not being able to get hold of the creator, etc. When they say to just chalk it up to experience, or to move on with their Second life, I just really feel what they are trying to get across is we have all been there. That they understand what the OP is going through. I just feel it
  7. This news actually brought me to tears. I've been visiting this place for years and it was a joy each and everytime I got to explore there. I think I loved it even more because of how apparent it was so much time, love and effort went into creating such a neat sim. Their items are wonderful. I still have the adorable free horse/unicorn that they provide for free. My very favorite adventure on the sim was a dragon you hopped on that flew you up to this circular sky arena and you could battle dark creatures. It was so creative and just simply fun. So many wonderful items and their generosi
  8. I would be willing to help if you still need help. I've been in Second Life since 2009 so if you need any extra help, you are welcome to contact me!
  9. I just created a new character and would find it fun to be a sibling for a change instead of an only child. I mainly role play in a medieval setting. If interested please feel free to contact me Inworld. My name s Keltora Edenbaum. Thanks!
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