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  1. Yes, yes! I believe your intentions are good. And I appreciate your support of those of us venting. I also think your voice may be influential to those complaining about us venting. I guess I just wish you would encourage them toward good behavior as well as you encourage us towards good behavior. I hope that makes sense I haven't had coffee yet. LOL
  2. I agree with most of what you're saying - and I believe you really want to be helpful. But your comments and advice seem to be solely directed at people venting, when I think those who are uncomfortable/annoyed/[insert-negative-feeling] are the ones who need advice about how to behave and manage their frustrations. I think it's perfectly reasonable and healthy to direct frustrations at the process built by LL and whatever factors people think make this process unpleasant - not for days or weeks - but for months. And I really think it's healthy to hear ideas that could make things better.
  3. I like seeing new ideas - thanks for this! I imagine LL's change management team (if they have one) might grimace at this approach, but if Mole X is largely only configuring a home as a last step - maybe your suggestion would work. I like it!
  4. This makes lots of sense to me. No idea is perfect, but this appeals to me for the reasons you note. I'm surprised LL didn't come up with a better user experience for a majority of premium members. They put so much passion into the concept and the build - which is great - but the release plan clearly falls short. Patch has stated that they are looking into changes in the selection process. I view his statement as an acknowledgment of the problem and it makes me hopeful they'll at least try to figure out a better approach soon. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Sometimes, if you can't immediately fix a problem, it helps to be transparent. I'd love to see a table listing what's been released so far and estimates for what's coming next (region, home count home style, build status, target release, actual release, sold out indicator, etc...). I do think they have been open about when some releases are likely to happen. Unless I understand it wrongly - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the target release dates and 7:30am SLT is the general time. I really hope this changes. I'd love to see LL alternate scheduled release times (and announce them) to occur during different times of day and night. Maybe add 3:30pm SLT and 7:30pm SLT to the release schedule. Even a 3:30am SLT release would be great if they have off-shore resources for it.
  5. Same here. I was at work today and I was determined to step away for a few minutes and try my luck on my phone. I was able to see Belli as an option, but when I got to the last page - I had an unknown error. So I followed the link to retry and I didn't successfully get a home. But - someone very kindly pointed out that I should have refreshed that error page rather than follow the link as indicated by the text. I'm a little frustrated that the user interface instructions are incorrect (at least for the result I was after). I was soooo close....ughhhh. I'll know better for the next time. As for the people who cant tolerate people venting....they just want attention and this is how they entertain each other. I'm going to try to ignore them and continue venting if I care to do so. I would encourage others venting to do the same...but I see they already are .
  6. Ohhhh..crap! Thank you. I'll know better next time.
  7. I didn't get a timeout. Hmmm...looks to me like I was stuck in an odd loop. But its cleared up now.
  8. I'm seeing Bellisseria as an option finally. But, I get an "unknown" error after completing the process. Any one else?
  9. I was just telling a friend of mine who was showing me his Linden home yesterday that I imagine Bellisseria will be gorgeous during the holidays. I'm really looking forward to seeing it all.
  10. I am so super pleased to hear this from @Patch Linden ... He totally made my day!
  11. Ahh..thank you for clearing this up for me. Whoever's said that on the other thread is one to pity. It's a point made by someone who has nothing meaningful to contribute to the discussion and wants to shut it down. So they say...stop complaining because there are worse things in the world. That would be like me saying, stop enjoying your new linden homes because people are starving, suffering, dying...its not reasonable in either direction.
  12. I haven't asked you not to comment or to agree. I pointed out a fact and asked your purpose. You don't have to have one...but asking is part if the discourse. You didn't answer my question. So I'm left with my initial understanding. To me, you are suggesting we shouldn't feel a certain way because you know two people who are doing x, y, z. If that's not your intentionion, please clarify. If you want to talk about why people aren't decorating their new linden homes...that's your prerogative. And it is my perogative to point out the useful or uselessness of doing so as it pertains to my point, the point of the poster I was responding to, and the original poster's stated intentions of this thread. To the topic of the thread...it sucks that some people who got linden homes aren't decorating them even though it's entirely within their rights not to. It sucks just like it does when someone wins millions in the lottery and are bankrupt three years later...because I believe I could have used the money more wisely. Yes, there are great reasons not to decorate. No, no one has to explain their choices to anyone here. But I, for one, understand why people without access to the new Linden homes thinks this is unfortunate.
  13. If you think I'm suggesting that not having a new linden home is akin to problems like cancer - or comparable in any way to the insidious disease - I feel sad for you. I hope, instead, I'm misunderstanding you because I know all too well what cancer means - this is no place for making light of it and I'm sure that could not have been your intention.
  14. How do YOU know that all the new linden homes are being used? You don't. There are lots of reasons why people might get a home and not use them. And - as I clearly said - people have no obligation to do anything with their homes. So - in a thread where we're venting about not having access to new linden homes ...when I was empathizing with someone who felt a certain way ...why would you decide to challenge us on a concept that you can't prove is invalid? Our feelings are valid - there's no point in trying to invalidate them.
  15. It's annoying! You're in the right place to vent! I had a rare Monday off, and I did try - but to no avail. I suspect you're doing all you can. Hang in there! (Or not - if you're too annoyed to continue).
  16. I agree with you, though I don't know if abandoned homes would be disastrous. Maybe the lesson here is that there should be an ongoing program of design/build/releasing new homes and communities. Though, with more emphasis on community activities - perhaps residents will be compelled to stay longer in their linden homes. It's all an interesting social experiment - and knowing we're a part of it with every keystroke is almost surreal.
  17. Fair enough - I'll correct myself... I am not suggesting that a cookie cutter home is desirable. Anyone recommending a Meadowbrook home to me is not sincerely trying to be helpful - and I like pointing that out in case anyone thinks otherwise.
  18. This is a good point and this seems the perfect place to make it. It does seem a bit irksome to think new homes are snapped up and then not used. So I understand your feeling here. No one is obligated to do anything with their linden home, but it's interesting that anyone would go through the trouble of getting one and do nothing with it. There are likely lots and lots of reasons people do this, one of which is they just want the new homes because they're in demand. Human nature is an interesting thing and the maybe linden home release reveals a lot about our characters. I do hope everyone - not just me but EVERYONE who wants one of these new homes can get one in relatively short order (to me - this means a few months). I'll be annoyed about this silly process until we all have access one of these lovely new little premium perks.
  19. I have a suggestion - but it wouldn't be any more helpful than yours. As I said - no one is suggesting that a cookie cutter home is desirable. But keep saying it and maybe that will make it true.
  20. Interesting - has lag been an issue?
  21. He did - and I acknowledged as much. Someone is going to be the last person to get a new linden home. I think that's unavoidable.
  22. Are you saying you believe it's going to take LL three years to build enough new homes to accommodate all their premium members? I have more faith in them than that. Wouldn't it be great if LL told us when they expect to have all the new homes built? Then we could do away with these artificial hypothetical. And this - would not be the first time I've had to stand in back of the line. To answer your question, I would not find it valuable to sit on a three year wait list for a new linden home. I'd think it was really poor planning on their part if you're right about the timeline and I likely wouldn't maintain my premium standing while waiting for 3 years, but I might reinstate after 3 years when homes become available.
  23. Who is 'we'? And how does this discussion interrupt or distract the Moles? And what backseat driving are you speaking of??? And absolutely no one I've seen here or elsewhere has ever ever ever advocated for cookie-cutter anything. I'm new here ... maybe I'm doing this wrongly, but I thought this was a thread where we discussed release plans for the new home. If that means being a cheerleader for the current process - I really am doing this wrong. If this is a place for a thoughtful exchange (which I'm enjoying btw) about our thoughts on the linden homes releases why try to shut down the discourse?
  24. Right - I think I'm giving LL and their Moles more credit than you are. I think all these first time factors have been considered and planned appropriately. This is nothing like predicting when a toddler will walk - that's quite a stretch - I'm not actually sure you're serious. Anyway - we agree that there is some predictability for 10 - 13 weeks. I'd be happy to reserve the last house available on week 13. Or put me on a list of people who will wait until week 14 for her home. Week 15? My point is, and has always been, that I would prefer a list to this random release madness - and again, LL could support the process if they wanted to. Nothing has been said to realign my thinking - but I'm open minded.
  25. In my opinion, predictability of a list would be preferable to random luck. Your opinion seems to be the opposite. Both are reasonable opinions and nothing more.
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