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  1. Well... there's a bit or art in software development as well as science. In fact, the best developers I know majored in the arts (oddly - mostly philosophy). Terraforming can be as predictable as they want it to be. They could use templates or not - either way, my thinking is not wrong - these are predictable activities. If LL has written a blank check for the creation of new homes and communities - then I will happily concede the point. I suspect, however, that bids were placed to do so much work in X amount of time. I'm not suggesting the work is easy - i couldn't do it - or that Moles don't have to think on their toes to work around issues. But I'd like to think they are working from a plan and not making things up as they go. I'm also not trying to rush anyone. We were discussing a better process for rolling out new homes - and somehow unpredictable timelines became a blocker for what I think is a reasonable solution. The timelines really should be predictable.
  2. This is a very nice post and I appreciate what seems to me to be a kinder tone. I'm not really looking for ways to pass the time while I wait for a new home. But, if I were - yours are good suggestions. As to LL not being able to predict when the homes will be ready precisely - I disagree. This is software development - when done well (as I imagine LL does it) its a highly predictable process. I'd be surprised if they don't have a project manager or a product owner with a plan/timeline for each region. Its possible they underestimated the interest in the new homes, but what is needed to build them and how long it will take... I give LL more credit than that. I'm not sure where these new homes fall in terms of LL's priorities as they may not be considered revenue generating. But - LL is spending money to have new homes and communities built, and they have likely budgeted for the effort to be completed by some time - which won't be published (all good). We don't know these timelines - but LL knows, and so they could certainly support a list or reservation process if they wanted to. They don't want to - or they don't need to - or they've determine it's not the best approach - or for whatever reason they're doing the roll out this way. I have no doubt - this is a choice, not a function of the unknown future.
  3. Maybe the question is - what would you want from a Super Premium Membership - and what would you pay to get it? Off the top of my head... Inventory control features Quarterly Exclusive Linden hosted events Undo functionality for worn items and appliers Bigger stipend Larger linden home parcel (guaranteed - not this mad scramble for a new home business) with more prims How much? I'd be willing to increase my annual payout by 150% for all the above.
  4. Select Belliserria from the THEME menu on the Customize Your Home page, then follow thee steps noted. Beware, the new homes are in high demand and the current inventory is out of stock. When new homes are available, the Bellisseria option will be displayed - but it may take hours, days, weeks, months... there's no way to know when a home will become available. Linden Labs is releasing more new homes weekly - so you can try back again and again as often as you like. That's all I've got. I'm sure others have more details if you need them and possibly tricks to help improve your odds. Good luck!
  5. I'm not at all certain there was a release of any homes or whats actually happening. But at 7:29 am slt - assuming the clock on my desk is accurate - I saw the Bellisseria option on the Customize Your Home page. That's the only indication I have that a home was available - it may have been a one off abandonment or something. Who knows.
  6. I believe they are ll gone. I'm usually working during the releases - but I'm off today and refreshing my "little heart" out. Here's a full account of my experience... Refresh Refresh Refresh x 1000 There she is, Bellissaria Act quickly, fingers blazing Just one more click and... Nope, no new homes available Play again on the morrow It is - hang in there! I'm considering taking a shot of vodka every day I try and fail to get a new home - that way there's a win one way or another
  7. I'm grateful that @Patch Linden is optimistic enough to believe there could someday be 10 trillion premium SL users vying for new linden homes and he doesn't want anyone to be last on that list. LOL
  8. We all are - which is why the idea has such merit.
  9. so helpful - you are on a list as well
  10. That's great - but this is not news. I think it means you don't know how long it would take to get to 25,000 homes. So, the comment was a bit flip and doesn't really lead me (someone without new home) to believe you're sincere in your attempt to help find a solution. If you think the process is fair as is - that's fine. I do not. I imagine everyone is working to get more homes released. I do not know that they are working to improve this process - which I find unfortunate at best.
  11. If I wanted to pick a number - where would I start. How many new homes have been built and are occupied now? Would 25,000 be a 3 month wait? a year? 2 years? I'd be willing to be placed on a list for a later home if there was a guarantee i'd get a new linden home in the bargain. Your partly-in-jest suggestion doesn't contain such a guarantee - but if it did, I'd be comfortable with this. I'm happy to wait my turn if the outcome is reliable.
  12. I think it's impressive that you've suggested a reasonable solution to a problem that isn't even yours. I like the idea of a list - I'd rather be last on a list than spend months thinking today's the day only to be continuously disappointed. Though it seems to have been dismissed at this point, if a list process was implemented, users on a list should not have to take action once their name comes up for a new home. Instead, LL could simply assign the user to a new home when it becomes available as long as they meet the requirements - all of which can be stipulated to when signing up on the list. Several points about constant emails and randomized list/queues seem to be attempting to expand the scope of the list idea for whatever reason. It would be a sequential assignment process that wouldn't involve email notifications about grass growing. I would prefer to reserve a new linden home for a specified date in the future, but a list would be preferable to competing for hours with thousands (or is it tens of thousands) of users for homes that are gone in seconds. I feel fairly helpless as there's nothing I can reasonably do except to wait and keep trying - I am usually at work during the hours of the release - so my odds are incredibly slim. The process is indeed frustration - I hope LL is considering options to improve this situation/process. Hmmm... where's the venting thread again....
  13. Likely this unfortunate person (likely named me) can put the notion of getting a linden home on the back burner for a long time. I'd actually prefer to be able to reserve a new home weeks or months from now rather be placed on a list - but the list concept is more appealing than time wasted trying to refresh for a home and hope for the best someday.
  14. Well said. The roll out of the new homes has left me a bit frustrated with LL. I am hoping (though I don't place too much confidence in it) LL is learning as they go and will improve this process over the next several months. And I'm hoping that EVERY premium member who wants a new linden home is able to get one soon. Sadly, I find myself more than a bit annoyed with people who were fortunate enough to get one of the homes, but can't seem to empathize with those who didn't. It does not endear me to the notion of participating in the 'community' when some of the 'haves' can't seem to fathom why the 'have nots' are dissatisfied. Or when they try to convince the 'have nots' that it's their own fault , or that they can always have one of the old homes, or that the terms of service are being met, blah blah blah. Simple good wishes, if not empathy, would be better than the thinly veiled snobbery I'm witnessing on some of these threads. To the OP - I'm glad you asked this question. LL should have made it more clear that the process of getting a new linden home isn't different than the process for getting an old linden home. It was very kind of LittleMe Jewel to post such good instructions. It would be wonderful if LL considered making the website more manageable for visually impaired users - i hope it's on their long list of things to do
  15. When I add certain apparel items to my avatar, I get an odd glitter effect that circles my avatar, and the following message in local: Data Handler Memory low. Reset your jewelry if this continues to be a problem. The message and annoying glitter effect seem to be on a loop, they display repeatedly. Initially, this was happening with a certain new dress I purchased from a vendor called Glitterati. I stopped wearing their items, but I'm now seeing this glitter effect with other items I got before I added any Glitterati apparel. I've tried clearing my cache, but that hasn't helped. This feels like a bug that's traveling through my inventory. Any help would be appreciated.
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