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  1. 4096 sqm!?!?! wow! they say you can't miss what you never had... but i miss this - ugh.
  2. I don't disagree with any of this at all. I'm very happy with my purchase, but there are many valid reasons why it wouldn't make sense for a lot of people.
  3. @Qie Niangao and @Island Granville and @everybody else - I'm pleased to introduce the newest Secondlifetime Premium member to you guys... her name is ME!
  4. Thanks @Island Granville and @Qie Niangao - I have a minor update. Yesterday, I received an email letting me know my request is being processed and thanking me for my patience. It was noting definitive, but I'm going to choose to feel encouraged by the contact anyway. I also noticed earlier today the option was still available; maybe that's another good sign?
  5. Woohooo!!! Congratulations!! I'll consider that a win for team why-not-us - so there's less pressure on my spot coming through - ha!
  6. Yay - the power of positive thinking shall be tested!!! We need two spots - one for @Qie Niangao and one for me. Come on universe!!!
  7. If I don't get a slot - I'll know the universe wanted me to buy a nice handbag I've been wanting
  8. It's funny because it's true! They removed the lifetime premium plus option from the menu in short order - so I'm guessing they have a plan to take fast action on this change. It's a fast one - 1 point - i'll even do the testing
  9. @Coffee Pancake - congratulations on initiating such an interesting topic. I haven't made my way through all responses, but I appreciate the lively discussion on what seems to be multiple ideas - and I'm happy to toss my opinions into the mix... In general, I don't concern myself with the number of new SL regular users. If this is a real problem, and LL wants me to give it attention, they'll need to share their data and solicit my input. I care a lot about the platform, but right now, I'm happy to enjoy what SL offers understanding there is a large team at LL working to make it even better. I may be naïve, but the SL ecosystem seems relatively stable and complex enough to support a global userbase while it continues to evolve - so I don't worry it will disappear overnight. I worry more that it could go the way of Twitter being bought up by some maniacal force that will make me rethink my participation. I do agree the challenge of onboarding new residents in a meaningful way is a huge blocker early retention. Most of my SL friends were referred by someone else, who not only helped them learn the ropes, but also aided them in meeting and engaging with others in SL with similar interests. The beauty of this (I imagine) is those who are referred are more likely to return and become regulars. The drawback is most others may struggle to find value in SL and give up on it quickly. Should LL have a referral program (do they already?)? Do residents want to give up anonymity to start inviting friends and family to join? As to Maslow's hierarchy of needs - I don't have any issues with Philip's response. I would say SL could also be a part of meeting our safety needs, particularly if mental healthcare and wellness options expand inworld. I'd love to see more expansion, more opportunities, more residents, more everything in SL - especially as the notion of virtual lives on metaverse platforms gains more acceptance. But, the fact that this place already exists is quite a blessing (imperfect though it may be). Like RL, much of what we gain from SL depends on what we put into it.
  10. Should we take any solace in the fact that the Request SecondLifetime Premium Account option is still available? Wouldn't they have removed the option if they had a sufficient waiting list to avoid having to disappoint all the users who submit requests over the weekend?
  11. Does your use of the past tense here mean the 200 SecondLifeTime Premium slots have been filled? I'm asking because I applied just yesterday (when I learned about the offer) and I haven't heard back yet. Just trying to understand my odds
  12. Understandable... does anyone know how long it took for the 20 Plus spots to sell out?
  13. Awesome! I hope I can grab a spot - but either way, I too, am all-in with SL emotionally (well put!). Lemargo...my my ... ain't you fancy! Congratulations!
  14. Well - I'm in... or hopefully so... Here's my math - $749/$70.62 = 10.61 or around 10 years 7 months. This pays for itself by Jan 2034 - which is right around the time I'd like to retire. After that, I'll be generating income - not a lot of income - but a dollar I won't have to spend purchasing $Ls is a dollar gained. Of course, the deal just gets better if the price of premium accounts goes up - and worse if the price of premiums accounts goes down - I can live with that. SL is actually part of my retirement planning because of it's entertainment value, social engagement opportunities, and cognitive health benefits. I'd rather pay now, while I have plenty of income, rather than when I retire and my income could be more fixed. (Maybe in retirement - I'll have time to organize my inventory!!!) There is a risk that SL won't be around in 10+ years, but I'll bet on LL at this point. There's a risk that I won't be around in 10 years, but I'll bet on myself, too . And - if I'm wrong about either - the only one who will suffer is Tory Burch - whose Small Metallic Marshmallow Satchel was sacrificed for the sake of this purchase. Plus, SL saved my sanity during covid-era isolations. I kinda owe them one. So... wish me luck 🤞.
  15. Oh gosh - it sounds like you had an eventful Wednesday. Good luck tomorrow! I haven't kept up with what's happening - but I take it no improvements have been made to the process. *sighs*
  16. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing? Did we all get homes? Based on the reduction in venting - I'm hoping so. *fingers crossed*
  17. Nope....I'm not gonna say what I'm thinking. I want credit for holding my tongue.
  18. I think this would be a workable option. Not ideal - but something to relieve the frustration. i think this is what @WillowTenage had in mind originally. I left it off the list I made in error - I was really only going by memory. To me this seems like a quick and easy win. I hope they consider it.
  19. These are terrific reasons to make linden homes available in the MP. I think folks have come up with a few compelling ideas here. Based on the numbers I'm seeing - if it might be years before many have the access to one of the new homes - I hope some of these ideas bubble up to discussion points with the LL decision makers. To highlight a few: Make linden homes available in the MP Provide temporary mainland space available to premium members and allow them to own 2 linden spaces for a 24 hour period Provide an extra stipend to premium members who don't don't have a new home Add more teams of Moles All of these might help relieve the frustrations around new home scarcity.
  20. Yet another interesting suggestion. I would pair it with making the new linden homes available in the MP so that people could fiddle with them in these temporary areas until adequate inventory is available in Bellissari.
  21. It's not right. You don't have to feel alone - there are a lot of people in the same boat. I'm seeing some really interesting ideas and we all know LL pays attention - maybe something will happen that improves the situation soon.
  22. Waiting until the feeding frenzy dies down seems like a good approach to me. Just like those who say they will cancel the premium membership if they can't get a new linden home, holding off on paying for the premium membership is a way to kind of vote with your money. It's really great to hear from people making that choice. Sometimes, a process takes as long as it takes and there's no way to add to the team to make it go faster. Nine women can't have a baby in one month - LOL. I'm not sure if Bellissari building is such a problem. It would be great - though likely expensive - if LL could spin up more teams to reduce the wait time for getting a new home.
  23. I think a sandbox where people can fiddle with options is a pretty good option. Are the traditional houses and houseboats available on the MP? If not, maybe LL could make them available so that users could work through some design options even in existing sandboxes.
  24. Hmmm... I agree with increasing the stipend for everyone except Bellissari residents. I would think they could easily query premium members assigned to Bellissari and exclude us from the extra stipend. If everyone has the same stipend - it may still seem unfair to those who can't get a new home. Interesting ideas
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