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  1. I can never have too many friends if you want to add me to your list. I'm mostly online in the evening time, SL clock.
  2. I think Freya and Tracy have the right idea. Find something new that catches your interest and you are bound to meet new people.
  3. Some places will pay you to "camp" on a poseball for long durations of time, but you've pretty much named all the practical ways to come up with spendable amounts of cash. It's like they say, money don't grow on trees.
  4. Yep, you're begging for flames with that attitude. Perhaps a gentler approach would be a resolve to inform noobs about the display name option?
  5. There was a pretty big goth/emo scene here a few years ago, but sadly it's been pretty much driven to extinction. Most people these days are out to prove how conformist they can be, and they're doing well at it.
  6. When did they start letting minors use the main grid? Terrible, terrible idea.
  7. Ditch the attitude. If your cheap comp can't handle my lighting, go ahead and block me. You do realize that there's a very simple setting that allows you to turn off attached light sources, right? The self-import of some people blows my mind.
  8. I always enjoy meeting new people to explore or go dancing with. Feel free to add me if you'd like.
  9. Can't you just disable dynamic LOD or something?
  10. I'm a big girl too, but don't seem to have the problems you are and I've never had to resort to buying a shape. Is the slider for "avatars" turned way down in your graphics settings, perhaps?
  11. I'm quite geeky and nerdy myself, with a soft spot for Anime, and always like to make new friends.
  12. Yeah, what she said. Social networks never let you change your unique name because it makes trolling way to easy, among other things. It has nothing to do with UUIDs or SQUUIDS or whatever.
  13. Ye speak o' blarney, every system uses this same rule. That's why there's a difference between a SCREEN name and a username. Now, if they wouldn't let you change your screen name, that would suck, but it's not the case.
  14. The worst part is that its turned into height discrimination against those of us who refuse to accept the SL standard that a normal adult is over 6 feet tall. Meanwhile the age players are still having their fun behind closed doors.
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