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  1. Try checking the marketplace. I don't have a link but every now and then I come across a pretty universal kit for making clothes for implants. Maybe it's still there.
  2. Umm sorry but really look at the 2 hairs...they don't look the same. I think that hair is from Exile. It might be the 1st version of it (no longer available) but the 2nd version (better textures) is. I dunno could be wrong but the MP link looks more curly...
  3. Yay sent you a friend request i world so we can chat <3
  4. Ohai! Feel free to IM me (Inuoko Shikami) in-world..I'm pretty unusual myself.
  5. Hello! I'm Inu. Ohaiya. I've been in SL since...2006..yeah..i'm old. But I think I lack a decent amount of anime or "Japanese animation" loving friends in the virtual world. Soooo if you like Anime and willing to chat with me sometime, reply here. :D On another note..i'm also a fashion blogger so well...yay? I dunno, felt like I should mention it. I like to blog kawai fashions, creepy stuff too. I tend to blend kawaii and creepy together, lol.
  6. I own that hair. It's from Magika (I don't remember the name and it would take FOREVER to figure it out in my large inventory, sorry). I'm sorry to tell you that it is one of her old hairs, so it is no longer available.
  7. Wish I could help! I do love Disgaea, but I'm no designer, lol. I'm assuming you're of the male specimen, so i'm sorry to say that, so far, i've only found Etna avatars in SL. I haven't even seen Laharl. Weird, I know.
  8. I think that people should look whatever age they wish to look. Rather if a person wants to be a toddler or a 50+ person, as long as they are happy, that is all that really matters in my book. After all, this is SL; one of those few places where you can look just about however you want. Kudos to him for being proud of his age.
  9. SL marketplace can fail on a whim. Gifting has always seemed to be a hard task for the marketplace to complete for some SL users. If this is the problem then nothing can be done about it. Perhaps try gifting your friend something else, or giving your friend the lindens for said gift? I know that ruins the element of surprise but well..not much us users can do about it.
  10. Have you tried using Search to find some modeling agencies? Often times, models in SL go to a "SL Modeling School". Yes, their is usually a fee attached to these schools. Once they learn about SL modeling, the agencies can point them into the right direction for modeling gigs. Some go on to fashion shows, others may go on to modeling for stores or advertising. If you are just interested in modeling for stores, you could maybe try dropping the store owners notecards, but don't spam/harrass them with notecards. If they don't answer your notecard then most likely they are declining you..just mov
  11. Yeah..this isn't IMVU hun..anywhos~ You say Firestorm is working fine..maybe just stick to it then? Learn how to use Firestorm, adapt. They even have classes to help, or check the wiki, they explain stuff pretty clearly and it's well organized: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/ Alternatively...try reinstalling the sl viewer? Maybe it didn't install right. *shrugs* Who knows. SL can be finicky, like many games. Sometimes certain system configurations can cause conflicts. There was a time when I to had no trouble with "Firestorm" (it was really Phoenix back then), but crashed constantly in
  12. Maybe an attachment on your avatar is a bit corrupt, or maybe an inventory loading issue. I'm not exactly sure how corrupt attachments/inventory errors effect other computers but well a character test paired with a cache clearing may be worth a shot: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Tourmaline_Falken/The_Ultimate_Multi-Bug_Fix. Havr you thought about reistalling SL? Consider a "clean install": http://blog.nalates.net/2011/02/22/second-life-clean-install/
  13. You may have a connection issue. Do you think this could be the problem? If no, have you tried a "Character Test"?: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Tourmaline_Falken/The_Ultimate_Multi-Bug_Fix
  14. Inuoko Shikami

    Cant rez

    It sounds like you do not fully own your new land for some reason. Try bringing up the "About Land" panel, and seeing who the owner of the land is. Usually, no matter the setting, the land owner shouldn't have a problem rezzing do to permissions (permissions, not server issues).
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