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  1. Hey! So I messaged you in world. But I’m also on discord if you’d rather chat there as well.
  2. She’s the PB to my jelly, my sister & bestfriend 💛
  3. Yes, ofc. We can chat. If it helps we can talk on discord until you're able to get online or while you're away. No pressure though I will send you a friend request either way.
  4. Hey! So, it's hard to meet people in SL, even harder to meet people that want to be in SL relationship that don't act weird about it or just want to do sexual things all the time. That's not what I am looking for so if you are. Please just don't waste our time and respond to this. I would like for us to start off as friends of course and let things happen organically. I am only looking for a SL relationship, I am currently in a RL relationship. Roleplay is also a must for our relationship, and we can discuss it more through messages. About me: I am bisexual so gender does not matter to me. Also I prefer a human avatar. I do want kids in the future, and I do want to get married eventually. I am chill and laid back. I love having fun and going on adventures, and in my relationship I like for my partner to be able to plan things for us to do together. Because I will do it for them. I am funny and goofy, I love to have a good time. I'm not the type to go to clubs BUT I am not against it because I love to dance and with the right person it would be fun. I could go on and on about myself but that takes away the fun or learning about each other. But if you are interested don't hesitate to add/pm me. I am usually online.
  5. Hey! That sounds great we will both be online tomorrow, just send me a friend request and I can IM you and set something up. We can’t wait to meet you guys! 💛
  6. Hey all! My RL bestfriend and I are looking for friends and people to hang with and chat with on discord. We also have a house and are also looking for two ladies to room with us in our in world house. We're super friendly and love meeting new people. Feel free to message me or send a friend request.
  7. My bestfriend and I are looking for friends on SL as well feel free to hit me up or add me.
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