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  1. Sylvia Wasp wrote: I got the answer from FS support directly, who were quite rude and "mansplainy" just as I feared. In their defence, the poor dears actually had no idea that they were being rude, lol. Just guessing, but does that happen to you a lot?
  2. RavenSkye Waverider wrote: I know there are a couple threads on this but none of them work for me so hoping to get more info or help here. I have a furry av, added skins via omega, turned on the neck fix... because if I don't use the neck fix then I have this deaded line of mismatching going on. I put the neck at 0 size but tried others too. Without the neck fix I have this on my neck It seems to fit weird. Not worried about back as hair will cover it really but... when I use th eneck fix to correct the neck blending textures, I get this That thick dark black area, rest of the texture is fine, doesn't even around as my head is odd but, it fixes the front that will be seen without hair around it BUT.. that tick black area I can't seem to get rid of. It onlyh appears when I turn the neck fix ON. Can't adjust shape, as the mesh body is fitmesh, nothing I seem to be able to do fixes it. I didnt think of this issue when I tried the demo and checked it out. Loved this mesh body but feel I may have wasted money and have to go back to the basic avatar (which I dread lol) Advice would be wonderful or a fix, this is nuts The problem isn't with the neck size, it's with the body fat size. Necks will only match correctly with certain body fat shape settings and then the body has to be set to use that size from the HUD. Check with your body maker to see what fat settings are supported. The "neck fix" uses a semi-transparent "sleeve." With advanced lighting on it's going to react badly because partially transparent textures react to light differently than fully opaque ones. Turning advanced lighting off may help what you see but that may not work for someone else seeing your avatar.
  3. Ina Fairport wrote: Months ago I heard rumours about a Belleza mesh body. But when I go to their shop I end up in a temporary shop with retirement sales. Anyone knows what is going on ? It's apparently close to release - they were expecting to release it last weekend but must have backed out for some reason.
  4. PlayboyBunneh wrote: @seanabrady I did that. Didn't fix it. The skin itself without ANYTHING equipped is not displaying properly to others. And it's not just one skin, but every skin I have. @Ina Fairport It's not different windlight settings, the color of the skin itself does not display properly to others. Both the shape and the color look different. @Perrie Juran I asked a friend to take screenshots, I opened two clients (logged on two diff accounts) and saw it myself. I even downloaded SL on my laptop to try it out. All had the same result. The look is distorted, that is what I am complaining about. @Ohjiro Watanabe Thank you, but I already know all these things. I've been around for almost a year. @Kelli May Not in edit shape mode. Just zoomed in using the camera controls. And no lights around me at all, I tried disabling the lights to make sure either way. @Meldina Ashbourne Thank you. @Pamela Galli I still consider it a big issue, because SL for me is all about looks. @LoriLexa Took every AO off, took off every object basically. Reset my avatar to the default one, stopped animations and revoked permissions, refreshed textures, tried a ton of things - nothing worked. Thanks anyway. @Nova Convair I respect your opinion, but please allow me to disagree. I don't care that much about what you call the "atmosphere of the whole scenario," I care about looks only. If I wanted a nice atmosphere/gameplay, I would not be in SL by now. I find SL's atmosphere boring. A game with a huge world and a population that can't even fill up 1/10 of it. You can't even have your own house/land without paying. I repeat - I'm here only for the modelling part. And if I can't get that working right, I will simply leave. @Drake1 Nightfire Already did that, but thanks anyway. I downloaded SL on another computer too like I said, to make sure it's not a computer issue. Thank you for your replies everyone! Do you consistently wear a particular rigged mesh item? Some rigged mesh can distort avatar bone positions which may cause the difference between your view and the view of others. This distortion will remain after the item is removed. Do you wear avatar physics layers? I've had problems with them "sticking" and distorting the skin mapping, particularly after changing shapes/skins.
  5. It's a mainland region so it won't be deleted. There is clearly some issue - I submitted a region performance ticket on it.
  6. Callum Meriman wrote: Parhelion Palou wrote: Suki Hirano wrote: Why does SL not have an entry queuing system? For popular events where you can't enter the damn sim for like 2-3 days, instead of having everyone staying in front of a computer clicking the LM nonstop, why not have a queuing system where you queue up for entry? Almost all MMOs with instances have this feature. To prevent afking at the landing spot (which is entirely possible as you afk while you queue), if you don't move for let's say 5 minutes, then you get kicked out and have to queue again? SL isn't an MMO. It doesn't have instances. Don't expect LL to make server code changes like that for such a limited case, especially when they're working on the "next generation virtual world". A script could be used to boot people who don't move from the landing spot for a period of time, but that would be up to the land owner. SL *IS* an MMO and it does have instances. We call them Regions or less corectly Sims. OP, there is a hud on the marketplace that will keep hitting the TP button for you. Does what you seek. Trouble is I can't recall what it is called now >.< In a MMO like World of Warcraft, each "instance" is a copy of the same map. There can be several instances of the exact same "world" running simultaneously with different users on each. In Second Life every region is a separate discrete simulation and is never duplicated (unless it's copied to the Beta grid for testing purposes, which doesn't really count.)
  7. BLADEZRAVEN wrote: Hi guys i hope everyone is having a great weekend, i have a question for or old timers or pros lol . is there some website or blog or site etc.. that alot of you guys frequent concerning SL ? i am sure there are plenty but i would really like to know the top 5 or 4 places that the old school players visit . i feel like i am out of the loop. any help would be great and i would like to thank you in advance ! THANK YOU :matte-motes-big-grin: I use Inara Pey's blog: modemworld.wordpress.com
  8. Nicoleena wrote: I've had my same shape for my girl since I've started SL (A little over 2 Years now). I love the way she looks but every now and then, I get curious and wander out, buying demos of new avi's or shapes to try on her to see if I may want to refresh the look of my girl. I've tried 13 different shapes. Some from inworld stores and some from the Market Place and when I wear them, she's all stretched out looking like a mutated limp noodle. Her hands are huge, neck long, feet sinking into the floor. I've relogged to see if thats the case and its not. I re-wear the shape she's always had and she's fine. Not stretchiness or big hands. She looks perfectly fine and normal. I've also made a selection from the "Choose an Avatar" under the "Me" tab to see if perhaps having a new one would work better and still, she looks the same. So was wondering if any of you have come across this particular speed bump and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and have a great day Shape demos are always deliberately distorted so you have motivation to actually buy the shape instead of just wearing the demo. Traditionally makers would just oversize the hands and feet but now with the introduction of mesh hands and feet, which would allow people to hide the distorted hands and feet of the demo, some shape makers include two shapes in demos - one with the correct face but a hideously distorted body and one with the correct body but a hideously distorted face.
  9. Magnum and LeTigre are running on exactly the same code - note the identical server version numbers. In any event, it's a rare server change that would have effect on rendering. It's more likely there's a specific object causing you issues that you're only seeing on Magnum.
  10. I'm pretty sure that "member" is the role that everyone in a group has access to. The simplest way to do what you want is to go to the "everyone" role and set the permissions to what you want tenants to have and make yourself/your partner "owners" or "officers" with the powers that you currently have. One of you should be an owner already.
  11. When the viewer can't get an accurate Linden balance for some reason it displays "L$ 20" as a placeholder. If you click on the total it will often update to the proper amount. The amount on your "Dashboard" is usually accurate.
  12. sLwim has scripts they sell that let you turn any prim into swimmable water and their "sLwim-hub" is a ball that lets people rezz objects that they can "sit" on and swim freely.
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