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  1. Agree. There are mmorpg offer the better graphics quality and much larger environments. They are not comparable to sl. Often such are built on the Crytek engine with virtual worlds up to 60x60sq Km. 60x60sq Km, yes. But with Crytek you cant build anything inworld. Any build you want to use in the vw had to be crippled into the game play. I think the favour of sl is flying & the inworld building more then a high-end graphics with ultra sharp rendering. And licenses from Crylab are not cheap too. Here an example of a good made Crytek based mmorpg: https://www.entropiauniverse.com/index.xml
  2. Haha, that is a good one I respect that if some employees are liked to help a part of the u.s. society but their sad rl had not to come into here. The thing to get the `impossible` is the attraction of a game. Or name it as you like. Peace \edit Or once `the demand is reached`as you wrote they can sell them on mp to drive thru sl as sausage stand. Weisswurst and Water.
  3. I rebuilt the premium (lol) bungalows some years ago and dropped a copy to a LL employee. He liked them but mentioned the additional prims. Mine had included the missing comfy equipment but today i not miss them as there are on the mp many other made homes available. Or buy a model somewhere else and import it. Mesh builds are harder to threat and prim savers but i dont like the mesh idea at all. And caravans i dont like it im not homeless or some part of a trashy trailer park. The societies here should differ from rl what makes sl attractiv and tell me what plan is behind if caravans should be offered as premium homes, laugh, most of us want be treated like animals and caught in tight cages. I suggest to build something again like the older premium Capybara jungles with Spanish colonial style homes and gravel trails and cobblestone drive ways. Not that much trees please. Spanish and latin style homes are already From the jungle to desert gave a nice change with some desert activities. YESS, i like that!
  4. Remember the shown are real life and already built houses. Not models.
  5. That's what I mean. You cant deduct peanuts from your taxation that aren't necessary for your life, or to carry your profession. This again crappy politics, but their repercussions affect many. To keep it short and not offensive (dont quote me here!!) If Washington, as so often, has opted for madness again. Such wild-west methods are of course not popular in the civilized world . An expensive suit doesn't make a lady or a gentlemen. Things they think are legal are somewhere else even not. Or immoral transactions. And the other one comes back with the brainwash TV. funny You Americans are some of the worst informed societies. To stay in topic, I would not speak specific for the u.s. like something of a jurisdiction - probably rather small childrens who are constantly begging and think they are in the right. Always trying to go with the head thru the wall.... Don't believe everything stated in the main*****media and the mendacious press. You can't be helped, I'm getting upset now. To remember; 3/4 the worlds population resources and wealthy-ness are on the Eurasian continent, those who want to make business with them need to match their business model to. Otherwise customers run again away from you. Im off here
  6. There was something a few years ago about it..... This reminds me more as acting like a dictatorship than of free market economies. Wait! Although the larger part of the transactions here is probably more in the 3-digit range. The "rationale" from the tax authorities that the whole is against 'money laundering and/or the fight against terrorism funding' -laugh - is fathomless. And we know the most companies today in the western hemisphere will be slapt by their customers if they try to add something fancy like this. Yet this is precisely where 1% of the world's super - rich population is actively engaged in more money laundering and tax evasion-and in many places they still roll this crooks out the red carpet. Check this out. A good example; Hearsay and evidence are always two facts. So here we are only interested in the fact where and when these 'facts' had been passed that they are 'legally'. Or at least publish a longer excerpt of it here. Remember LL, those who works very transparently has the much better image and acceptance by customers as those who spread facts on the basis of hearsay. Again some psychology. By the first you dudes will be after recognized as the smart guys. The customers can still decide later how they want to keep this. Personally, i dont trust the falcons who created this new so called regulations - and we keep in mind how many data sets from credit card companies have been stolen in the u.s. in the past. And who knows for what else they will use your personal data if you once want to enter the united states. If. Sorry guys, i dont trust them.
  7. Agree. This is simply money from nothing like the giral -money some federal banks create on their computer screen without a real value behind it. Low risk assets in other words. I hate this kind of raffle game but it seems a sort of american like business. Or they just walked again in a sandtrap? Maybe our different mentalities are simply incompatible. With an international clientele is not so easy to meet any demands. Or at least the kind of something of everything of this. First build. Keep it silent. Then release. Simple.
  8. Here, the upper are desert style and this below Andalusia style. For 1024 lots are this too big but here they are
  9. Agreed. This is called business and that is sometimes risky. Premises and events change at any time. Like the walk on the wire rope. Or are someone trying to dry the old sl-swamp out? Thats not fair. Bc the big gaming companies give our their new releases for free to old customers. This is a good business behaviour. The funny part here is self explaining that the naj-sayers here mostly need two lines to complain as the ja-sayers write mostly a little book. You want to keep possible ..customers. Ja. And LL? They used to feed the pop. here in the wrong way. Again. The smarter way would be to first build all, then supply. But this is generally a 'phenomen' how business and supply are operated today. Until we all reach a really bad scenario, and then anymore homeless and hungry will loiting around to beg for something. Go figure! But only a few understand the real context. (America is not the world, she starts right up behind your border. bye
  10. By all this comes some mind playing - if they didnt anyway; Instead of all the stress, why do not they first look at the marketplace which houses sell best and then put similar down? By this, it comes spontaneously in mind as a fitting example in Las Vegas works how the casinos and/or hotels are runned: you build them and after 2 to 5 years when it has refinanced, tear it down and build something new. Just simple as that!? That's just not that difficult digital? Some old pre'ium ones I thought were good, but a garden around each house was forgotten. And they where too much stacked. I already told those back then. Some fair criticism. But nobody is listening to me. gfy
  11. I abandoned my nice placed meadowbrook to get one of this new plywood homes. But rather then to use one of them i prefer something in a differently design. Im tired to see all the time this old-england style just everywhere To be fair, the new housings are very well set but too small and the surroundings are neat and provide a feel--at-home experience. Except one hole i found lasted from terraforming. But they dont listen to me. If there is not a plan behind? The old homes miss a garden what makes the new more usable. A refined meadowbrook on the new parcels and i agree. For new surroundings to attract people i suggest to look for new house designs from the Philippines, Thailand, the UAE with plenty of themed surroundings (Palm Jumeirah, International City, Harris Island), Antalya in Turkey, Sochi in Russia, Panama -Balboa or -Arrajan, For colonial latin old style check Medellin or Bacuramanga, Cuba, Genova in Italy, Cinqueterre, e il Veneto. RSM San Marino, or Bellagio (CO) or Lecco (LC) would be another model when you prefer homes dotted along a hill. And remember, for italian and latin homes to make the walls at least 3 feet or 1 meter wide. This is common on old houses in Italy. And 4m high ceilings to absorb the heat. The tuscany, that is for tourists like Rome. Search with yandex gave me the best results Bellagio Italia
  12. After some years of paying regular tier i hate it to have to play this raffle again. Like bidding. Its disappointing. Like the coming Tilia payment. I suggested them to move their company to a commonwealth country. Except Canada. And the servers to India. Cheaper, smarter, easier. And the falcons in Washington want touch you. Guaranteed. At some point its time to go. Period. Don't quote me. I want respond.
  13. I hate this raffle. Its so disappointing. Like bidding. For what i pay years of tier and then it sorts you out with a raffle. Very disappointing.
  14. I agree. feelings are different but that is not a church you shown. That is something but never a church. This here built in 1237 reflects a church as i meant it - from the secolo as they where rich. ♠️ Le campane del 'luogo' (Arcibretal) possono suonare concerto (concerone) - Milanese
  15. I love your old fashioned Spanish kitchen and its Italian faucet. Can i hire you?
  16. Why offers LL only this domestic wooden homes - i dont say they are ugly but their metratura suffers larger rooms. Thats called SPACE.. @Patch, this is not offensive meant but the us. is not the world, she begins behind your border! Be creative! Here a few impressions how the next bunch of linden homes could be. These here are free to copy and use plans i found on youtube South east Asia: Russia. This plans are to buy and proofed in real life: some impressions, Have the lindens ever thought to put some churches and buddhist temples thru Bellisseria? Thats a part of our culture. There at least comes the UAE in mind where they built International City; the Spanish cluster here. Colorful. The residential clusters include Persia, Greece, Spain, Morocco, England, France, Italy, Russia, China, and Emirates.
  17. what im doing wrong? i dont see the oversize when i wear some fitmesh- or mesh -boobs. i tried some different vendors all with the same result: no big boobs. wearing their alpha layers as add on makes the torso transparent. Viewer is Firestorm 4.5.1
  18. I had that also recently and my best method to rez in my prefebricated home is, to try anytime to rez on the plain matter. I think the server get's to be confused when you want to rez your stuff on linden owned prims aka the linden home. Otherwise you do rez outside of the house you will be lucky.
  19. You can teleport to it thru your "my mainland" tab from within second life. It teleports you then to your parcel. With the new viewer 3 and 4 you can set a favourite, and that gives you the option to teleport direct on login direct to your parcel(s). :matte-motes-big-grin-evil:
  20. What else i have to do to get this credits? In the wiki this so called "explanations" are unfinished and do only explain, where each checkbox is located. I doesn't see any sense behind it :catsad: I'm within 2 groups and in the group where we need more land credits to add more land, i'm as a groupofficer. Because i'm the only one in this group with a premium account. My alt do own this group but it's a basic account. I have my reasons that i don't change this avatar to a premium. But that is not the important part of my question here! The support told me to deduct credits from my other group - where i am the owner - to add them to the group, where we need more land credits to add additional land. There are two possibilities to add more of this credits, one from here in the land manager and the other from within second life world. How do they affect each to the other, or what does any of them affect? I can't change any amounts within of this two possibilities and even within from the "owned land" tab within second life. The showed amounts doesn't change. Can anyone here explain me step by step how to move my land credits?
  21. As long i'm really over with the mess second life. What happened? I bought this really expensive (4999) prim-to-mesh tool and none of us can write a review about it. What is wrong?
  22. You are close Qwa Maybe they don't finished it until. And as we know things will happen to be finished sometimes in sl but need patience. As they did with teleport issues or recent crashes on rez.
  23. Some times ago they rarely respond to messages or claimed rented land back when their renters where a day in due (not me). I don't recomend them because as they show the same bad bahaviours in other games. Buy here your lindens instead. Immediately payout and hassle free.
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