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  1. make sure all of your products have a green check mark indicating 'active' status, on your manage listings page. I had this come up once too, for wrong category, and I didn't notice the listing was inactive because the manager did not sort them as unlisted. That's all I got.
  2. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: well i dont think Rya meant this.... As official spokesperson for Rya, perhaps you could clarify on their behalf what they actually meant. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: your example is not good.. Nonesense. Your dismissal is unfounded. This guy I knew as a kid by the name of Aesop would concur. My car-and-wall analogy are much more fitting than your sheep comparison, for the simple fact that people and sheep are not even anatomically close in relation. However if you are merely speaking metaphorically... Funny how that dependency on semantics thing cuts both ways, isn't it? You are right about one thing: the masses tend to follow pack mentality even when they don't understand it, and often do or say imbecilic things that not only don't make sense, but also undermine their own position. Case in point. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: in the case of the wall while you are driving, you still can act and change your direction to not hit the wall... in the case of the mp.. we cant do anything... and as far as i know, there are no lethal risks... Compare what is comparable... This from the person who compares a four legged animal to a two legged animal? Very well, allow me to put this into more rudimentary terms you can understand: Get in your 32 prim scripted vehicle, start at one end of the parcel, and drive full speed at a boundary crossing with your eyes closed... Even with your favorite pair of blinders firmly affixed, I think you see where I am going with this. After you are finished with your timeout, perhaps you can explain how you properly correct your path and avoid an obstacle with your eyes closed, whether by sand or bandana. PICS or it didn't happen. The moral to this story: disregarding a portion of a statement in an effort to discredit the same only works if you're attempting to be facetious. Case in point. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: my grammar is not good.. Fixed.
  3. Rya Nitely wrote: Stop stressing and turn on adblock. What you don't know won't hurt you - this is probably very true in this case. Based on this concept, if you drive full speed at a brick wall with your eyes closed, does it just go away? How about with your eyes opened, but preoccupied by some other distraction? How about if you tell the wall it is not there? How about if someone else tells you the wall it is not there? Problems don't go away just because we don't want to see them. Ask an alcoholic. Assuming others see the world (and therefore act) according to everything you see will not just hurt you. It can kill you. If you assign this basic example of cause and effect to your business ethic: Assuming others see the world (and therefore act) according to everything you see will not just hurt your business. It can...and will...kill it. But don't take my word for it. Talk to anyone who has suffered a restructuring due to corporate takeover.
  4. At least one item has sold per day since January. April sales have doubled at minimum, and customers are now buying multiple related items at a time, instead of just one item. multpile purchases of unrelated items remains the same. Item searches, as well as item views, appear to be climbing at the previous rate. So much for consistency. I think it probably has more to do with actual economical factors than any virtual one.
  5. I rarely do what everyone else is doing. I find more data present in watching the fluctuations than the actual figures, which I only consider a benchmark since I cannot verify how listings written in languages other than English rate. Despite that fact, I get the exact same figure using either approach. 1801481 matching items found this morning. Whoever figures it out gets a brownie button.
  6. Rya Nitely wrote: I saw the humour so I suspect others did too. Not necessarily true. Some poeple find humor in watching the paint dry. But it doesn't mean it's funny. Well it means their kinda funny, but in a different way. Edfred Jungsten wrote: That's not an accurate response, thank you very much. The email was sent from xstreetsl ............. that's what made me laugh. That's not an accurate response, thank you very much. Actually, the email was signed by xstreetsl. It states clearly right at the end that it was sent by Linden Labs. And that's what made me laugh.
  7. The same way as I had previously suggested to another individual in another thread; by clicking on the see all listings button. I don't seem to be restricting any particular content that I am aware of. I don't have anything set to prohibit any particular maturity level. Pretty sure I'm age verified otherwise I wouldn't be able to go to all those naughty places and see all those kinky listings. Maybe I'm filtering foreign content. Either way I don't know how listings created in languages other than English would factor in to the whole thing. I am pretty sure they exist. 1,785,616 matching items found at 11:30 SLT. Increasing again but still less than the approximate 2,170,000 I started at.
  8. 1779917 listings this morning. I also considered that there is a possibility a filter is active, though I could not say which one. I have no problem viewing adult listings. If that is the case, then I suppose the difference between my count and any other would just be the remainder. In either case, the fluctuations are still noticeable. The count seems to be pulsing, rather than only increasing or decaying exponential to time.
  9. I would guess it is due to the closure of magic boxes, if you have any. Your boxes have a sort of server listing, for lack of an interest in looking it up, and if it persists, there seems to be a sort of spectral existence lingering. Kind of. Ish. Thing. It says you have boxes out still. At those locations and given coordinates. If the boxes don't exist in world, you can remove their reference on Xstreet. There's a tutorial via el searcho. Otherwise it's just their typical automated pre-prepared basic generic incentive statement. It will probably be awhile before they trim up all the loose ends. If ever. [EDIT: the cat made me do it]
  10. I currently show 1,776,296 active listings. Seems to be on the decline still
  11. Am I reading correctly that you did all 400 at once? If so, I think you already stated what the cause of the problem was. If not, please clarify. Also hopefully you can find something here that can at least illuminate things a little: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Direct-Delivery-tips-amp-tricks/td-p/1934269
  12. I noticed some time ago that SLMP has flooded with ripped game graphics of vehicles, weapons, you name it. Chances are, if the price seems too low to match the quality of the design, it's too good to be true. And if it's too good to be true, it is probably a rip off. Unscrupulous people frequently steal graphic files from game CD's, convert the file type if necessary, and upload it as their own, usually charging a price so low that it makes it very obvious they are trying to offload stolen products. Kind of like that guy in the van selling DVD players and VCR's by the side of the freeway, or those scuzzy dudes trying to sell cheap house speakers in the Home Depot parking lot. With only a little bit of cursory investigation, you will find that you can build an entire sim based on a video games' source files, just using the ripped off graphics you can easily find upped to the marketplace. I have no idea how these blatant copythieving scumbags get away with it for as long as they do. It's pretty disgraceful to be honest. But since there is nothing I can do about it (except not get paid to chase someones copy right for them) I have no choice but to look the other way. I imagine at some point this loophole will get closed, and then Linden Labs will possibly be sued into the stone age. Only time will tell.
  13. Out of almost 400 listings, I have had to repopulate three that refused to cooperate. I consider that a successful migration. An additional advisory: SLOW DOWN. Especially if you are switching between one or more viewers at any time. Trying to convert too fast WILL cause you problems, so just dial it back to first gear, alright turbo? The web page WILL be slow to respond. Your listings WILL be slow to refresh. Expect it. Also, avoid fast-swapping between Firestorm and Phoenix. The risk of anomalies born from packet loss and differences in viewer coding appear to increase dramatically.
  14. 1,851,406 items as of 8:19am SLT Cameron Vasiliov wrote: I've been away from SL for over a year and I only found out about this on April 2 when they took over +100 items I had, some items still missing no matter what I do to get them back, I replaced the item and I even tried to create a new listing and after updating the list, it dissapears again and let's not talk about those who are impossible to "activate" because the option is disabled it doesn't matter for what kinda of object you replace it, I'll wait after 19th to send a ticket, well, no ticket because when I try to send a ticket under marketplace it gives me Error -.-! I hope something here can help: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Direct-Delivery-tips-amp-tricks/td-p/1934269 Tari Landar wrote: Good thing I proof read this first...count should always have an o in it In the words of Slappy the Squirrel: "Now THAT'S....comedy'.
  15. I show currently 2175830 active listings. I don't think I'm using any filters.
  16. In theory you should be able to use any form of descriptive word that is relevant to the item. I see nothing wrong with your keywords of choice. If the terms describing color apply to your product, use them. Those are the words you are anticipating a customer will use when performing a search, and if they fit the item, go for it. What you want to avoid is using keywords in an effort to get your listing viewed in categories where you know it does not belong. So for example, using a keyword for an unrelated type of item (car, or house, or breedable, or food) that causes your listing to also appear with those items, would qualify as spam. It is important to remember that the world is filed with haters who need their daily dose of schadenfreude, so just because an item is flagged does not mean it was done by a LL representative. To my knowledge only the reviewing of the submitted report is done by an employee. Flagging of listings is an action performed by your peers, as far as I am aware...in other words, someone might not appreciate your competition, or you could piss someone off, and they could go on SLMP and flag a bunch of your listings just to be spiteful. Hence the reason for the 'don't abuse this feature' advisory when flagging a listing. It should not be open to abuse. But it is. Introduction to Human Nature 100.
  17. You can sort of monitor this data statistically by watching the current total number of items listed on MP. Go to the main page, then select the button labeled [see All Categories]. Don't use any of the other filters, and you should see the current tally of Marketplace products, which at the moment comes to 2,194,435 listings.
  18. Are you setting permissions on the item contents by using the [Permissions] button on the item [content] tab? When you check the package contents from your manage listings page, do the item perms appear correct? ( [My Marketplace]/[Merchant Home], then [inventory]/[manage listings], then [Actions]/[View Content] ) If you test delivery, using the test delivery option, does the product arrive to you with permissions as expected? Pardon me if I overlooked any previous answer, things seem to be getting a bit convoluted.
  19. Once again I find myself in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with Porky Gorky about the sensationalist approach this posting used, the intention of which clearly after five pages of garbage was not to provide any form of support, but only to create yet more controversy. Rya Nitely wrote: There must be so many insulted people out there. I'm surprised the success of all these books :smileyfrustrated: (INSERT APPROXIMATELY 60 COUNTS OF TRADEMARK/COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT HERE) I'm really not surprised that you would think so, as you quite blatantly post up multiple images of trademarked and/or copyrighted material that you do not own, or are licensed to distribute. The numerous trademark logo's are quite evident in all of the images, you posted in a badly conceived scheme to prove to yourself how completely righteous you are. Now THAT'S offensive. Do you know who is probably insulted? The people who own those books, whose images you have essentially stolen. There is at least one person in here who should have read 'Trademarks and Copyrights for Dummies'. Twice. Rya Nitely wrote: And I love instructions for dummies with anything at all. Even stuff I know. some people are just dumb, what you can you do? My sentiments exactly. It is interesting to note that elsewhere, progress is not usually measured in regressive steps. And in other news: How special! Another buttsore fascist follows me from one thread to another like an unwanted puppy. ImaTest wrote: So you're offended Show me where in the posting you are quoting that I used the word 'offended', dear blatant spin doctor. You probably think that, based on their review, a movie critic is offended at the shows they watch. I recommend a copy of Passive Aggressive Baiting and Switching for Dummies. ImaTest wrote: someone dared to take tips you posted, which of course you were not the first to share anyway, and added them to tips of their own. But you dislike how they worded it, so that makes their thread bad and yours fine. When you did the very same thing, by posting your own tips, most of which you know because others already shared them. For about a minute I wondered why you feel "that makes their thread bad and yours fine". Again, I never actually said that. Could this then be your own Freudian slip showing, perhaps? OR a clear desire to attempt to be typically instigative instead of contributive. Again. And then I noticed you talking to yourself. And now anyone who can read knows why: another spin doctor fail. I write for a living. That being said, it really has nothing to do with whether or not I 'dislike how it was worded'. This entire posting is a grammatical failure, based on the fact that it reads like a second grade book report. It has nothing to do with my preference, it has to do with the quantity of errors and a lack of quality, which I can understand why you are unable to appreciate after reviewing your own tired half efforts at note-scriibbling. You can never miss what you never had. Let it be known however, that I state in my first posting: Dirtnap Mumfuzz wrote: On my journey I gathered a few seemingly pertinent tips, tricks, and theories clutched in the bony fingers of the withered corpses that marked the unfortunate who had fallen on the path before me See, despite my application of creative writing prowess, I aknowledge that I gathered these ideas, I don't start out by saying: PhoebeDesmons wrote: I am getting tired of seeing pages, and pages worth of "instructions" when it's a simple process. There's little know hows that are also not easily made available. Thought I'd put down my experiences so far and what to NOT do when dealing with the DD migration. ..only days after saying: PhoebeDesmons wrote: So, yeah one issue after another, marketplace is teeming with people with similar issues with no answers and now... THIS. At no time did I lose my lunch over the process, and declare no answers could be found, then a few days later come on as the one-stop source of all Direct Delivery success. I also never attempt to impress upon anyone that the world was void of answers until I came along. I also did not essentially jack someone else's tutorial, and try to borderline plaigarize it by rewriting it as my own. I gathered information from a variety of places that required multiple searches, and formed some of my own theories, for the record. Also, this 'original poster' appeared in my thread, and made a claim about additional relevant content, then never came back to follow up, instead starting a new thread 'for dummies'. After you review a few thousand postings by people stating that over-duplicity is a hindrance and disservice, go read the definition on the word arrogant and see how well the shoe fits. ImaTest wrote: Seriously "demanding your own spotlight". That gets you a great big wth were you thinking when you said that, from me. Same here, as I watch you demanding your very own: did you happen to have ANYTHING to contribute at all to the Direct Delivery discussion, or did you really think no one would notice your non-contribution and posting merely because you think you are some sort of authority. You would make quite the politician...but the last thing we need are self appointed forum cops who found their badge at the bottom of a box of CrackerJack. Watch your mailbox for my gift to you: your very own copy of Forum Grandstanding and Douchebaggery for Dummies. ImaTest wrote: Forget the fact that these tips have been around since DD first came into play and many others have shared them long before you. Both on these forums and many other websites. Isn't that exactly what you're doing by pointing out you "posted the tips first"? Forget the fact that you are oddly responding to your own misinterpretations, I get the distinct impression you weren't held much as a child. Are you going to stick to the original position that sharing of more information through duplicity is the way it works, or are you going to continue to predictably swap faces between that and chastising/lecturing for the sake of faux superiority. I will mention that two weeks prior to you deciding you are my internet daddy, I already advised: Dirtnap Mumfuzz wrote: (I posted this as a service to the desperate masses being led to the consumer slaughter. If it is a duplicate effort or some other such federal offense, just sue me. No really, sue me; I get bored easy.) Which you would know, if you made even half the effort to read anything prior to playing head referee of obtusity. But I understand better than you, that you lack any semblance of impulse control. I'm pretty sure there's a book for that too, with your name on it. ImaTest wrote: The title of the thread is clear, as is the subject. You are correct; it is for dummies. Which really explains the quality of the conversation taking place, as well as your participation and offensive/defensive posture game. However as noted, some people find the term 'dummy' to be derogatory, as compared to the use of 'retard'. And I completely agree! Which is why I invented the term BOTARD; because people with retardation can't help how they are, usually due to genetic disposition. Botards on the other hand are the way they are by choice, and people WITH disabilities should not be discriminated against or lumped together with people who ARE disabilities. Case in point: ImaTest wrote: That's pretty arrogant if you ask me. Which no one apparently did, your highness. Might I recommend Trolling and Butting In Unnecessarily for Dummies? I know you think I'm not giving you enough attention in another thread where you probably got your ass handed to you on a silver platter, with a garnish of parsley and mint jelly. Don't worry, you'll get over it. I know I did. You know what is really arrogant of me? Being proud of the fact that not only did I not reiterate anyone else's tutorial effort (like this thread does) but also that at only five replies (two of which are mine) and being posted two weeks prior to this fallacy, my effort to share Direct Delivery tips (without calling anyone dumb in the process) has garnered 343 (correction: 348) views currently, while simultaneously NOT generating five pages of arguing and mob-mentality grandstanding by the chit-chat superfriends. Pamela Galli is the only person in this waste of space that even made an effort, the rest of you seem to just gang up on Porky for thinking for him/herself, and act like angsty children fighting over who owns the sandbox. I will mention that the only thing for dummies that I had to read during this endeavor was your poorly planned post. Take that for whatever you want, my petty little friend.
  20. You might have to file a ticket for support to get that corrected, if you have not yet tried that avenue.
  21. Hi Dante, I wrote up a thread of Direct Delivery suggestions that you may find useful. As a writer by profession, I have made sure the content has been thoroughly grammar and spell checked, so it should translate well into your language of preference: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Direct-Delivery-tips-amp-tricks/td-p/1934269
  22. I offer a variety of suggestions for problems like this in another thread, I hope one of them fits your situation. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Direct-Delivery-tips-amp-tricks/td-p/1934269
  23. Also , I am wondering how you can say this: PhoebeDesmons wrote: I am getting tired of seeing pages, and pages worth of "instructions" when it's a simple process. ..when just three days ago you started another thread, titled "Migration Nightmares", to say this: PhoebeDesmons wrote: So, yeah one issue after another, marketplace is teeming with people with similar issues with no answers and now... THIS.
  24. Like Porky, I also find this posting to be condescending and repetitive; not to mention arrogant, unecessary and rather rude. Should I mention vague and not well written? Especially since I already posted a thread of Direct Delivery tips about two weeks ago, and you more or less just took some of the tips from that posting and smattered a few of your own suggestions in with it: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Direct-Delivery-tips-amp-tricks/td-p/1934269 By the way...the two 'tips' you posted in my thread which I addressed, you never bothered to go back and reply to. Maybe that would have been a better idea, rather than becoming self righteous and demanding your own spotlight.
  25. I did not have the problem you describe in number two, or perhaps I'm just not understanding you. I left my other three magic Boxes live in world, while I copied the content of the fourth, I deleted the references to that magic box, and then started adding those items to the merchant outbox fifty at a time. I allowed time for the system to sort and refresh, and all of my listings relisted, according to their old product listing, except for four, which had to be manually re-added by changing the associated item. It's actually been said already in the many tutorials (and really, does it need to be said?) that you must remove your magic box, and remove the reference to it in Xstreet. None of my listings were banned at any time, though some took up to fifteen minutes to become available again. The only ones that seemed affected though were the ones I was working with, the rest of my 300+ listings (still packed in live magic boxes) remained active. I did not need to delete magic box listings to make anything direct delivery related work, and deleting and re-creating entire listings is a lot of repetitive effort, so perhaps it would be a good idea to better define what you're trying to express. Just deleting listings does not seem necessary.
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