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  1. Dang. Well that stinks! Thank you for letting me know there are places out there, that actually do readings
  2. Hello! Names Shiko; I wanted to come to this Forum as I am curious as to if there are any Open opportunities for someone to read childrens books to a class? I have always been an out of the box thinker, and I after being in SL for over a decade, I come to enjoy the smaller things in life. Please feel free to comment, or point me in the right direction If you so please. My Roleplay is decent, I enjoy reading, and childrens stories are still so cute to me! I enjoy using different voices as I read through the stories. I have a small personal trove of Kids books in the RL that I would gladly take my time to read if interest is shown. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read!
  3. I would like to give you applause as those pictures, and what you have there...It looks Extremely Cute!!! So Kawaii, and poppy with some fun games ^.^ I truly hope that your Cafe works out! If I had more done to my Human avi, I would probably enjoy helping for PG-Pg13 rated stuff.
  4. Good Mornin' I have stumbled upon this listing a few times now, and suddenly I was drawn to it. If yall are hiring, I would enjoy knowing your policies on...well *gives a chuckle* as you see I am an anthro. By all means though, I completly understand wanting to keep an RP specific to the time, or plot. If this perhaps isn't an issue; well, I wouldn't mind going a bit further into the process. I have over a decade of Roleplay experience just in Secondlife; and I an strictly a PG-PG13 Roleplay resident of secondlife. I wish you a good Day or week & much thanks!
  5. Ooooh! I hope this turns out well! I've never been anywhere close to being able to start anything in world, nor to i have any form of talent or a rig to keep my going on SL For years go come, or i would of gladly of put up a few suggestions or Even been thrilled to jump in at this idea!
  6. Come to Project Harmony to relax, RP and have a great time! We are currently seeking Spa Companions to help aid our customers in feeling or getting well~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angels/119/226/22 OUR MISSION We live in an ever changing world filled with complex social structures, busy lives and dealing with behaviors of the people around us. Depression, anxiety, and self hatred is on the rise. We here at Project Harmony have taken it upon ourselves to help those cooping with life's pressures. This doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with you. When feeling life's pressures, it's just time to slow down and think things through. We want to help you with that. Through the use of our free services (yes... they are free), we can get you back on the path to feeling great about yourself, knowing the path and walking the path. However, we aren't trained professionals. We simply want to help through our own experiences. However, we'll use any tools and resources we have available to help fix what could be plaguing your life. Maybe you're in a bad relationship and need the know how to get through it. Possibly you're in a tough bind at work and need stress relieve. Or perhaps, you just need to take a load off and just relax with some simple breathing exercises and opening up your chakras. Let us help you and if we can't help, our services are free of charge. What do you have to lose? We'll give it our all. Project Harmony Guru, Timber Wolfenhaut
  7. Hello eponablack my names Shikobaa and Project Harmony is a new venue that is human and furry friendly. We are currently seeking out DJ's Dancers Hosts and Spa Companions! I am spa manager so if interested in spa companion please get with me. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Behringa/42/161/2507 Shikobaa Resident~
  8. Hello! Project Harmony is a new venue put together by my friend and cohort Timber Wolfenhaut! I am the Spa Manager and im currently seeking out Spa Companions to offer services. you keep 100% of tips and can offer as much or as little as wanted. We are as well seeking out talented DJ's, Dancers & Hosts Our venue is Fur & skin friendly, so come on down! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Behringa/42/161/2507 If you have any questions Please Message or Notecard me in world Shikobaa Resident~
  9. my names Shiko or shikobaa resident I am an avid gamer and enjoy nature! I love shopping, cuddling, gaming and exploring in secondlife! I am a shifter so i have human and furry avatars! I'd love to chat sometime
  10. Henlo! I am seeking and searching out an RP family. I will settle for just a mom or dad at first, but would like to quickly build up ^^; I get lonely easily and want many friends and family to spend my time wiff. I currently have a sl bubby whom i live wiff! A little about me. I am shy, nerdy and a huge gamer. I adore nature and tend to spend too much time inside. Secondlife always comes second to realife as i hope you would be okay with. In secondlife i enjoy shopping (when i have the lindens) dancing, exploring and hanging with friends when i can. I am most often online during the weekdays as i spend my weekends doing adulting and spending time with my daddy. I am a neko, but i have many furry avatars as well and Am prone to shifting; most often I am in my Kawaii neko though <3 open to any type of family as long as we have fun. IF you are a momma reading this, please know I am very child like. I am in ddlg lifestyle and even though i am a grown avatar i act my little age. I want a nice kind and sweet mom and dad; and rambunctious siblings! If interested please comment below or send me a notecard or IM in world. Shikobaa Resident ~Can't wait to hear from you~
  11. Hello! I am looking for host jobs but I am a furry. Are furry avatars an issues? Thanks~
  12. Hello, my name Shiko. I am seeking a role in a job. I have been out of the jobs in secondlife for some time, but I feel it's time for me to get back into it since I have so much time on my hands! I have about 2 years hosting experience and 8 years of roleplay experience under my belt. I even have some management position experience as well. I am a Furry, but I own a Human Neko avatar as well, if it's needed. Thank you!.
  13. I applied to the school as a counselor and or a in school therapist. I currently don't have my own things to decorate an office, but I do hope that you will look at my application and consider me! Thanks~
  14. So as the Sbject states I need a little pointing in the right direction on Pregnancy bellies and or Shapes. As it stands right now I use the Slink Physique body (I am a furry) so I have custom Skins that I wear which can make this even harder. I as well own the Baby Bump Mesh Belly. The hard thing is though, It's really hard to find clothes that have Slink, Lola and Baby Bump appliers all in one. So I was possibly looking for an easier option. I know that if I decided to drop wearing my Slink Body for during my pregnancy it would be easier to just simply make some shapes since clothes stretch with the default LL body As well it would simply be easier to find appliers for Lolas and Baby Bump more so than Slink Physique with Baby Bump appliers. If anyone has any tips for me, or let me know how you go about your pregnancy shapes I would greatly appreciate it! (Of course any and all links will be appreciate as well) I am looking forward to being a mother in Secondlife <3
  15. Please Spread this around where ever you can. As an artist myself, this law could effect anyone and everyone if we don't stop it. So sum it up basically "What exactly is the big change? Right now under current law, the moment you create a piece of artwork, it's instantly protected under copyright law with you as the copyright holder, meaning if someone infringes on your rights by creating deriverate works upon your work, or simply marketing/using it without your permission, you get to sue and claim it. You are in charge and control of what happens with your work. With the law change your art will no longer be protected from the moment it's created; rather, you have to register each and every work individually with profit organisations to make your rights legitimate. Sucks big time, right? First of all ain't nobody got time for this and secondly, my work is mine, and should be acknowledged as such always. This law opens doors and gates for corporations to leech off our work without paying us anything. This law change does not have the benefits of the individual artists in mind, it only cares for corporations to make quick and easy bucks off our works." Please Visit this Link to watch the Podcast video and their site to see how we as Artists can stop this from happening to us. This is any kind of art. Photography, tattoos, sketches, screenshots, character designs, photomanipulation, paintings, digital art! http://an0ther-artist.tumblr.com/post/124369354228/attention-artists-copyright-law-is-about-to I have already Tweeted, and spread it through my Facebook; even to my tattoo artist so he himself can start sharing and getting this out.
  16. I will be stopping by sometime to check out Kennel Yiff Club! I have quite a bit of experience as a Dancer / Escort / Escort Manager & Dancer Manager as well. So I would enjoy giving your establishment a Try ^.^
  17. This sounds like a very interesting position. I personally would like to know a bit more about Dash Agency though. What compensation do you offer? How long has Dash Agency been around? Is Dash Agency willing to train someone who has passion for modeling? Ext.
  18. Teasers & Pleasers Brothel is celebrating the Holidays with many Spectacular Events! Let 2014 Slip away with us! Dec. 20th - Jan 1st We have a Naughty Santa Photo Contest! It's simply 50L$ to Join and 20L$ to Vote! But you better Hurry! We have many great entrys thus far and the Voting has Taken off! Dec. 27th we are having a Live DJ come to T&P to help calm you down from that busy Christmas. Dec. 28th is Open Mic Night! Come to T&P to share stories, recite poetry, play Live Muisc, Sing, laugh or simply just talk! If that wasn't enough! on Jan. 1st we are celebrating the New Year with you! a Live Sex Show for your viewing Pleasure! Come down and get an Eye-full as our Escorts have Sex, and post their Roleplay in Local Chat just for you! The more Tips they Recieve the Further it goes ;] You decide their Fate Simply Search "Teasers and Pleasers" and Stop on By :)
  19. Hey NillaPone! I wanted to give a quick reply to your thread in hopes to point you in the right direction. I know you say your kinda new in SecondLife? Have you tried using the In-World Search Feature? That's usually how I find all the furry places that are Hiring. Simple search something like "furry Hiring" and loads of places will pop up. Another pointer (as I work as an Escort Manager at Teasers & Pleasers Brothel) When you Escort, sadly...it's not all about how much your online. You need to have good Roleplay skills, a Sexy Avatar with all working bits and pieces, and can't be afraid to deal with customers fetishes (of course most escorts all do have their off-limit kinks / fetishes) Teasers and Pleasers Brothel (open species / Open to all genders & Sexualities and all Fetishes Following LL Terms) is still currently hiring. We are about 3 months old now and have over 100 VIP's. We get on average about 40-60 Visitors a Day and the Staff is always around to hang-out have fun times. We are not the most popular, but we get more traffic than some clubs. We currently are open for Dancer / Escort / Dj & Barender Positions. We require at Minimum 30 days of SecondLife experience
  20. Hello Wolfram! I like to try and help people out whenever I see someone looking for Furry Mods. I have commissioned currently 2 different Mods Artists for custom Mods. The First person I would like to mention is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tehforbidden She is really good at what she does, and doesn't charge too much. Her quality is very nice too. I don't know if she is currently open for commissions but worth a try The Second Person that I have personally commissioned is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bezzi/ She is really good too. Her prices are a bit more than Tehforbidden, but her work is amazing! <3 (Both their Furaffinity's have Pictures of Custom Mods and Mods they put out on the Marketplace as well) They both have In-world stores as well, and Online Shops on the Marketplace where you can view their Mods they sell and get an Idea of their work Hope you are able to find what you need! If you have any questions or need help finding their stores shoot me an IM Shikobaa resident
  21. I would, but I am strictly Horde (and have been for a long while) I don't really plan on making an Alliance Toon anytime soon. I am a huge Lore Buff! but still not bored with the Lore of The Horde Yet. :cattongue:
  22. If you do some searching within SecondLife you will most likely find a Photo Studo that does Weddin Photos in a package. When I had worked with a Photo Studio as a receptionist, they offered like so many photos for a certain L$ Price.
  23. Your Best bet would be to look at the posts within this Forum. I know as a Manager myself, that I wouldn't be too thrilled to contact you with what little you put in your post; I would be looking for your skills in SecondLife, things you have already done in SL as far as Work, your People skills, Personality, a little bit of what your looking for in a job position Ext.
  24. =T&P= Brothel is Hiring! We are looking for Dancers & Escorts! We are Looking for Dj's! We even have Openings for a Few more Security Positions! Currently in Need of a Dancer and Dj Manager! If you feel you have what it Takes to Make the Cut to be a Manager! Please Stop by Teasers & Pleasers & Grab an Application! A Little About =T&P= We are an Open Species Brothel! We Cater to all Fetishes (of course Following all LL Rules! No child play of any kind is allowed) We are open to all Genders and all Sexualities as well! We have Public Sex on our Top Floor, as well as a couple Private rooms for those who rather take their Client in private ;] We have been open for about for about two Weeks and already have 51 VIP's and Still Growing! Come Grow with us!
  25. ╔═.♥.══════╗ Welcome ╚══════.♥.═╝ Teasers & Pleasers Brothel! •● Second Lifes Newest and Most Orgasm Inducing Brothel!•● Let us be where you live out your Sexual Fantasies! ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ At T&P Brothel we Welcome Everyone from all Walks of Life. No matter your Fetish, Gender, Sexual Orientation or Species! Hiring for: Teasers - (Sensual Roleplay Dancers / Strippers) Work for Tips & Tease your on lookers Pleasers - (Escorts. Sexual Roleplay / RP out your clients Fantasies) Work for Tips & Follow our Brothels Set Escort Pay Rate. Security - Security is beyond important! We need some trustworthy folks Never been an Escort before, but wanting to test your skills? Don't worry! At T&P Brothel We have an Escort Manager that is willing to work with you and Train. Please Visit our Venue and Grab an Application Today :D Simply Search "Teasers and Pleasers" We will pop right up ;3 ~Drop your Application in the Drop Box or Send too (Shikobaa Resident)~
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