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  1. Hello Luos! With any job you get in SecondLife you are going to need to learn new skills; which isn't all bad since learning news skills opens more doors for other job opportunities. From my year of experience in SecondLife I have come to realize that Clubs are almost ALWAYS hiring :cathappy: These are wonderful places to start working as there are many positions that work within the clubs, and all are all very important. (Dj, Dancer, Host, Managers, Greeter & Security) I can tell you that most clubs want you to at least have 30 days+ in SecondLife before applying for a job. I would recommend that you try and find a club or job that is willing to train as well. I wish you luck on your Search! Try Searcing Jobs Factory. It's a SecondLife Job Agency. Be sure to join their Group. I get at least 10 Notices sent Daily as well as IM's from the group about Many clubs who are Hiring. They send you all the information about the club and what positions they are hiring as well as the Landmark to the Club! Happy Hunting!
  2. Thanks for Taking notice of my Forum Post. I am very interested in learning and or knowing what it's like to have a family in Secondlife. I have the thought that it's similar to real life as far as the roles between the family. As stated above though I am a bit socially awkward so in my year that i have been in SecondLife I have only been able to get and keep a few close friends who I now have a deep business relationship with as well ^-^ I will def. check out the your family agency
  3. :cathappy: Hello! I am in Search of an RP Feral Wolf Pack. My Feral Wolf is a Grown Female Wolf who has been traveling the lands of SecondLife for awhile now and she is ready to find a Family (pack) to settle down with in her spare time. I have no preference on what rank she starts at within the pack. ~Please IM me in World with details on your pack~ Shikobaa resident :)
  4. Finding a Job that does't require skill is going to be tough to find. (Depending on what you mean by skill) Every job in Secondlife Requies Skill and a knowledge of Second Life itself, the viewer you are on, and how to Emote. Second Life is treated literally like a Second World, so just like Real life you need skill to get a job. Most people when your applying for A Photographer or say a Designer, or even a Model they are going to want you often times have that skill from Real Life and or a General Knowledge of that particular Skill. The easiest jobs to get Are in Clubs. Clubs are found all over SecondLife as they are a great place to hang out, dance, have a few drinks, rent an Escort or even watch Dancers+ More. The normal positions in a Club setting are =Host, Dj, Dancer, Escort, Bartender, Manager, Secruity and Sometimes Greeter= All of these positions Require some form of Skill. A Host you need to know how to write Notices, how to Emote, How to work Event Boards A Bartender you need to know how to Emote as well, and knowing how to mix the drinks in Real life is often helpful and makes for a Better RP Dj you need to have the skills of knowing your computer, knowing what Dj software you need and a General knowledge of SecondLife as well Dancers and Escort you need to know how to Emote extremely well. You are basically getting paid for emoting and your sexual Appeal. Not only that, if you are an escort you need to invest some money into naughty Part for your avatar. Being Security you need to be trusted. You have all the power to kick and Ban whomever you want when you want; and you have to be mature about the situations at hand and not just kick someone because you dislike them. From my experience being in SecondLife for over a year now. I do know that most clubs want you to be at LEAST 30 days old (meaning you have speant a Month in SecondLife getting to know the Virtual World and learning how to work your Viewer) There are some that don't require and Age Limit as far as your SecondLife age, but there are Very few who do.
  5. Hello! I am a Furry who is looking to be in some creative projects to earn some money. If your a new photography Studio, or even a new business and need someone to help with being a walking ad board or even a model I am willing to help for some extra L$ :) Since I won't do everything, please IM me in-world or send me a Notecard about your idea and I will look it over and get back to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Specifications: My Avatar is a Furry Avatar ^-^ I am willing to shift genders to help someone with thier creative needs (will even do Herm) I have many different SL Furry Avatars from many different Avatar Makers (some: KzK, DsD, tokushi, Aventity+ More) ~Projects that I would like to do would be helping a photographer get a portfolio together ~Helping someone plan a Logo for a Business ~Helping with Advertising a Business ~Modeling New Clothes (Please if your having me model clothes or anything that may Cost L$, Either buy it for me; or I will include the cost in with my earnings) ~Willing to be an NPC for an RP- or even an Added Character (If someone buys me the Clothing for the RP I will charge Little depending on the length and when I need to be there) ~+More =============================== Some Things you may want to know :) ~I am a Qualified Graduate of a 2 year Degree in Web Graphic Design ~I am able to work with Voice if needed ~80% of the time I have an Open schedule Between 2SLT-10SLT (pm) ~All prices are Negotiable ~I have good Communication skills (only speak English) ~Good at Acting ~Decent at making up storylines/ Plots Remember If Interested Just IM me with your Idea (Be as specific as possible so I don't over or undercharge) or send me a Notecard with your Idea ~Shikobaa Resident~ Your Friendly Furry <3
  6. :cathappy: So I have been on SecondLife since September 2011 (I know it's not long compared to some) but I have finally decided that it would be so neat to have a SecondLife Family. I know that most families are formed after you get really close to a group of friends...but that's kinda hard to do when you can't seem to find anyone that is in a Family that is accepting others. It's as well often hard for me since I am super shy and normally people have to talk to me first or else i think no one is interested in talking to me. Holding a conversation is as well sometimes hard as I like talking about nerdy things >.< But yes! Any Tips on how to find a SecondLife Family? (I am a Furry Avatar) As well what do SecondLife Families do? :catsurprised:
  7. The Midnight Howl is a Second Life club that lets you unleash the inner animal within. You will find a lot of furry fans here as well as nekos. The Midnight Howl is sponsored by SpiritValley Studios owned by Timber Wolfenhaut. If you are looking for an exciting nightlife with great music and even some fun adult entertainment, we are the place for you. We are a fairly new club looking to be a hot spot on the Second Life grid. Feel free to help support and grow with us as we continue to pump out some great contests and events. ~~~ We Are currently Hiring~~~[Please know we Hire Furry, Neko, Human...EVERYONE! :D] Hosts, Dj's (Full time and Cover), Male & Female Dancers, and Escorts! If Interested in any of Those positions, Please either Contac me (Shikobaa Resident) I am Host Manager, but can relay Applications, or Contact (Timber Wolfenhaut) When you contact me inworld I can send you an Application and a Landemark Attachment! If you want to Learn More about us, Please Visit Our Blog! http://themidnighthowl.wordpress.com/about/
  8. TMH’s Frisky Tails – Join Now! Consider yourself to be Frisky? Why not put it to the test and join our group of Frisky Tails to help out our club with many different services. The choice is yours and you can let your imagination wonder! This is no Tail Sale, escort service or private lap dance gig, hell no! You get to decide what services you want to offer, for how long and for how much. Though, don’t sell yourself short or too much. The best part is, everyone can enter our Frisky Tail Roster! Grab an application in our club lounge today =) Also to note, everyone that enters will have space on our Frisky Tail Board, a new VIP tag to go along with it and you may have a chance to enter our next big project for our Frisky Tails, a Frisky Tail Calendar photo-shot! Ever been in a pin up calendar? This might be your chance. The calendar project will be awhile in planning and depends on how many people join our Frisky Tail roster. Give it a shot. Got nothing to lose and might even make a bit of money
  9. TMH Singles Club Are you single and looking for a special connection? Maybe we can help. We are looking for singles that are eager to meet new people by trying out our new program in our club. We have advertising boards that will post your picture on the wall and your info. Its easy! In our lounge on the bottom floor, you will find our logo that you click on to pick up a singles application. Fill out this application and send it to Timber Wolfenhaut so that he can give you some wall space. Not only is it free, but other singles that join our club will be able to come in and learn more about you. If they like what they see, they can contact you directly from your singles board. Doesn’t that sound great? Either you are looking for a real life connection, a SL partner, or just looking for a cuddle buddy, this service might be something you are interested in. So, what are you waiting for? Its time that other singles came to you! Go ahead and grab an application today from our club lounge. Being single shouldn’t be a bad thing, its time to test the waters and show the world how lovable you truly are. [The Application Forms are located at the back of the Club. Any Questions please Direct them to me (Shikobaa Resident) or (Timber Wolfenhaut) for Further Questions]
  10. June’s Fluffy Tail Photo Contest We have entered into the summer months and its time to have a big fundraising event for our club which should be a dozy! TMH is celebrating its 3rd month in the Paalen sim. So we want to do something exciting for our visitors and staff. For the whole month of June, we are giving our talented furry fans the chance to win big! First of all, you will need your best picture of your avatar, showing off that fluffy tail of yours. When you are finished making your best picture, grab a spot in the photo contest. Each entry is 50L which is very affordable. Once you are on the board, its then a matter of finding people to vote for you! The entries with the most votes wins the contest. Simple enough? There is a first prize – 1500L, second prize is 1050L and third prize is 450L! To those that only want to vote for your favorite entries, you can vote up to 25 times, “but” each vote does cost 10L. So be sure to put your votes to good use. Help support our club and most of all, help support your favorite entries! Be sure to follow these photo guidelines to ensure quality of your picture to have the best chance at receiving votes… Its a fluffy tail contest, but don’t just show your rear end. Get creative and give us a fantastic pose.Put on your best avatar. If you avatar is eye catching, you won’t have trouble getting votesGet a good close up of your avatar without much background noise. The busier the background, the less focus on your avatarIf you can edit your photos, lets your creativity run wild. Don’t hold back.(If you would like to Enter the Contest You can either Visit the Club or you can Contact Me (Shikobaa Resident) or (Timber Wolfenhaut) for more information)
  11. Hello! The Midnight Howl is always accepting applications for virtually every position. We are a club. Somewhat new, trying to get a good VIP base built up behind us. It is a furry club, but we accept everyone from Humans to Neko's and even Vampires! If you want to learn more about The Midnight Howl Please Visit our Blog <3 http://themidnighthowl.wordpress.com/about/ and If you would like to stop in and grab an application that would be Awesome too! For Any Questions you may Have You can Always Contact Me in World (Shikobaa Resident) Or you can Contact (Timber Wolfenhaut)
  12. Hello Eli; Why don't you check out this Link that I have posted For A Club that I help Manage. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/Hiring-the-Midnight-Howl/td-p/1550455
  13. Oh Yes! I forgot to Add in As TMH's appreciation for trying to help out our Club; I am deciding to give any New Hires a Free Profile Picture that we will be using for the Staff Slider Board located in the Club! <3
  14. The Midnight Howl - Unleash Your Wild Side Home to club entertainment for party animals wheather you are a furry, neko or human! Live artists & DJs, contests, dancing, cuddling, bar, lap dancing, romancing, games and so much more! Open to all sexualities. We are a New Club and are looking for Dedicated Staff to get our Club running! We are hoping to Gain more Traffic; and would love Staff that are willing to help :D We are Hiring for All Positions! We Currently are in Dire need for Hosts >:3 (If you are Interested in being a Host, Please Contact me Directly & I'll set you up with an Application) Please IM Shikobaa Resident for the Host App. If Interested in any other Positions you will have to visit the Club and pick up an Application. (Apps Are located right behind you as you teleport into TMH) You can as well Visit our Blog Below to Learn more about TMH :) http://themidnighthowl.wordpress.com/
  15. So in these types of Jobs (I have worked as a Booker at a photostudio before) but what I am wondering; is do you provide the photo equipment for your photographers? or do they have to take the clients to their house and have their own photostudio things set up? I'm asking because I know my way around Photoshop, but don't really have an actual photostudio of my own. I as well am not sure if your Photobusiness allows Furries to work there. >.<
  16. OH YES! And I as well have a Pinto Horse; As well as a Cougar Feral that is customizable x3
  17. :catembarrassed: I am deciding to Rent out some of my Feral Avatars (with myself) To someone's Roleplay that may need or want a Companion within their Roleplay. I can even rent myself out to a family that may want a Pet :) The possibilities are endless! [[Please IM me inworld, or shoot me a Notecard and I will get back to you]] I have a Timber Wilds Wolf Feral Avatar - Can be a Wolf or look like a Dog for a Family. I have a Black and Purple Shaman Wolf - Good for Any Mythical Roleplays I have a Dire Wolf (which is a Huge Wolf about 5x bigger than a normal wolf size) - This would be good for any Roleplay I have a Satyr (which is half human Half Goat ) - This Character can be used for any Roleplay I as well have a Feral Fox who can be recolored to look like anything - Used for any type of Roleplay. All in all Any of these Avatars Can be used for whatever. Roleplay, Family Pet Use, A companion, to help out your business (whichever) your Imagination is endless ^.^ Plus my Prices won't be too bad. They will all depend on how many hours, what type of roleplay I am doing, and for how long your wanting to rent out an avatar. ON SIDE NOTE! Please Remember That if you rent out one of my Characters I will not be talking. I am going to play the roleout as you need. The only character who talks is the Satyr as they are Half Human. So please State if you want my Feral's to talk or not.
  18. Hello I actually know a few clubs that are always Hiring almost every position. I am lead host at a Club called "The After Hours Annex" And I am as well a Host Manager for The Midnight Howl. (They are as well hiring almost Everything) If Interested just Shoot me and IM and I can show you where our applications are ^.^
  19. I am wondering If there is anyway for me to get a Custom made Furry Avatar Done? If so how much do they normally cost? :) Thanks
  20. Thanks Eli and Lisa :catvery-happy: Very Helpful I'll Def. stop by today
  21. Are you Open to Any Kind of Avatars? or is your company Strict on Only Human Avatars? :catvery-happy:
  22. So what kinda jobs are These? The reason I ask is because for me it's a little harder to find a Job as I am a Furry; I could simply Wear a Human Avatar but Not many people like to change who they are.
  23. :catlol: hahah! Hello Tamara and thank you for your Interest in my Daisy Cleaners Services. I must say I never really thought of that but I can say I simply do my cleaning in a way that after I am done with a Room; I make sure to sweep, mop or dust out any Fluff I leave behind and vaccum it up. Please Let me know if you would rather me in a Human Avatar for your Home. I really don't mind.
  24. Hello All. Names Shiko and I have started my Own Maid Cleaning Business called Daisy Cleaners. As of right now Daisy Cleaners just consists of me; but in the future I hope to be able to employ some other Maids. I am interested in finding Anyone who is interested in my Maid Services. Please Refer to this website http://www.wix.com/battles01021991/daisycleaners On information about my Business as well as my Service Costs. (I am always open about talking about prices if you can't afford the main prices) Feel free to Contact me in Game Shikobaa Resident If you are interested in my service; I as well have ingame notecards i can hand out to you.
  25. Hello I just started up a Maid Business myself. I do have my own prices; but I can as well help out around the house at your pay. If you would like to know a little bit more about my Business Please Refer to this website http://www.wix.com/battles01021991/daisycleaners This Website has all my services as well as a little bit about me. (Since you are paying your own prices, please feel free to ignore mine)
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