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  1. Hello Lilko211 Congrats on looking for a Home! I'm sure it can be a scary and fun process...more daunting than anything as it's hard to find a good home in Secondlife. I just posted something to someone else about this same exact place,so I figured I would share with you as well. When in world use your Search bar and look up "Pet Adoption Center" or PAC for short. This place is simply amazing! It's a safe haven for Submissives, Pets and Slaves to find an Owner, Dom or even a Master or Mistress. There are Pet Caretakers around to help you fill out the notecard that is located on the front desk, as well as answer any of your questions. The place is VERY furry friendly (I myself am a Fur ^^..a Hyena to be exact) and I have been using PAC for 3 years now. As long as you specify what you are looking for in your Pet Card you will quickly find a home. I hope this helps a little! and at least gives you another place to search! <3
  2. Finding the Perfect Dom for a D/s relationship can be pretty daunting as SecondLife is very Vast, and not everyone is intersted in these forms of relationships. Your best bet is searching out the places who help you find good Doms (Masters, Owners, Mistresses) The one that I have been using for about 3 years now is called "Pet Adoption Center" or PAC for short. This place is simply amazing! Basically what you do is TP in, fill out a Pet Card, pick a sign on the wall that says "Pets", drop in your notecard and your profile picture is displayed. On the sign itself, there are 3 buttons. A Like button, a button to direct someone to your profile, and a button to view your Pet Notecard. If at anytime you feel lost, have questions about the Notecard itself, or how things work at Pet Adoption Center; you can always ask a "Pet Caretaker" there is usually always at least 1 around. If there are none around, please look for someone named "Osti" or "Cassandra" they are the owners of the Sim and can help you as well. Please know that this place gives equality to all species. (Human, furry, ciborg, Monsters Ext) so you will be seeing quite the array of people Hope This helps at least a little! & good luck with your Search, may it be fruitful!
  3. I will be stopping by sometime to check out Kennel Yiff Club! I have quite a bit of experience as a Dancer / Escort / Escort Manager & Dancer Manager as well. So I would enjoy giving your establishment a Try ^.^
  4. This sounds like a very interesting position. I personally would like to know a bit more about Dash Agency though. What compensation do you offer? How long has Dash Agency been around? Is Dash Agency willing to train someone who has passion for modeling? Ext.
  5. ~* Hello *~ Alright, so I am looking for something pretty specific. I will try to explain as much as possible without rambling too much. Basically I am a Submissive, I belong to a really amazing Master who has created a Family within his Subs and his Real life Wife. We live on Private Land, and have many fun things to do even at Home. Our Family Currentely Consists of *Master Remiel (furry / Human) * Master's Wife & Sub (Neko / Human) *Ren (sub, Neko) *Amary (sub, Human) *Hiro (sub, human / Furry) *Shiko (Me, Sub, Furry / Feral / Neko) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, with that we want a Dog that wants to be treated as such. Want to be fed treats, belly rubs and be loved on by the family. You can be an Intelligent feral if you would like, but we are tying to go for authentic since we have our own little world on our Family property. Aside from being a Family Pet, I am looking for a Feral for my pleasure and In the end you would technically be owner By me. (of course I am not a Dominate, so don't expect me to Dom you.. I don't mind a Dominate Feral, just know Master his My Dom and has total control over me) If Interested or wanting to know more....(there is some X-rated stuff that needs to be discussed more 1 on 1) so please feel free To IM me in-world Shikobaa Resident ~
  6. Teasers & Pleasers Brothel is celebrating the Holidays with many Spectacular Events! Let 2014 Slip away with us! Dec. 20th - Jan 1st We have a Naughty Santa Photo Contest! It's simply 50L$ to Join and 20L$ to Vote! But you better Hurry! We have many great entrys thus far and the Voting has Taken off! Dec. 27th we are having a Live DJ come to T&P to help calm you down from that busy Christmas. Dec. 28th is Open Mic Night! Come to T&P to share stories, recite poetry, play Live Muisc, Sing, laugh or simply just talk! If that wasn't enough! on Jan. 1st we are celebrating the New Year with you! a Live Sex Show for your viewing Pleasure! Come down and get an Eye-full as our Escorts have Sex, and post their Roleplay in Local Chat just for you! The more Tips they Recieve the Further it goes ;] You decide their Fate Simply Search "Teasers and Pleasers" and Stop on By :)
  7. I wish I could give an actual name for this place... I stumbled across it about a year ago. It's a medhival town Roleplay but for Furries. Not many places are furry Friendly (as far as RP places, most clubs are pretty decent with it) The only requirement is your avatar needs to be a natural color for the species that you are wearing. They don't want you walking around as a purple cheetah or something Once I find the Sim again Ill come back and Post the Name for you ^^; Happy hunting!
  8. Oh! Gotcha, I understand now. I actually recently found out two of my friends whom I looked at as my "lesbian lovers" found out they were Men... :\ Heartbreaking.
  9. Hey NillaPone! I wanted to give a quick reply to your thread in hopes to point you in the right direction. I know you say your kinda new in SecondLife? Have you tried using the In-World Search Feature? That's usually how I find all the furry places that are Hiring. Simple search something like "furry Hiring" and loads of places will pop up. Another pointer (as I work as an Escort Manager at Teasers & Pleasers Brothel) When you Escort, sadly...it's not all about how much your online. You need to have good Roleplay skills, a Sexy Avatar with all working bits and pieces, and can't be afraid to deal with customers fetishes (of course most escorts all do have their off-limit kinks / fetishes) Teasers and Pleasers Brothel (open species / Open to all genders & Sexualities and all Fetishes Following LL Terms) is still currently hiring. We are about 3 months old now and have over 100 VIP's. We get on average about 40-60 Visitors a Day and the Staff is always around to hang-out have fun times. We are not the most popular, but we get more traffic than some clubs. We currently are open for Dancer / Escort / Dj & Barender Positions. We require at Minimum 30 days of SecondLife experience
  10. The Darkside? Is that a bash towards her being a Lesbian? If it is, that is rather rude of you.
  11. Hello Wolfram! I like to try and help people out whenever I see someone looking for Furry Mods. I have commissioned currently 2 different Mods Artists for custom Mods. The First person I would like to mention is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tehforbidden She is really good at what she does, and doesn't charge too much. Her quality is very nice too. I don't know if she is currently open for commissions but worth a try The Second Person that I have personally commissioned is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bezzi/ She is really good too. Her prices are a bit more than Tehforbidden, but her work is amazing! <3 (Both their Furaffinity's have Pictures of Custom Mods and Mods they put out on the Marketplace as well) They both have In-world stores as well, and Online Shops on the Marketplace where you can view their Mods they sell and get an Idea of their work Hope you are able to find what you need! If you have any questions or need help finding their stores shoot me an IM Shikobaa resident
  12. I would, but I am strictly Horde (and have been for a long while) I don't really plan on making an Alliance Toon anytime soon. I am a huge Lore Buff! but still not bored with the Lore of The Horde Yet. :cattongue:
  13. This is By Far the best Forum post I have, to this day read in the SecondLife Forums. I really hope you find what you are looking for in a Roleplay Partner.
  14. If you do some searching within SecondLife you will most likely find a Photo Studo that does Weddin Photos in a package. When I had worked with a Photo Studio as a receptionist, they offered like so many photos for a certain L$ Price.
  15. Your Best bet would be to look at the posts within this Forum. I know as a Manager myself, that I wouldn't be too thrilled to contact you with what little you put in your post; I would be looking for your skills in SecondLife, things you have already done in SL as far as Work, your People skills, Personality, a little bit of what your looking for in a job position Ext.
  16. =T&P= Brothel is Hiring! We are looking for Dancers & Escorts! We are Looking for Dj's! We even have Openings for a Few more Security Positions! Currently in Need of a Dancer and Dj Manager! If you feel you have what it Takes to Make the Cut to be a Manager! Please Stop by Teasers & Pleasers & Grab an Application! A Little About =T&P= We are an Open Species Brothel! We Cater to all Fetishes (of course Following all LL Rules! No child play of any kind is allowed) We are open to all Genders and all Sexualities as well! We have Public Sex on our Top Floor, as well as a couple Private rooms for those who rather take their Client in private ;] We have been open for about for about two Weeks and already have 51 VIP's and Still Growing! Come Grow with us!
  17. ╔═.♥.══════╗ Welcome ╚══════.♥.═╝ Teasers & Pleasers Brothel! •● Second Lifes Newest and Most Orgasm Inducing Brothel!•● Let us be where you live out your Sexual Fantasies! ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ At T&P Brothel we Welcome Everyone from all Walks of Life. No matter your Fetish, Gender, Sexual Orientation or Species! Hiring for: Teasers - (Sensual Roleplay Dancers / Strippers) Work for Tips & Tease your on lookers Pleasers - (Escorts. Sexual Roleplay / RP out your clients Fantasies) Work for Tips & Follow our Brothels Set Escort Pay Rate. Security - Security is beyond important! We need some trustworthy folks Never been an Escort before, but wanting to test your skills? Don't worry! At T&P Brothel We have an Escort Manager that is willing to work with you and Train. Please Visit our Venue and Grab an Application Today :D Simply Search "Teasers and Pleasers" We will pop right up ;3 ~Drop your Application in the Drop Box or Send too (Shikobaa Resident)~
  18. As the title states I can't seem to find the Store for the Phat and Cute Azz. A friend of mine has been searching In-world, while I have been searching all over the Online Market Place; our searches have brought us nothing but clothes for the paticular Mesh Parts. :( If someone could give us a Link to the Store; either online store or In-World that would be greatly appreciate!!
  19. Hello Antonio! Your post is a little vauge. Sadly, with Second Life people don't care much about your Real life Grades and how well you do in School. Most people look for how skilled you are at different things within SecondLife itself. (Unless of course someone needs skills like Bookeeping, that is something that you can learn from a College Degree or Certificate) What you should look at posting to this, are things along the lines of "I have been in Second Life for (how long you have been here) and I have a variety of skills including, (some of the skills you pick-up in SecondLife are Hosting, Dj'ing, Escorting, Dancing, Photography, Editing, Writing, bloging, Management Ext.) Another thing, try and put something you are looking for. Are you looking to be in the Club scene? Do you want to work in an Office being an office assitant? Do you want to work at a Store? Are you shy or outgoing? Many things you can add to this post that will greatly help people understand what you are seeking, and they may look into hiring you as well
  20. I wanted to suggest that if you don't find anything on the Forums I know of a Wonderful Place that helped me find a Master. It's Called PAC or (Pet Adoption Center) They have a whole slew of different types of people that gain Master's and Mistresses everyday. Mostly what I see there are Regular ole Human Avatars, Puppy Girls and Boys, Feral Avatars and Furries. There are boards for the Pet's seeking to be adopted, as well as boards of many different men and women who are seeking a pet/slave/sub All you do is click and read thier card; and if they interest you, you can simply send them an IM or like their picture. ~Wish you Luck~ -From a shy Submissive-
  21. It's always a good thing to get to know your master or mistress first. Knowing a bit about all that BDSM entales is a great step in the right direction as well. I would as well like to point out a place that I recently found my mistress. It's called PAC or Pet Adoption Agency. You can create a notecard that you place within a sign, let people know your fetishes, a little about you, the times you are on, what you will and won't do as well as your turn ons. There are as well master and mistresses who post their applications in the main building of Pet Adoption Center on the Second Floor. All the pet care takers and owners of PAC are very nice people and could point you in the right direction to get started.
  22. Are you an Artistic Person? Maybe you have a knack for Photography? Can play an intrustment? Sing? Maybe your good at comedy? or maybe your simply good at grabbing people's attention? At Tails N Cups Cafe we are looking for people just like you. Those who enjoy being Artistic and having talents. Our Cafe aims at showing casing those who want to be seen, heard or simply known. That's not all, weather your a Human, robot, cyborg, werewolf, Furry or anything inbetween you are welcomed Here! As it stands we are still very new, and always remodling to try and make the Cafe a better place. New as well means we are looking for those who may want to join our team and watch us grow. The Cafe is looking for Bartenders, Servers, Waitresses, Host & Hostesses and Much More! Of course we are looking for entertainers as well. OH! and for those of you not looking for a job. Tails N Cups Cafe is always looking for more VIPS. With out VIPS we will go unnoticed and our live performers, or those who want to showcase their Arts will as well go unnoticed. Please help make Tails N Cups Cafe a Great Place! we promote artistic freedom, cuddles and a relaxing atmosphere. Have live events, movies, treats & goodies, art sales, dancing and so much more! Join us today :3 ~Please contact Timber Wolfenhaut for an Application! Or if you have anymore questions about the Cafe please feel free to ask Timber as well~ If you would like to visit us! All you have to do is Search "Tails N Cups Cafe" =3 Stop By and Take a Look see
  23. Strangely enough I see this all the time in the furry community. At least that is where most "feral" avatars come into play. Anyways! I know of this place called "PAC" or Pet Adoption Center. It's on an Adult sim and basically you have people whom just want Pets for a family (say like someone playing as a dog avatar, cat, bird, yadda yadda yadda) then there are those who want to be a "pet" (master, Mistress, Sub, Dom relationship) There is a true healthy mix at this place with Feral Avatars, Human Avatars, furry Anthro avatars.. Heck the List goes on! But yes. These types of things do exist in SecondLife. PAC is a very friendly place as well, with many friendly people who are fun to talk too. Oh, and I suppose as being in SecondLife for awhile, the first time I ever saw someone "adopt" "own" "take care of" a feral avatar with a real person behind the avatar itself was basically at a horse ranch. There were a group of people who cared for the horses, had fields and even training places. I thought it wonderful since the horses themselves interacte with you being Real behind the avatar =3
  24. Actually once I contacted the groups they had said the same exact thing. I need a skin texture for the Breasts themselves for this not to happen. So far I haven't been able to fix this issues, but I hope soon I will.
  25. So I recently bought the Lolas Tango Prim breasts. It was a smooth ride for me to figure out how to use the appliers and I was ready to fill my closest with new clothes. But I am having an issue. From what I know when you use an applier you have to press "Clothing"->"Dress Top" to get the Applier to go onto the Breasts, but once that happens my nipple coloring disappears and becomes white....even though I have went through and picked my nipple color & Texture. So like even if the applier is a shirt where the nipple should be showing nothing is there :\ Any ideas on how I can fix this or what's going on?
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