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  1. another way to display names on a single prim (although i imagine very laggy) is by using temp rez prims.. here is an example of such.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ZEROPRIM-DISPLAY-v2-400-Deluxe-Ed/2010702
  2. you may want to proofread that.. "proper speller" lol
  3. the landmark is being offered by the vendor just over the boarder of your land
  4. Greendale Breedable Bears are looking to hire an experienced sales manager. High earning potential for the right person! Please send a NC to outtaspace Resident explaining your previous experience.
  5. ahhh my mistake thanks for pointing out.. llGetEnv()
  6. Some channels are no longer displaying in "Help" -> "About Second Life" LeTigre is fine.. Second\ Life\ RC\ LeTigre but all other channels just display.. Second\ Life\ Server This is also the case in TPV that alert you in Local chat when entering a different sim.. Current simulator : Second\ Life\ Server Previous simulator: Second\ Life\ Server ETA: Anyone know of another way to find which Channel a sim is running?
  7. try posting in the correct forum.. Forums > Scripting Help and use the code insert to format it nicely so its readable then im sure people will help you
  8. Thank you MadamG ETA: ill add your points to the JIRA
  9. The marketplace sends an email confirming you have been added to the co-creators list for sales split, however.. it does not send you an email letting you know that you have been removed as a co-creator. Please vote here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4774
  10. thank you both very much for your help
  11. I have this code to format my integer into hours, mins, secs.. but i want it to do days, hours, mins, secs.. I cant work out how to change this to include days integer remaining = 180000; integer secs = remaining % 60; integer mins = ((remaining - secs) % 3600) / 60; integer hours = (remaining - mins - secs) / 3600;
  12. im looking for someone who can make high quality textures.. Please contact Outtaspace Resident inworld for further details
  13. cookies.. great sugestion i had not though of that Thanks peter
  14. Thanks for all your responses.. ok so if i put in a dialog saying 'You must have an account on our website to be able to play, your SL username will be stored in our DB' then accept or deny buttons.. that will give them the option Do you think this is ok?
  15. i ask because i am building a HUD that will automatically create an account for the extneral website and to backup the HUD data in a DB. To access the website i was going to create an auto-login which passes their username and password direct to the login. All i could find on this was in the privacy policy.. Further, you agree and understand that Linden Lab does not control and is not responsible for information, privacy or security practices concerning data that you provide to, or that may otherwise be collected by, Second Life users other than Linden Lab. For instance, some services operated by Second Life users may provide content that is accessed through and located on third party (non-Linden Lab) servers that may log IP addresses.
  16. Darkie, why do you say it would be against TOS to collect username on an external website?
  17. i dont think it is possible to get the SL username when using the inword browser.. you could if you were to make a prim media browser
  18. using PHP you can find which browser they are using by: $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']
  19. i sent you an IM inworld, but you are offline
  20. i might be interested in teaching English and scripting, how much does it pay?
  21. im looking for someone who can make high quality textures.. Please contact Outtaspace Resident inworld for further details :)
  22. welll 1 good thing has come from this.. The forums have been so quiet recently.. now there getting a post a second
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