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  1. where can i find a script that can animate wings for an avatar? I want to make my wings flap while on flight. pls help
  2. i know. i using a notebook also heats up fast. but after bought a cheap cooling fan runs with less heat lol.
  3. planing to get new computer but gonna take long time. computer here need at least 2.5k to get one with good ram graphic and processor. which takes few years of my savings
  4. sadly my graphic card is intel l9400
  5. well its a almost 9 years old computer which can still run sl on a stable 20 fps of no one is using to much script. but i will miss sl until i save enough money for few more years.
  6. does fire storm need more graphic requirement compare to sl viewer?
  7. my laucher wont work and keeps saying needs windows vista. cant get new computer but can inly use win xp pls help :(
  8. will open new one on the right room
  9. how do i delete this thread?
  10. my viewer keeps crashing pls help me :(
  11. my sl viewer keeps crashing after a few minutes i logged in i works fine few days ago but sudenly it keeps crashing from yesterday. anyone know how to fix this?
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