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  1. It starts off downloading just fine, but then just at the end I get a notice saying "error opening file for writing" and it forces me to abort it. It also won't allow me to log in to my account. I'm not sure what to do here.
  2. I've downloaded it and restarted my SL but nothing seems to have happened. I can't find anything on how to get it started on their site either.
  3. I've heard a few people mention Haven's Gate but i haven't been able to find it in search and the teleport links I get from other sites say it doesn't exist. Is there any way I could get a link to the location?
  4. I'm on the look out for some good free male shapes. I've searched the market top to bottom and they just don't have much to offer, I've also looked at http://www.slfreebies.info/page/15/ and Freebie Galaxy and couldn't find anything. I'm not fond of the big, broad torsoed, overly muscular shapes. I'm far more interested in something nicely toned with a pretty face. More of a simmer or jogger's body. Even femboy/sissyboy/girlyboy would be wonderful if you know where I can find one. Any help you could offer will be great.
  5. I'm confused......I followed your location link and I was taken to a pottery and home furniture store. o ^ o
  6. Second life was working just fine for me less than a half an hour ago. But then it froze up and forced me to log off and now I cannot get back in. It has a long pause when the loading bar gets to 'Loading Clothes' then starts to log in after a bit, but as soon as it does it tells me I've been logged out and that I can only view IM. I've downloaded the new version three times if that has anything to do with it, but it doesn't seem to realize that at the start up page.
  7. I think I've basically picked over the market place for most freebies but last night I found a Christmas table set up with a couple nice freebies in game. Does anyone else know of other shops or tables like this that they're willing to share? Especially if they have anything to do with mermaids, femboys, or furries?
  8. I'm new to SL but have been looking forward to joining for about a year now (I didn't have my own computer until just recently). But now that I'm a member I'm not sure it's worth the time and have told a few interested firends not to bother with joining. I'm finding I'm very limited to what I'm able to do with my avatar without having to sink actual money into it. I don't have paypale or a credidt card and in general am a struggling student and I cannot afford to put real money into a virtual game that I could lose at any moment. Wheather it be the site crashing, losing computer acces, bein
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