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  1. Charolotte Caxton wrote: You do make a good point along with the caveat that it only is a matter of concern if unused accounts burden the system. I also have no idea how the technical aspect of that works. My reply to your very well worded and thought out post would be to say, even if we narrow it down to the immersionists who can not access the internet in any way during those three years, is one avatar deletion worth it? How did I know you were going to ask that? The pragmatist in me is inclined to say yes, if the resources freed would benefit the existing (and future) community
  2. Charolotte Caxton wrote: While your arguments seem sound, I can think of a few instances where a three year absence might not be in the control of the avatar's operator. It would be a shame if one were detained, hospitalized, drafted, volunteering or in an internship to come back after their time served to find out that their beloved avatar was purged and being operated in name by some stranger. It would be horrible. I can see your point, especially if that resident is an immersionist. If Second Life is seen as another life, then to destroy all those lives by a cold purge could almost
  3. Gavin Hird wrote: If you need to recycle names, purge the user DB of anyone who has not been logged in say for more than 3 years I think if Linden Labs chooses to bring back a last names list, this would be an excellent idea. I never understood why they don't purge accounts after a certain time period. I'd think this would help free up server space as well as names. I'd guess SL is significantly different than it was 3 years ago, so wouldn't it actually be better for the resident to start over (esp. if mesh, etc. become the new norm) rather than go back to an account that'd in ess
  4. SL is a virtual social world, so I've been thinking about the proposed changes through this lens. First, regarding newly registered usernames, as a user who joined within the last few months I do think allowing for separate first and last names would encourage more of a sense of community. I also think allowing custom last names would be an improvement over the older system for the user experience, but that's with the caveat that I can only guess at the logistical issues involved with prohibiting certain names, monitoring new ones, etc. on LL's end. Would that spur a ridiculous increase in
  5. Engaging in social media is not an all or nothing proposition. Many people may set up FB or other accounts (not twitter since that platform is chiefly about spreading thoughts and ideas) just to remain connected with old friends or acquaintances they met earlier in life and they are otherwise physically apart from. Many are separated from relatives also; given the mobility of the world population, there are valid reasons for this type of engagement. Also just because one opens up a FB account doesn't mean he broadcasts everything to the world. That's why there are different privacy setting
  6. I can appreciate where all the posters are coming from. People enter SL with different desires and expectations and as residents we should appreciate that and not judge others if their ideas differ from ours. However, I wouldn't want to knowingly be the cause of someone's pain in SL. I think it's a little callous to put the onus of responsibility on the other person if he becomes hurt because of one's actions in SL which in RL would be considered 'cheating' or a betrayal. I think we do have a responsibility to let others know up front what we expect from them and what they should expect
  7. I noticed that a few days ago too but forgot about it. Do you know how it works exactly? Is it just automatically on for everyone in that region who changes his or her display name? Does it only show when you change your profile while you're inworld or does it also show when you first login after changing your profile on the web?
  8. Thanks for all the info, GothGirl. I have remained with the V3 viewer because I have been concerned about third-party viewers for those types of reasons. However all those potential exploits are worries. I have a few questions. I was looking back at threads in the archive and found this one from February of last year: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussions/GUIDE-Save-the-day-with-proper-network-security/m-p/514577/highlight/true#M254406 Is it still relevant or is it out of date? I am concerned about the streaming media issue, especially since I've been attending art exhi
  9. Jasmyn Vaher wrote: Dunno; maybe I am being overly jaded here; but most times, I see SL partnerships as a “romantic agreement” between two people enjoying an online friendship with romantic /erotic overtones; and usually; it has little or nothing to do with real, strong, endless love or soul bonding, so to speak; therefore, the very little importance I give to the whole thing. It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s fun; for many people, it’s a way to waste a few LD as futile as many others ways are…nothing more and nothing less. Maybe I'm strange, but I see nothing jaded about that, Jasmyn. Some of
  10. JeanneAnne wrote: The more of these kinds of posts I read the more convinced I become that SL love is nothing more than a role-play for most people. In my opinion, this is all it should be. Those who expect SL love to be more than just role-play only set themselves up for heartache. My advice is to just play at love in SL, and when it goes sour just shrug it off & move on. Jeanne ^^^This. The OP seems to be talking about "romantic love." Given it is so difficult to know who is on the other side of the screen, the possibility of successful "romantic love" in SL seems to be fairly
  11. Canoro Philipp wrote: it depends, if he separate his real life from his second life, then is not cheating. to say that he is cheating it would be like saying that the actor of a movie is cheating on his wife because some characters of the movie are having a relationship. since is not the actor who is having the relationship, altought he moves the character, is not cheating, so he dont have to hide it from his wife. I want to take this thought a little further. My question would be: What do you expect from Second Life? Are you trying to recreate RL or are you trying to explore ideas an
  12. I was wondering where that post went yesterday. Thanks for reposting the link, it is much more comprehensive than what the Community Manager posted. I hope Void is able to come back soon. Even if she is frustrated with LL, noobs like myself would really benefit from her return.
  13. Storm Clarence wrote: This thread is not for the newbies. It is "forum tone" and we, the older residents, set the tone. New people are taken care of on this forum, regardless of the one or two that walk away from their self-inflicted wounds; and regardless of what some other bimbos want to use for ammunition to serve their own purposes. I am a **bleep**ing PICard, period. Like it or not, I am not leaving. I haven't been here for very long but I think you bring a valuable (though sometimes biting) voice to the conversation. I can't imagine anyone would want you to leave. And I ju
  14. And for the record, I'm not looking to grief anyone -- and I never was. OOC: Other than the above statement, I hope everyone realizes I was joking. I'd never consciously subject myself to grief-like activity. Ever. As I said in another thread, I don't want to be anybody's serf. It is fun to RP in the forums, isn't it Peter? After waiting a while, I'm surprised there was no reaction here but that was useful to me. It means my social awkwardness remains well in place. I see that's something I really have to work on. Strangely, sometime after I make a social misstep like this my ears
  15. I might hold off on RPing for a bit longer and take up your suggestion just because I'm so easily swayed. But I have to insert - if Immy likes griefing, what motivation would I have to do it? :-) The best thing about trying to be clever around Immy is that it gives her a reason for showing-off just how much more/better she can do. That really is an education in SL, and usually quite a bit of fun :-) ... You do like Pianos falling on your head and that sort of thing, don't you? As long as it's all in good fun (for everyone involved including myself) I'm willing to try new things in SL onc
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