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  1. I love love the IV. But why is it crashing on 90% of jpg uploads saved using Photoshop CC as either JPG or PNG? One day it works fine and the next day non stop crashing. Sometimes if i change a JPG to a PNG it works sometimes not. PIctures are less than 1024x1024 Latest MAC OS new Mac book pro highest end.
  2. Close to you from Flickr Flickr Neal
  3. Thanks Hippie. Defanately fun to do the art. And Very cool pictures you posted.
  4. @Kylan Dig that Hair Recent of Neal i put on Flickr Flickr
  5. I was inspired by someone try something totally different. Here's my new home.
  6. UncommonTruth wrote: Looking very good Neal! And haha, I can't say what he was watching, I don't remember much of the movie though eta- That is a slice of the greenhouse of my newest house showing in the background. I loooove this house, the best gatcha item I have gotten by far Thanks. Those are the best kind of movies :matte-motes-tongue:
  7. Think hes watching you while you watch the movie. lol kidding nice compisition
  8. "Wow, Neal.. love the new look.. I really like the stubble on your avatars face.. He looks rugged and delish" Thanks Nim. Welcome back. Hoping we can keep this thread going Nice shots.
  9. ObviousAltIsObvious wrote: find your chat log folder and trash the file open_notifications.xml. if the messages are stale, that will probably stop them. perfect thank you worked
  10. BlueCymbidium wrote: Love it Thanks Blue
  11. Every time I log on I get your items from x, y, z have been returned to you from parcel........... These are very old messages. Anyway to get them to stop? Lindenlabs Interesting Viewer latest version on MAC
  12. Dresden Ceriano wrote: NealCrz wrote: Thanks Labyrynth. Saw at the skin faire. They have lots of body shots at his store Looking good, Neal. @Studio: My new skin is by Labyrynth as well (they seem to be rather popular, atm) and the bodies on their skins are pretty much the same. Here's my post where you can see a larger image of it than on my badge... link. ...Dres Thanks Dres, had not heard of them. Just a random find at the faire. Guy seems to have an edge.
  13. Thanks Labyrynth. Saw at the skin faire. They have lots of body shots at his store
  14. Saraya Starr wrote: Posting a pic of my RL daughter Tohru, she did a complete makeover and wanted a new pic to show it off Wow Sara and Tohru looks good. Great eyes like mom
  15. haha a literal jump. Get your hubby too. He's a photo king like you. Nice shot Blue
  16. thanks, can I ask who makes the hair? Looks good.
  17. Time for a change of hair hopefully.
  18. If anyone has it working on MAC with versions 12.x or 13 can you let me know? Now I can run it all on Secondlife but cant watch xfininity or some youtube channels. Can't find a word about it on Secondlife.com
  19. Saraya Starr wrote: Another new dress from ColdLogic Love their half off sales such an elegant and beautiful dress on you Sara. Nice find.
  20. Madelaine McMasters wrote: NealCrz wrote: Madelaine, That did it! Thank you for the link so much. :matte-motes-big-grin: You mean I actually did some good? It was an accident, honest!!! yep your expertise and wisdom and willingness to offer help saved a life today and cemented an very long friendship as we danced to youtube ...... ok being over dramatic but was fun typing it lol thanks
  21. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Hi Neal, Flash on Mac is an abomination. Several versions of Flash (11.x) were blocked from running on Macs because they were vulnerable to malware. I don't know if this old issue is still unrevolved, but somewhere along the way, Adobe did break flash compatibility with SL. Here's a forum thread at Adobe that may be use, but is probably a wild goose chase... http://forums.adobe.com/message/5501364#5501364 Madelaine, That did it! Thank you for the link so much. :matte-motes-big-grin:
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