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  1. Agrees with UncommonTruth! counts. Animals caln talk in SL afrterall lol So cooooooooolll to see everyone hanging with their buds. Just a fun thread with buds and new friends
  2. great pics all. sorrry everyone is soo cold. Invites everyone to come to Florida for the winter and stay on the beach as it's still shorts weather till about let's see always all the time except maybe 3 nights a year. Love that picture UncommonTruth, great house and is that a lion on your shirt or inner tigress leaking out? :smileywink: Kidding wif u Master Tigress from Kung Fu Panda flick
  3. me and my best friend contemplating upgrading her computers memory, wondering how we can carry something so huge from the truck to the laptop. hahaha oh and how are we going to turn the computer over???? Greenies
  4. wow love all the imagery and places people hang out. Friends are the best!
  5. wow love seeing all the awesome scenes!! That was fun being with u UC on Halloween. Aww, ur my bestess toooooo Great pics keep em coming alll
  6. wow and wow! These pics make me smile. Just fun pics . Please post them all lol Sunday hugs, everyone and for those in the US an extra hour of sleep, sweeet
  7. Thought would be fun to start a thread on the amazing times and places we spend with friends. Post a location too if you can so we can all see that amazing sim. This was just 500 feet above a sandbox with my good friend UncommonTruth oh modern "picture show" on the chair she just made
  8. beautiful pictures @UC cool home love lots of windows in a home.
  9. great post everyone @UncommonTruth : more torture for us guys on Halloween! (well not so bad torture) lol
  10. I need to be saved. Calls for the Angel
  11. Well I think its your fault, u look so amazing.........:smileywink: UncommonTruth using me as boy toy!!!! or UncommonTruth using me as a prop!!! I know some of you were out Halloweening last night, hmm I dont think i missed anything. Oct my fav month forever!!!!!
  12. Some beautiful pictures by so many. @UncommonTruth Really love that dress ur wearing in March :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  13. Thanks for the kind comments Venus and Valerie. @Venus lol, some things are too top secret for a gentlemen to share. smiles @Ian and Valerie, yea I think they call it a blackout technically. Those were strong drinks!!! JOKING
  14. Going out for a nice ride int the black and white
  15. Amazing pictures everyone @Venus the first one her eyes really hit @Uncommon Truth That picture has a lot great parts to it, nice outfit btw. This forum is cool soooooooo ask everyone to marry him???? I prmose to be faithful to everyone. guys can come too but im straight so only free room and free food oh and HDTV hahahaha wait that would be poligamy is that ok in SL? smiles just kidding but great photos
  16. lol it took a few days. I said ur av is awesome on the other thread but this prompted me to look at photos. The one where she winks is so cute an memorable.
  17. Finally made it thorugh this thread, awesome stuff. @Ian, cool shot i bet Cubans are not illegal in SL @Wildcat so much to like about that picture. @Kylie those are cool shades @Simone classic beauty @Valerie u must have the most amazing home in all of SL or homes. Looks for the leaf blower for ur one Haloween shot , kidding
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