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  1. wonderful pictures everyone. Just gets better and better. Trying some new Argrace hair.
  2. Raven1 Short wrote: Gone formal. Picture by Neal. Looks good Raven. That hair Storm got you goes well with that dress. Sorry we couldnt make the concert tonight.
  3. Some great pics. Nice fantasy avi Marianne. LIke the shark too. All fun stuff. Neal continuing to change all the time lol. Rarely the same 2 days in a row these days. Hey it's SL might as well have fun.
  4. Thanks Anita and thanks Kylan. That pose really shows off the uniquness of mesh bodies. Great picture. Heres a fun pic of Neal around the song 867-5309. Calling Storm for a date. In the song it says Jenny dont change your number. Guess she did lol.
  5. peaks out from under the blindfold ohhhHHHHH MYYYYYY GAHHH(silence) except for pig munching happily PS. Ancient Proverb: Looking inward is inner peace, except when giant pig dog is about to eat you
  6. lol I thought you were still on the wall? How did you get down? I think that Anypose thing you told me about is awesome. I love the faces. Hair looks good. Great pics Kylan, Umaeril,and Raven.
  7. good point, took a break myself lol. Wakes up all his friends its time again. Let me take a Selfie
  8. they did it Kylan in the new version and added the "Interesting Viewer" features for faster rezzing. yay! For Photographers and Machinima Makers FIXED Snapshot upload to Flickr has been fixed
  9. Storm and I taping Raven to the wall for bumping us when we hug. Well get you down in a little while Raven. Tigger seems up for anything .
  10. Thansk Kylan. Defanately brings up fun discussions of growing up and the AOs hare funny. Wow holy picture post batman. I dont look for a few days and everyone is sharing. cool. Great shots from Kylan, Saraya, Raven, Nahladahl, and Umaeril. Raven I think you may need some conditioner in that hair . Cool to see some activity in here . Even cross post from Flicr are awesome becasue so easy to miss there. passes out batteries for cameras to everyone
  11. I boutht this pose https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vicarious-Vitae-Hanging-Around/4315313 and several others from other makers. This one dissapears after every use and i have to relog to see it again. Transparent check does nothing and neither does /show commands on various channels. I can see the world pose in the air. any fixes? Thanks,
  12. cool one Ky pulls the crank to this forum. Wake up all the sleepy avi posters. Its morning time wake up and shine wiht your latest pic.
  13. oh I misread the summary thinking it was for FS. I did find som info on the firestorm website saying they are aware anf fixing it. Same issue on MACs.
  14. miraculously its working now lol. Man i love SL
  15. Sassy Romano wrote: Make sure that you use the Avastar exporter. Check in the export panel on the left to make sure that "selected objects only" is chosen . You will also want to enable smooth shading on that dress. It isn't enabled at the moment. Thanks for the tip on smoothing. I dont see the option "selected objects only" either from main window for from file/export/Avastar dae as shown below. Did they move it? I do see it when using non avastar export as shown in the last picture Thanks '
  16. Saw this post on Flcik this morning. May fix it Kylan http://caitlintobias.com/2014/07/25/sharing-is-fun/
  17. Trying to export using Avastar and I can't get rid of the default models? I tried highlighting the dress and then exporting still all that comes wiht it. Thanks for any help.
  18. great looks ladies. Protecting the innocent slaying the dragon.
  19. Saraya Starr wrote: I have the WowMeh body and while I love the look of it, there are still flaws I can't get past. For the life of me I can't get the neck blender to look right and it looks like I just set my head on top of this body And also, which is a big deal for me, I have so many mesh clothes and even system clothes that I cannot wear. The WowMeh alpha leaves a lot to be desired and, hell, I miss all my clothes. Forget asking for any help in the group chat because it is nuts in there If anyone knows any workarounds on the alpha issue please let me know because I would love to use the body again This might be crazy but i wonder if the guy mesh body alpha can work wiht her shape? That shape has a ton of alpha spots. Probobly not was jsut curious lol.
  20. Life in the forum feeling a heart beat . wow some nice shots. Well done Sara. Mairanne tried that shape. Dude is soooooo skinny had to beef up a ton. lol Not bad though. An eclectic shot I did. Been makng face tattoos all week. This one is all checkers lol.
  21. very nice Kylan. Cool avi look Great job Nim the lighting is great in that.
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