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  1. Burning off some testostrone. POW!
  2. Wondering when it seeds. Still trys to spark this thread back up. lol come on peeps . Gets my guitar out to play for everyone. a song to listent too. Heard this one?
  3. Played with this plant pet. Took 8 weeks from seed. Amazing stuff had no idea this exhisted in SL.
  4. Speaking of walls. Here's some funny person on Flickr using a wall to eliminate.....cupid Title on this image is F*$& You Cupid lol https://www.flickr.com/photos/ashlynn_snook/12525040004/
  5. thanks Madam for the feedback. My new house has no walls lol. went from a super modern house to no roof no walls. Guess the song all we need is love works in SL .
  6. looks great Kylan and lol Dres. Latest pic with Storm. I cal it "before breakfast" love our wake up time.
  7. Chiaralena wrote: I haven't been able to watch my TVs in Second Life on my Macs (one Mavericks and one Lion) for about a year now. I've wasted countless hours trying to fix the problem, thinking the problem had to do with Adobe. Below is what someone posted over on the Phoenix viewer forum in December 2013. It is sad. Apple or Linden are clearly not interested in fixing this. My enjoyment of SL has gone down considerably. It's a bummer. If you are a Mac user, don't buy an SL TV, you won't be able to use it. "The broken flash media on Mac where you can hear the sound but not see the video is a known bug and is filed at FIRE-11057 This bug also exists on the official LL viewer. It will require an update to webkit to fix, which is non-trivial." And this from another forum. "Adobe FlashPlayer 11.8.x & Mac OS X: media streaming broken, black or blank video screen, only sound plays ok [ affects all Apple users with OS X 10.6.8 up to 10.9.2 ] - old legacy code in Webkit needs update to CoreGraphics & CocoaEvents" very frustrating to me. Denial of the now dominance of MAC for home computing. It works fine on the version listed but breaks everything else besides SL. SO just not worth it. I gave up too.
  8. Jazleen Raynier wrote: Ive never added to this with a picture, but when I came back to SL after 18mths away nursing a broken heart I decided Jaz needed a new look for a new start and I think I've just about got her there...cept I seem to have one boob bigger than the other...go figure xxxx Well done. That could be the mesh.
  9. End of the mech warrior week lol.
  10. Storm and I Having fun in a different universe.
  11. thanks Dres was a fun night. Storm loved that hair it never stops moving. lol.
  12. good one Kylan nicely done Beyond
  13. Dresden Ceriano wrote: ...Dres *swears he wasn't trying to look like John Travolta* (Damn that Sylvia!) Really great shot and definately some John elements there. Well done!
  14. Keeping it rolling. Really into photography lately. lets post it peeps
  15. UncommonTruth wrote: who's the villian? She doesn't look evil D: lol we had a few costumes we did during the weekend. . Joker is so ugly didnt shoot him, shot him. lol
  16. Some great snapshots everyone. Love em all! Her's a shot from last night Bat Times with my Storm superhero and villan weekend lol.
  17. i gave up on video on SL cause so many other things stopped working. No solution. Seems no one cares enough to fix it. best of luck
  18. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Have I told you that I'm so happy I follow you on Flickr? ...Dres thanks so much Dres. Thats very kind of you to say. Had no idea Flickr is like the vanity thread on steroids. Such an active community. Learning so much about whats happning in SL and where to go than I ever knew . Having fun trying new things.
  19. Dedicated to those who show up first, help others, and face the darkness.
  20. A fun challenge with Storm to dress in something totally different. Never knew I was going dancing with Marilyn Monrole lol. I almost got thrown out of Franks till I explained i had black slacks and a jacket on. lol.
  21. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our dead. In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility; But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger. . . . Shakespeare Storm and I having fun trying new outfits. Whats outfits are next??? hmmm any ideas?
  22. UncommonTruth wrote: Yes it does. On the top of the screen under Communication (Com) you can get into the auto respond options. Or, they're in the privacy tab of your preferences. Or possibly in the chat tab.. I should really start logging in to make sure of my answers before I post them lol :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: laffs thanks Kylan. Got autorepond to work. I'll look in the privacy stuff you mention see if i can get the buttons to stop flashing driving me nuts
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