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  1. must be 30 day's old, with some RP experience. MOST WANTED POSITIONS ✲Physical Education (pm /am shift) ✲ World Language ✲ Athletic Coach Overseer ✲Creative Writing (am & pm shifts) ✲ Substitutes ✲Administrator✲✲ (Shift 10 - 11 am , pm slt, 3 to 4 pm slt Shift 5- 6 pm slt) ( 3 days a week)
  2. At the moment we are not able to have paid positions, purely RP. Once we can get more students enrolled then there will be paid positions. For any further questions please message hotskorpion.charisma In-World.
  3. ☻ Welcome to Focus Point High ☻ Focus Point High School is hiring for several positions including teaching, coaching, administrative and more! We are looking for dedicated and friendly individuals who love immersive RP and would like to new ideas and skills to Focus Point High and it's students. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. You may choose any from the following list or make up your own. * Be sure that you check with our faculty what classes are available, currently offered classes will not be hire
  4. Hello, I've been experiencing problems logging into Aditi, I have changed my password more than 24 hours ago and I have read up on the wiki. Any information is helpful, as I would really like to get back into content creation. EDIT: And I've tried all the passwords I can remember and even my current password and I just recieve an error about my login. Edit # 2 : even though i have logged aditi several times in the past?
  5. My Transaction Thing is... #1345962241 So I bought a few things and they NEVER Got sent, It said they I would get a refund withiin 8 hours, the next day i come on and check ,nothing no items no money!
  6. oook so i puted on a zig boady crusher and i took it off and i was still the same i took off everthing so that the only thing there is in my shape eyes and skin i restared cleared my cheache andcontorl alt r ant way u can help?
  7. i leted my sister play with my baby and it was a hunny dew i really need it be cuse that was m y only child and i am now alone do u know how much they cost alot yes now please help me get my lil baby girl back
  8. i need to switch acounts becuse my rl sis acount got bann be cuse she was plaing as other people
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