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  1. I love V3 my self. Firestorm will have its sucky bugs, which can be counter productive.
  2. there are some approved resalers http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Linden_Dollar_%28L$%29_Authorized_Reseller_Program
  3. lol Im sure you missed my point This section is for full regions to be sold.. not rentals. the parcel rental forums is below. So it has me wonder why so many off topic posts in the regions for sale section. Still have a hard time seeing how hard it is to post a rental in the parcels for rent section or estates for rent etc. So I still ask my self why so many rentals listed in the regions for sale section..
  4. Somone please explain to me why this forum section is infested with rentals when this section is clearly for selling full regions?
  5. You can find Ejamming software. Which allows several musicians from different locations to record and play live over the internet with precision synchronization. recording etc. http://www.premierguitar.com/magazine/Issue/Daily/News/Fender_and_eJamming_Audio_Unveil_Synchronized_Streaming_Jamming_Software.aspx There are some other that can do this. search for synchronized music streaming/recording software like NJAM http://www.cockos.com/ninjam/ There was a blues musician in SL that used to Jam with another resident from the UK live over a stream Some open source ones out there also http:
  6. I noticed it messed up after the last update My traffic is normally around 65k. now it is 38k lol I noticed it declining after the last rolling restart. My UseR levels have not declined
  7. This does not affect anonymity if you are in a community that allows it. This is a law dealing with those who lie against a terms of service. "fraud" This would not reflect against you in a platform like Sl that celebrates fraud and lies and deceit lol
  8. Narugawanaisa Yumako wrote: So i was wondering, how binding, or legally setting is a contract through a game. especially secondlife For 1 . Second Life is not a game. It is a Social community with Businesses and bueinesses that are real life. Linden Lab built, and sells services for the platform for businesses alike to operate and build. The exchange of money makes it not so much a game, but a community with a full working economy. All Applicaple laws in your state and or the state of which the "business" owner is in do apply . Digital signatures can be recognized in more than one way
  9. You pretty much have to use a human or a bot to send group invites without the cheesy link I rent out my bot services. IM me if interested
  10. Just hit the big red X and uninstall Second Life and read a book. Maybe watch some Dr. Phill and get in touch with your inner self
  11. I seen the last name Pootawn. And laughed a little. Then I tried to look up what the name means. Could not find anything, So I figured what ever a pootawn was. it must be Sticky So I made it Sticky Pootawn because it was funny lol
  12. I can think of far more worse addictions that just toying around in SL If it is not gonna klill me, or make me so fat that I can not take care of my self, then I have it made:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
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