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  1. Thanks Inula and Sticky ! Well looks like someone is friendly enough to help inplace of just comment something with no sense
  2. EDITED 20-5-13 Basically I have a problem. With the new ToS I can't buy L$ via other exchanges (such as DutchX or WoozKash). I have read other treads otherwise I wouldn't post this. I know people may advice me to buy via Lindex but I wont. It's not that i trust them it's just that the feedback i hear from several people scare me of + as an European, i pay taxes on it (exchange from dollars to euros, transaction costs, etc.). This is not a personal problem, this can happen to others I always bought my L$ via other exchanges because they had easy options such as paysafecards, call for your lindens, text message to get your lindens, ... This has nothing to do with trust or no trust but about how fast you get them, how much you pay for extra fees (in my case i paid low fees) And now with the new ToS, I can't. I think and hope I'm not the only one who does this because those options were always handy and personally I NEVER had a problem with a 3th party exchange. I hope all this sh.. With the new ToS will be solved ASAP because right now, I can't buy lindens so a big thank you to LL for messing all this up. Because of this, a lot of third party exchanges are closed. This has a good side and a bad side: The bad ones go away but the good ones too FYI: Not everyone is able to buy from Lindex.
  3. I just tried the singularity viewer and i cant enable my shadows or even DOF ... I stay with the old firestorm viewer then -.-
  4. Thank you ! Well yeah i know it's low and it sucks but i think ill keep it with this old firestorm viewer then Thanks alot xx
  5. I am always searching for a high-end viewer that can handle my laptop. I am a Mac user and had a windows laptop but that didn't end wel (i threw it on the ground, long story). I am currently using an old Firestorm viewer that supports mesh and shadows because the main viewer and some other viewers make it crash except this one. I am using this for a several hours right now and there is NO PROBLEM at all ! It runs smooth sometimes a little bit of lag but thats fine. But I am searching for a high-end viewer that can help me with better looking shadows, more functions for the camera such as making the angle wider or going into a sort of macro modus and play with light and shadows. If someone could help me with finding this high-end viewer that would run smooth on my mac please respond asap ! It would help a lot :) MacBook Pro 13-inch, medio 2012 Processor 2,9 GHz Intel Core i7 RAM 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)
  6. So basically I'm searching for a viewer which supports my macbook and also other main things as mesh support etc. I still can't find a good one (Right now, I have Exodus viewer but when I try to enable shadows it crashes :s) This is my macbook: MacBook Pro 13-inch, medio 2012 Processor 2,9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Video card Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB (if you need more info ask me) Please help me, I'm desperate :(
  7. So hello again ! Let's try again shall we ? :) So I'm Joelle as you can see and I'm looking for friends, soulmates, groups etc. I'm a young, fashion and shopping addicted type of person who likes art, music, shopping ofcourse, photography and clubbing. I'm open minded and respect everyone who is 'different' to society. I'm not looking for someone to fall in love with because I'm very independent (don't need someone to tell me every day how he or she loves me and all kinds of that stuff). I'm very shy and sometimes awkward :/ I try to come out of my shell but it's hard haha I hate it when people are too sticky and irritating or if they know everything but in fact aren't correct. I hate close minded people too and people who are to naive (it's okay to be a little bit naive but don't be too naive) and who are sheep's (the one who obeys and does whatever you say) With this message I try to meet some people with the same interests and thoughts . Lots of love xxx
  8. I'm elliesuekaru resident but you can call me Joelle (doesn't even make sense) I'm a free soul who likes to meet other free souls with the same amount of interests like shopping, listening to alternative music, hang out, party etc. I don't know a lot of cool alternative stores or hangouts because I'm not that social and I don't have a lot of friends :/ I like to have a virtual buddy who I can trust, laugh, cry, enjoy with ... Kind of a soulmate :) I'm always open for a chat and I'm not a judging person ( I don't care how you look like, as long as we have the same things to share and talk about) My real life interests are photography, fashion, music and my main rule and motto is Carpe Diem I hope I'm not the only one around here with these kind of interests so IM me so we can chat up ! xoxo
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