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  1. Probably a really stupid question, but I'm having issues lol. I rented a parcel that I have full rights to. I have an option under "Land" that says "Shop Place in search ($L30/week)". Well, I checked it and nothing happened? No L$ were taken, and it's not in search? Am I missing a step? Any kind of help would be wonderful :)!
  2. That's so incredibly frustrating. I'd probably end up paying more to have it fixed then I actually did on the item, which isn't happening. Thanks for the help! Any ideas as to who has the best scripted rent box that I could buy?
  3. I recently rented a parcel of land, I have full rights to it. I'm going to be renting shops, so I bought rental boxes. Everything was going great, and everthing was working perfectly, and then all of a sudden I get this script error about 15-20mins of having the boxes out and rezzed: [script:comm 3.04] Script run-time error Math Error No idea what it means, would love to know if there is anything I can do. The rental box is full perm so I can edit the script if that's the case! Any other ideas and suggestions would be of much help!
  4. We're sorry, but something went wrongPlease try again in a few minutes. If you continue to receive this message please use the options under the viewer's "Help" menu or visit Second Life Support. This is the error I get. I've tried multiple times in the last 2 hours. Any ideas? Will this be fixed soon?
  5. I was trying to figure out exactly what "contact sets" do, can anyone explain?
  6. Okay so I just started firestorm because I heard it was better. I honestly don't see how. I've had so many issues...maybe you can help me with them. 1. My physics won't show & I can't see anyone elses. 2. I have a leash and it spews hearts, when I put it on I can't see the hearts but the script works fine. 3.I rebake and I come back naked O_O..... I never had these issues with regular phoenix. Any ideas?
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