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  1. Can't add items to cart or to favourites... and it is sooooooo sloooooooow......
  2. I received folders before. A few weeks ago I could receive anything. The last folder I accepted had LM's and notecards in it and I had no problems with it. The very next day I couldn't receive folders. It's really odd. I know you can send and receive folders normally.... just not me at the moment lol
  3. I have a really odd one here..... If someone sends me something in a folder - notecards, LM''s, poses, animations, gestures etc... I do not receive the folder....It shows in local that I have received it, and it shows on my transactions that I have been sent an item, yet nothing shows in my inv. I have to ask the sender to put the item inside a prim and send me the prim. This is becoming increasingly annoying as I have to pass and receive a lot of items. Has anyone heard of this happening before or experienced it themselves? I have tried clearing my cache, logging in to a quiet
  4. I love this thread!!!! I still build in prim. I could build 24/7. And my prim builds still sell on mp. Being able to add shine and bump to textures gives us more range with what we can create now as well. My bestie asked me to put my take on the real "Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater" house. The land and cliffs were bought mesh items but the house were pretty much all prim. And I am currently working on a build for a client which is 95% prim. Only the stairs and signage for the building name are mesh. Bring back more prim builds!!!
  5. For some strange reason I can no longer save images to disk. This started Monday night during the DDoS attack. It could be just coincidence but I am not sure whats going on. I did a normal photoshoot during Monday day time. Later that evening I tried to do another but when I saved the image to disk, in my folder content on the hard drive the image just showed as a blank item. When I tried to open it, I was given the message "this file does not exist". Today I went back to the folder and the images are there, but are both blurred versions as if only a portion of the picture has saved.
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