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  1. Thank you, Nal. ☺️ on a second thought.... 😆
  2. Feeling very basic after seeing everyone here 😅
  3. Hey People! It's been a long time. Good to see most of you is still here !
  4. Burciaq

    My SL Fashion

    Hey everyone! I am here for a long time, but i just realized i never mentioned my blog on the forums. So today, i will be presenting you a great web blog, hoping that sl fashion fans will like it. Well, Brinicle fashion is a second life fashion blog for men. It offers some great quality clothing with a tasty sense of style. It's sponsored by many clothing brands in world, and already took its place in the best second life blogs. We started the blog almost 2 years ago, and we still have the same enthusiasm to bring the latest fashion trends to our follower. Please check it out... We also like to hear your feedback about the blog. I know there are many fashion blogs running on the web. But oldie is goldie right? Oh i almost forgot the URL of the blog. Here you go: http://briniclefashion.com I hope you all like it and be a follower of our blog. Thanks everybody!
  5. Well my suggestion: State that you only redeliver items with a full transaction info, and deleting an item is not your problem.
  6. Burciaq


    1 message Replies to a topic on a message board. That message is so dumb. 2 message to do a poo somewhere inappropriate haha i left her a message under her pillow and bailed. 3 message to run an errand, to pick up groceries You said you were doing a message, just going down to the shops. This freaks me out!
  7. Nice blog! Do you also post men stuff?
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: New skin! :smileysurprised: Wow, I hadn't got a new one since 2 years or so... (couldn't find a shape worth changing, though, so the difference may not be obvious). Advices (and critics) welcome! :smileyhappy: here is your shadows! next time let me take the pic!
  9. When i get bored, i do stuff like this...
  10. When i first bought minecraft i played it furiously for days! But been a long time. Would be nice to play it again tho!
  11. Burciaq


    LOL, that made my day
  12. *suddenly clarity clarence* Thank you.. Thank youu...
  13. I ve never made a close friend with a convo which started with "hi how r u etc." all the good ones strated with something written on my profile so you better write something about yourself there.
  14. Yanlis hatirlamiyorsam dukkan yada marketplace de sattigin esyalardan kaynaklanan bi sorundan oluyordu bu. Ama en azindan sadece 7 gun banlanmissin. Zaten simdiye kadar acilmistir.
  15. Farkli viewerlari deneyebilirsin. Birde network ayarlarinda bandwidth i internet hizindan yuksekte tutma.
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