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  1. I first heard of Second Life from an article on some website or other about "virtual worlds", and it just sounded really interesting. I went to the website, downloaded the viewer of the time and dove in. I've always been interested in the idea of virtual worlds, so it was a no-brainer to hit Second Life shortly after I heard about it. I'd have to check how long ago it was, but long enough that last names were still the norm, at least 8 yrs probably. What do I love most about being a resident? Seeing all the amazing areas people build, all the ideas and creativity that go into the pro
  2. Not all microphones are made equal. Computer mics can be pretty bad sounding. If actually sounding decent is important to you, then it's a good idea to have a friend make a recording of how you sound inworld so you can hear it outside of SL Maybe try at least a few different microphones or headsets and pick the one that sounds best. Even if you went with pro or semi-pro sound gear, it's still not going to sound great, though. SL's voice channel is just not that good for quality. With a good mic, some equalization, and maybe a speech compressor, you can get it to perhaps "pretty good" at
  3. I see what you're saying Randall, but I do kind of prefer RL books in some cases for the aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, how many books printed with the poor quality paper and cheap binding practices of the past few decades will survive to be around in a century? Probably none, while via copying into digital those words and ideas need not be lost. Yes, things need to be backed up and stored in more than one place to have a good chance for survival in digital form, but then that chance at least exists. If in 100 yrs or more, it is the only way that a written work or whatever survived,
  4. Brain? You just buy one and install it, like pretty much any fashion accessory or trendy "must-have". I put one in my avatar a while back. But he doesn't use it any more than anyone in SL does. LOL Makes about as much sense as people who wear watches in SL. But back to the OP and teeth, there's also things you can buy to make your avie look like their lips are parted slightly so the teeth show a little bit and there's special teeth like fangs and etc in shops and the marketplace, if that's maybe what you're looking for. There are also smile animations you can get, if you want to show yo
  5. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Of course, if you had a virtual vase, and took a screenshot, and printed it out, and framed it and hung it on the wall? That's a step in the right . Ok, but try this idea on for size... My wife got me a vintage 1960s autoharp for xmas. I certainly enjoy that instrument in RL, of course. Now with my guitars, harp, oud, etc.. it was fairly easy to find something at least close in SL. But I couldn't find an autoharp on the marketplace. So I took a digital photo of the RL instrument and used it as a guide for building the basic shape out of prims and then
  6. Good grief. You know the forum addiction is bad when you happen across a thread like this and spend over 24 hrs contemplating your own reply. LOL Nothing wrong with a piece of music bringing tears to your eyes. Or a moment in a movie or a book or a story you hear doing it to you. One of my teachers used to say that music can touch on the things to wonderful and too tragic for words alone to reach. So far as guilt? Well, I don't much buy into guilt as a concept for life. Like regret, I think it best to avoid. In cases where it can't be avoided, it's better to have it for what one f
  7. There isn't really an answer anyone on the forum can give to the OP, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility that LL might not try making such cards available at some point. They're a business, and if there's sufficient demand for it as a payment option and sufficient growth for it to look like a possible way to increase revenue by offering more payment options, then it's likely to happen. If the amounts offered are kept in fairly low increments, as is common with other somewhat similar services' (like game sites) cards, I doubt money laundering would be much of a concern. Buying a hundr
  8. SOPA does nothing to protect the rights of individual creators, the only thing it is intended for is to protect the profits of corporations that are using an outmoded business model. Copyright laws need to change, because the world has changed since they were originally written. PIPA and SOPA aren't what's needed though. What is needed is something that fairly protects creators at all levels from unfair/illegal use of their ideas. It would have to work by due process of law, and be structured so that it can change with changing times and tchnology better than the original copyright laws.
  9. I'll start off by saying that I am not an SL vendor, but I am a customer/consumer. I think that part of the problem you're talking about (or perhaps "difference from rl business" would be a better way to say it) is that in SL there are no costs for raw materials or labour. In rl, those factors result in a cost which would make giving away items for free or very low prices prohibitive. It would just be too expensive for most people to be that generous. That being said, people who create an item can sell it for whatever they like in SL. Logically, the price will reflect the ingenuity, time
  10. I only see the marketplace from the buyer point of view. But my wishlist for it would start with a "no demos" button. Particularly when shopping in the budget conscious price ranges, you can end up sometimes having to wade through pages of demos before actually seeing full items for sale. Demos are cool, I often find it useful to visit the inworld shop or get a demo, but I'd prefer to not have them showing up in the search. A "Demo version available" or "Come and see it at our inworld shop" link when a demo is available would be more useful for making purchasing decisions. How about marke
  11. Not exactly, but at least similar to when I was a bit younger. I went to some pains to find eyes and hair that are close. I didn't feel I did a very good job trying to adjust sliders "from scratch" (well, on a default skin) so eventually I had someone who knows me in RL shop for a shape and skin. There's always that difference between how we see ourselves and how others see us. I did, however, "de-idealize" the shape slightly to proportions I felt were more reasonable. I have versions saved that are "SL average" height and also at my RL height (which is pretty average for RL). Clothing,
  12. We all die sooner or later. I don't care for funerals, since I consider the odd sort of taxidermy involved to be beyond bizarre and the customs and their related costs aren't something I'd care to burden survivors with. The body wasn't the person any more than an avatar was. What made the person a person has gone. But funerals and memorials are more for those who remain than for those who have gone. In RL, I've made my wishes known to family and friends, so they wouldn't have to guess what I may have wanted in that regard. I hope they remember the good times and move on, because one thi
  13. Well, it will depend on the person and what they want out of life. From what I recall of single life in RL (it has been some decades), I personally would not prefer it. Accomplishments, dreams and even troubles wouldn't be as good to me without someone to share them. SL is a bit different. I don't feel alone, since I have RL family around me in RL and SL is something I do to have some quiet time to myself. So I am not "looking" in SL, nor do I feel lonely. Besides, I'm quite boring. Not into clubbing or dancing or social things in general.
  14. With some vehicles, the camera angle is pretty bad. Even worse, in my opinion, are the ones where they sort of whip you from side to side when you turn. I'm sure some people think it's a neat effect, but I personally find it an immersion-breaker. I like the mouselook perspective, but all too often it's also mouse-steer. It's nice to be able to glance to starboard while turning to port sometimes?
  15. Your questions, Lauren, seem probably about typical of someone asking about SL who has spent little or no time "in-world". I think that the answers you get may lack a meaningful context unless you try it yourself at least a bit. But in any case, for me it has little impact on RL in terms of time and etc. The time I spend in SL is time I would spend on the computer anyway. I have never thus far chosen an SL event over an RL event. So far as balance, what balance? It is just life, whether RL or SL or whatever. One minute of your time is one minute of your life, and your life is how you ch
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