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  1. Thank you for the help. I will give both options a shot and see what happens.
  2. I typically use the Black Dragon viewer and thought that the camera was much better than other viewers, but when it comes to filming a scene where I need the camera to stay in the place that I put it instead of following my avatar or objects, I'm having a hard time finding where to disable that follow avatar feature. I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't have this feature like Firestorm but it would be really great if it did. If it does, someone please tell me how to keep my camera in one spot.
  3. This is America Our Dance for the Challenge!
  4. Yup, they don't take into account that you might be on the same internet network and as far as I know the voodoo system works like this?
  5. Same. But I heard something about someone selling their accounts whether it's an alt or main and I have considered doing that with a few alts that I randomly made out of boredom still in legacy bodies.
  6. The first I created was out of curiosity and learning when I first heard about them in 2009. The next one was bc I got locked out of my main and it took awhile to get password reset after calling support in the past. The other is a toddledoo that I use for our baby sorority, pics, videos. The other one is from not having success with "relationships" in SL so he is to keep the pervs and assholes at bay. Also for family rp and the family name. Now one is a bank, one is a builder so I don't have to go into busy mode either, the others are family rp, Photos and video models. It's sad, but finding a family on SL is complicated and when you do they up and leave without a word or are drama filled. When it comes to rping family that stuff needs not be there. But anyway, I'm trying to find others to rp family with so I can retire my alts and see how it goes this time.
  7. Is the Jungle Meter a meter that can be set up on any sim? And does it work with DCS/CCS weapons?
  8. Yea, TMP and SLink are terrible to most designers, it's not just me! Lol! Okami Aquila "Just Do You"
  9. Thank you! I ended up finding the website and figuring it out. Okami Aquila "Just Do You"
  10. Yes, Selena does not respond at all almost like she is no longer in sl or she just doesn't care about customer concerns and questions. It's terrible and the mesh body boobs on TMP, Belezza, and Maitreya look a lot better without all of the hassle you get with Lolas. Not trying to down her but that's what happens when you have poor customer service. I'm still waiting for a newer update and I have just given up on contacting her anymore. She has two notecards from me. I'm done. Okami Aquila "Just Do You"
  11. Okami Aquila


    Ok, so I just learned about this late last year and I still have trouble figuring out exactly what this is and where can I get it? Is it a conversion system for appliers or just another azz? So confused about this. Thank you in advance. Okami Aquila "Just Do You"
  12. I think that this has happened to many of us that are trying out the whole mesh clothing thing and I know for the first time that I tried it, I hated it and was going to give up wearing mesh clothes completely. I am glad to say that that did not happen and I am able to wear my shape with minor adjustments to the torso and leg areas of it. I felt the same way and actually still do about finding that perfect shape after years of tweaking and shopping around. I finally found it last year and will not trade it. Much of the mesh clothing that I have and that I manage to find fit well when it comes to most tops there might be a leak here and there in the alpha layer but it's not too bad. I also think that mesh body designers are getting a little better about how they make their alphas so I have hope that that part will definitely get better. Okami Aquila "Just Do You"
  13. Yes, I have learned that with most mesh clothing it is best to go the route of saving a shape specifically for that mesh, simply because many designers do not use the standard clothing sizes.
  14. Sexy and well done as always Hika!
  15. Love how simple this is. Nicely done.
  16. That link is no longer available, do they still have the developer kits for Slink? And for Wowmeh appliers do they have developer kits too?
  17. I think that it would just be nice if LL would offer free lindens on the main grid instead of on the beta grid where it's kind of pointless. Even the beta grid marketplace is not that great so those lindens just end up sitting there. Sure it's nice to be able to upload and test textures, mesh, builds or whatever but all in all those lindens are really wasted.
  18. What is the name of the sim? i feel like ive been there but not sure.
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