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  1. I have items missing from inventory,I know there is a way of getting them back so could you help me please
  2. Many of my folders are suddenly empty,how can I get them back please?
  3. As lindens have increased the prims on land,does that also apply to Linden homes.how many prims are allowed there thankyou myfanwy acer
  4. As lindens have increased the prime on land,does that also apply to Linden homes.how many prime are allowed there thankyou myfanwy acer
  5. I cannot log in to SL I have tried for a long time .i was logged on earlier. is there a problem with SL ,please?
  6. I just got email from SL,to say my application for linden dollars has failed. i did not apply for any,so wonder if someone is hacking into my account.it has happened before,bad people
  7. I have sent 3cases with proof of an abuse case not resolved,they said block the person i did this,also black listed him,but it does not work. he can see me ,but I cannot see him,,so the abuse continues in chat,it's awful.so who can I suggest to,that blacklisting is reversed,I can see him,but he cannot see me.would work much better.there is a suggestion box,but when I got into it it made no sense at all,thankyou for taking time to read this
  8. today many folders in my inventory are empty, too many to count , can you help?
  9. I tried replacing with an outfit,but did not work,I am still an ugly rabbit,maybe an old joke,but I can't even replace with another avatar
  10. Someone tricked me and I am an ugly rabbit,please how do I get my avatar back.i am very distressed
  11. How can I derender and blacklist a person who is not near me,so I cannot click on them?thanksi still want to derender and blacklist,this person ,as then they cannot see me. I know how to block them ,but want to derender and blacklist,this I don't know how to do if the person is not in my presence
  12. Can anyone tell me where to buy skins that will not change facial features in any way.i have tried some that makes my looks hideous
  13. I have already abandoned my land,but cannot seem to get a new home.i have tried,I haven,t changed mine for a very long time,thnx
  14. I have trie to get a new linden home ,but I cannot see how,I abandoned the other,have followed steps. To no avail.can you please explain how to get a home
  15. He is a computer geek,he can do anything ,he has photographed me in my garden,and many other inappropriate things.i will just have to leave SL,as he is never going to leave me alone,and linden lab ,obviously does not care ,as before I sent conversations to them that he sent me.he has been away for a while ,so peacefull.he is blocked,but very clever
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