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  1. Does anyone have early information or rumors about how users willl be able to make apparel items (or if they will be able to) in Sansar? Will it be like in Second Life?
  2. My nipples are erect, particularly in cold weather. If I wanted my avatar (standard avatar system breasts) to look the same so I bought nipples, would just any bra or other clothing work, or would I have to have special clothes (mesh, etc.)? I don't know that I would want my avartar's nipples to point, particularly if it meant extra trouble and expense, but I am considering it.
  3. The last gathering was over two years ago. I don't know if there will be more. The woman who organized them sent a message to a number of us with the date and time. She arrainged for us to meet on some property after getting permission from the owner. All were outside except for when we discussed and showed off lingerie. That was inside and women only. The discussions included making clothes in SL, taste in clothes, and RL preferences. In the discusion of lingerie, comfort was a major part of the discussion (underwire vs. wire free, amount of bra lining, style of panties, etc.). Naturally, comfort only applied to RL. Everything is comfortable in SL. Also, in SL we don't need to launder clothes, that was discussed in the lingerie meeting. If we have another get-together, I will see if something can be posed here. Maybe someone else can put a meeting together if there is interest.
  4. "And a woman sees a naked male avatar -:matte-motes-yawn:" Very true. Men just don't understand that women's minds are different.
  5. "[above] is a screen shot of a bra. (made using snipping tool, not the SL camara). Can anyone identify it?" That is me in the screen shot. The bra was given to me by a friend who made it. As far as I know, it is not for sale anywhere. I know that she makes clothing but does not have a store. Much is lost in that screen shot, perhaps because it was taken too far away and lost resolution. By the way, in case anyone worries about SL rules, I did give permission for people to take pictures. The occassion was a gathering (not on the SL schedule or anything) of several of us who like to talk about clothing and fashion. In this case, lingerie. So there was alot of showing off our undies! (just women were present ) The woman who made the bra and gave me a copy was there also. I won't identify her, but I hope she will reply and take credit. She also made and gave me the panties.
  6. Yes, SL is a virtual world. If your avatar is a rabbit, robot, or medieval knight, I understand that it is not really who you are. But sex is different. One thing to keep in mind when on SL is that the avatar is only a bunch of pixels and is fake, but the person operating that avatar is a real person. I think it was Bob who said it best. “what ever my avatar is doing with another avatar, I am doing with another person”. A number of years ago I had a sexual relationship on SL (I had a slightly different name, went off of SL, then came back with my current name). I knew the guy I was involved with in RL, and was having a relationship with him in RL. We have since broken up and he is no longer on SL. I am one of those who would not enjoy sex on SL unless I knew that I was with a male, not a woman with a male avatar. I think of the avatar as the person behind the avatar, so having SL sex with a woman would be the same as having RL sex with a woman. Not for I will do. A lesbian friend of mine who is familiar with SL (but not on it) told me that she would fear that the female avatar was really a male and would be turned off. So, I do not have sex on SL unless I know the guy on RL. There is no way to verify gender, and people lie. In RL they lie about marital status (why I broke up, in RL and SL, with the first guy, so some would lie about gender on SL. My current “main squeeze” does not get on SL, so I do not participate in sex on SL. I know that other people feel different. However, that is how I am. I think that if you are asked about your gender is a situation where it matters to the other person, you should either not say or be honest.
  7. Understanding that the person you knew who made the comment was joking, I don't know how you would know. In RL I tell at the store by feeling the wire (or lack of wire) in the bra, or from reading the label. On line, the description says underwire or not. But in SL, on the marketplace website you certainly cannot tell. Same at the store. So not only would I not know, but, since I don't need boob support or comfort, I would not care. PS: Margaine, I wear bras in second life. I don't know why, I just do. Considering the number for sale in the Marketplace, there must be some others who do.
  8. Jill: "this thread got way off topic..and for that i am sorry.." It's not your fault, Jill. Keep posting whenever you have a question or a comment. For any question you have, there are probably many others who have the same question and haven't gotten around to asking.
  9. Marianne: "This is especially to the first poster, that obviously have no idea of appearance editing himself." I am a little confused. Who was the "first poster" who was apparently a "him"? Not that I disagree. I know that some people with no experience using the in world editor don't understand what it can and can't do to clothing. But you gave a good explanation for what it is meant to do. I use it to change the color of white or light colored clothing, and raise the hem line of some skirts. I particularly agree with your last two paragraphs.
  10. Having seen the flickr page, I think that Marybeth's clothes (those that are not actual photo) look more like what people really wear than most of what I see in Second Life. They are certainly not staged for advertising.
  11. They should define "private parts" Wouldn't the term "private parts" be sufficient. Is there any ambiguity there?
  12. I recently check a couple of G rated dressing rooms with a friend. She went in, staying fully clothed, and I was able to cam in from outside. Then I went in. I could cam in and go in. I heard that some time ago there was a group of "Dressing Rooms in the Sky" or something like that where you went to one place, and when a dressing room was available you were TPed there. One person to a room and too far away for anyone to cam in. But that doesn't seem to exist anymore. Yes, I would not like for someone to cam in to a dressing room to see me without proper clothes on. I know it can happen and I take that chance. I would like it even less for some pervert in RL to hide a camera in the shower at my tennis club, but I still take showers after tennis, even though I know it can happen. (In RL I need a shower after tennis - one advantage to SL is no such need )
  13. "There's skin stores in PG regions that show more than lifesize images of their products, but by the TOS they can't allow customers to try product demos." I would think that stores selling skins, and other stores as well, can provide private dressing rooms where people can try demo skins. After all, in RL I can go to the store, pick out a bra, and try it on in a dressing room, but not by the rack in the "public" part of the store. We need some common sense here. Of course, no one should appear "in public" in a G area naked. However, is should be OK for dressing rooms or other private area in G areas where nakedness is OK. That is how it is in RL. My brother (not involved with Second Life but very involved with on-line forums) is a RL principal at a middle school (definitely a G area). He saw this thread and commented that any adult male walking down the hall with certain parts hanging out of his pants would be arrested, even though most kids have seen such things before (most little girls have brothers and fathers). He also pointed out that every school has a men's room where it is normal for those parts to hang out of pants. That should be obvious. G areas in SL should be the same. People should not be allowed to expose themselves, that should be considered griefing. However, private areas such as dressing rooms should exist and should be able to be used for their intended purpose. And yes, I am one of those whose avatar is an extension of myself and I would be upset if someone cammed into a dressing area and saw me exposed. But, as someone pointed out, the same thing has been known to happen in RL. That does not prevent me from taking a shower at my local tennis club.
  14. Mirika, The "basic slips" you have links to are the kind I, and many women, wear in RL. In fact, the one from the Sears catalog looks almost exactly like one I recently bought (from some other store) and the one from National is the very one I just ordered. (I often order from them). However, basic underwear like what you (or what I) would wear in RL doesn't seem to be sold much in Second Life. That is why some of us make our own clothes in SL. Also, for slips, one of the reasons for wearing them in RL doesn't apply to SL - in RL slips are more comfortable on my legs than the inside of skirts. Comfort doesn't matter in SL. However, another reason for wearing slips in RL is that often skirts and dresses are slightly transparent, particularly with light weight fabric for summer use. In SL, as in RL, I often wear tops and dresses that are more than slightly transparent, with a solid (that is, not lace) slip underneath. I do the same with tops in SL, but not with skirts, as I will explain. In SL, only one garment can be worn on the skirt layer. Other layers allow multiple items using the ADD function. But if I put on a slip, and then add a transparent skirt, the slip disappears and you see my panties through the skirt. Take off the skirt and the slip appears immediately. I still sometimes in SL wear a slip "under" an opaque skirt. Fortunately, it is easy to make slips using Photoshop or GIMP. They can be made opaque or, like the Sears slip you link to, slightly transparent.
  15. If I mark an item of clothing "For Sale" and set a price on the profile, how does someone go about buying it inworld?
  16. If 29 is young... To someone 49, 29 is young. To someone 69 (yes, there are 69 year olds here) it is very young. I know that you are too old to be expected to go out to the playground and play But my elderly mother spend more time outside than in passive indoor activities; that probably keeps her healthy. But I have been through many hobbies and activities that were fun at one time, and then became boring. Try staying away from SL for a while and doing something else. You may come back to SL and really enjoy it, or you might not. Some things may be a lifetime interest, but other things may only be interesting for a few years and then become boring. But there are many things to do, some of which will be less boring and maybe very interesting, for a few years or for life.
  17. I have noticed that on the profile for items of clothing (these are all things I have made, so I have full rights) there is a "For Sale" check box and a "Price: L$" field. What are these for? Is it possible to sell clothing using this?
  18. "7.1 You retain any and all Intellectual Property Rights in Content you submit to the Service....." Thanks. That implies that Linden does not have a problem with people selling tga files for the customer to upload. Vicki
  19. "How well do you know this friend? Is it a rl friend that you know for years or a sl friends that you know for some weeks?" My husband and I have known her and her husband (in RL) for a couple of decades. She is a science writer and editor with a degree in physics; he is a chemist. Her website is, she says, is more of a hobby but pays for itself as well as for their own internet service and a small extra profit. It is divided in such a way that most people wouldn't know that the part where she sells "how to stuff" for scientific writing and where he sells chemistry information are related. They appear to be separate, but the underlying credit card processing and file handling parts are the same. There is also a forum for chemists to discuss whatever chemists talk about. She also has a section that sells music recorded by a musician friend (with full attention to copyright matters). That section also appears to be a separate site, but uses the same underlying processing software. She has had the site for over 10 years, and is very knowledgeable on internet commerce issues. I haven't decided whether or not to do it. I could not find anything in the Linden Lab terms of service. I know that I would make very little money. Some of the sales would go to credit card processing and to my friend to help pay the cost of the site, but most would come to me. Of course, most of very little is very little. But it might be fun.
  20. Thanks for all your replies. I don't know if I am going to do this or not. I am really not interested in being a merchant, and don't really have the time. The reason I am thinking about this is that a friend has an existing site and is selling such things as manuals on very specialized writing for scientists, stuff for chemists (her husband is a chemist), and other files for highly specialized professional use. She has offered to sell clothing tga files that I have created. It would require no work on my part other than e-mailing the files to her. I really doubt that I would have any significant sales, All of the files would be things I have created from scratch for fun. Since I don't expect any significant income, there would be no reason for me to try to sell anything I did not create. The only trademark/copyright problem that I see would that my page would have words such as "clothing for Second Life", and perhaps some information about uploading which would use the words "Second Life".
  21. A friend of mine sells downloadable files on her website relating to her profession (pdf files of some kind). I like making clothes in GIMP for upload but I have never had any interest in being a merchant. My friend has offered me the chance to sell files through her site. I would sell tga files for others to upload into SL. Is this permissible? I know that Lindon Lab gets a cut of sales from merchants. But if people bought tga files from me and uploaded, they would pay the upload fee. Thanks, Vicki
  22. Marybeth: " I will be wearing the white one (earlier post) tonight." Did you have a romatic evening wearing the white one?
  23. Thanks, Ann. Yes, "dressed" liked that, I am sure that any male would get excited! And, in RL, I like skinny dipping too.
  24. It is almost Valentines Day, so I was wondering if anyone here would show pictures of the most seductive clothing they will wear for the occassion. Here is mine:
  25. vickiadams


    I wear underwear in SL. Also in RL When I am wearing skirts in SL i always wear panties. Else, someone can look up the skirt. Same as RL. In SL, anyone can manipulate the camera to look up a skirt on someone who is standing or sitting, particularly if it is relatively short (just above the knees). I wear bras (and panties under pants) in SL just because I like to, even though no one can see. I can't explain why. It is just like I wear good looking underwear in RL eventhough no one will see it. In RL I have a large collection of bras and panties, all of them nice quality. Same in RL.
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