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  1. Thanks for seeing it and replying. I forgot to write your name down to IM you later. I thought I would have saved your name in the picture, but it did get cut off in my snip screen shot. You are right, I was standing on the other side of the room, and didn't move my camera. So the screen shot, cropped to show only you, was rather low resolution and doesn't do the bra justice. That was a fun get together, I hope it can happen again.
  2. Marybeth, I agree. I don't think that men really understand women's attitudes about seeing naked men. Cody Love it. And a woman sees a naked male avatar - :matte-motes-yawn:
  3. Below is a screen shot of a bra. (made using snipping tool, not the SL camara). Can anyone identify it?
  4. "I suggest panties! Everyone needs them, every day, no matter if its winter or summer, rain or wind, you gotta wear some panties.":smileywink: You don't have to wear them. But in RL most women wear them if they wear skirts or dresses! In RL we all need (or should need) several, unless we wash every day. And they do wear out. In SL we can wear the same pair and it won't wear out!
  5. How do Mary Beth's wordpress and facebook links differ from your Steel & Ink link? Do we have a case of the pot calling the kettle black?
  6. Did you mean "brians" or "brains"? They may have people working there named Brian, but I don't think they have brains I guess that will get me banned!
  7. Drake, I don't see any links in steph's posts, or any other posts for that matter, that violate the rules. Perhaps someone who is picky could claim that your link to Steel & Ink violate them, but that would be picky. Sue edited for really stupid typo
  8. I agree with Lillanna and Bob. I am a lesbian. I sometimes hang out with other women in clubs, but I do not have sex in SL. I know that some of the "lesbian women" in SL are really straight men. To me, I would not want to have a "romantic moment" with what I thought was a woman but was really a man playing a woman. I, like others, believe that what ever my avatar is doing with another avatar, I am doing with the person operating it. Obviously, others feel differently. But the best policy is to refuse to answer a question or to be honest.
  9. Marybeth, "That is true of any site (forum, blog, etc.) that does not verify its members." Is there any way any site can verify the gender of its members? Sue
  10. Morgaine: you mean women in SL are suppose to wear bras?" One reason women wear bras is for getting undressed in a "romantic situation". And then there those of us who wear them "just because..."
  11. I am not an alt. You may have seen me in SL, but may not have noticed. I don't remember everyone I see in SL, just some.
  12. Syo commenting about quality. That's ironic!!
  13. "I miss the days when girls would wear their shiny black patent leather shoes to Church." I remember being told not to wear shiny black patent leather shoes. Guys could look up your dress and see your panties. But when I looked for the reflection in shoes, all I saw was totally out of focus. I liked my new pair of patent leather shoes, so I wore them, knowing that any reflection was completely out of focus.
  14. I am just getting started learning blender. One question that I haven't found in toutorials is how to get my avatar into blender. I assume that there is a way. Thanks.
  15. Marybeth, I agree with your rant. I would not see any problem with the default female avatar being realistic. However, if LL wants to be "G" rated in their default avatar, they could make them like the store mannaquin or a doll - no nipples but the basic shape and no crack "down there". When my son was young he certainly saw my girl's dolls unclothed. And I certainly had no problem with that. But the default avatars will show their underwear if the avatar is wearing a swimsuit, even a "modest" swimsuit. Sue
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