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  1. Speaking as someone who spent their first couple of months in sandboxes and has returned many many times to even the griefiest of sims. I say: Leave them as they are. It's a great place to learn how to handle these people. Find the techniques that make griefers useless. Keep several bookmarks of locations and be prepared to move at the slightest notice. Take regular copies or saves. Use a high platform. If the sim starts to lag, pack up and move and forget about the problems, they won't always be there.
  2. Go Poenald ! My experiences with vehicles are less than exciting. Some do look good however and make for interesting scenery. A well made one can give your location a key point of interest . But really, when mesh arrives, some vehicles will look seriously amazing. Sculpts make 'em look like s#It.
  3. Scope

    New Blender

    Man.. I look in there every other day so thanks for the heads-up. I spent some time trying to get background images to stick, I write here in the hope it's fixed while it comes in.
  4. Once this is all worked out and definitive mesh-weights are calculated reliably, I wouldn't mind if complex mesh and/or adding scripts did decrease the actual prim-weight of land. But of course, to compensate, the standard land allowance should be increased to 1024, as SL land is virtually infinite. It would be about time anyway... what.. with 64m prims coming too. My intuition says it may be gonna happen. What.. intuition lying again.. Oh well.
  5. One user presses the "Agree" button. (No, it's not a "Like" button although I like the idea of real scale) But also presses the "Yes.... but... oh" button. We've been here before. Nice writeup! Indeed it should be law.
  6. Maybe material assignments.
  7. Sounds like a vehicle may be a taller order than first imagined. Just 31 to play with but boy do they look good.
  8. All I see in that image is a doorway into a number vortex. Gimme a few years.
  9. Well done Gaia. I'm sure this will clear some of the confusion for new vertice venturers.
  10. By even mentioning that $L were needed just caused confusion. There are many reasons why something won't work, $ weren't one of them. The uploader silently failing never helps.
  11. Been tryin for hours and now I find ya gotta have lindens. Got some in an account on main but zero in beta. I ain't askin anyone for money so it looks like no uploads for me. This just plain sucks.
  12. I'd leave it as it is greifers and all. A lot of learning and testing gets done there besides the other stuff. The simulators are pounded and I would assume (yeah right) that the error logs are being watched to help improve performance much like the beta grid but smaller on main. I started there as did many, on my first day to see what this building thing was about. If I had to be processed first I would have left. Period.
  13. And I heard Windows 95 was out of date. 7 is the new 95. Why they went backwards 88 versions I'll never know. I'm sure there are some that still use it.
  14. arton Rotaru : As far as I know, almost a 3rd of the SL Users log on with onboard graphic chips. They likely wander around with low to mid settings, which will set their rendervolLODFactor to 1.0. Then there are the newbies, they don't know how to crank this factor up in the beginning. This ^. I recently replaced my "wooden" hardwear but as a builder, I always built to a low render level anyway. Because you HAVE to meet an average level of performance. Designing with high LOD in mind is perfect if you design for the top shelf resident who has the hardware, otherwise, at least check what it
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