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  1. Desaturate the map, like the others said.If someone's working in blender and tints a face a different color, that shows on the UV map, and it can be pretty helpful if there are two similar shaped faces, like the front and back of a shirt. You don't leave the UV map visible for the finished product, it is just incredibly helpful if you choose to use stitching or lines on the item. To do this, in your photoediting program you just layer it over the AO, then go to another layer and use the pen tool to draw on stitching lines, then use your favorite stitching brush...it makes lining things up much easier with a well designed mesh.
  2. And actually, there's one available for FREE from the creator of the avatar. You just have to run around her store and collect rubies. The gatcha ones cost just 65L.
  3. There are actually mesh heads available now. They're at the Woodland Treasures event. There's also one in the Ruby-O-Rama game at CuteBytes
  4. Logged in just to say THANK YOU! I've been battling with this for half an hour and that fixed it!
  5. One other thing to consider is lag. I've tried a few differnet schools, and all but one lagged, and the one that didn't had very few students (the reason there was no lag) If you could manage one that could have a decent sized class and not lag, it would probably be successful.
  6. Wow, that was really helpful. I looked at it but was confused what to use the first time. I got it to work, sort of. When I open or close it, it's deformed, since the shape of it changes. Is there a way to fix that?
  7. I've been making books in sl, and I would like to make them openable. I don't want the pages to turn, I just want it to go from being closed, to being open. Preferrably by saying open and close in chat. I've done a little stuff with scripting, but I am still new to it, and this has my mind completely boggled. I know the individual things I want to do (have something react to chat, and have a prim change sculpt) are doable, but I have no idea where to begin, whether it'd be better to smoosh together a couple premade scripts (what I started doing) or learn to make my own (tried and failed) Either way, is there somewhere I can go to learn? Is this even possible? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. I am trying to make a dialog box where I can hit the more button and bring up another page. If that doesn't make sense I will try to clarify. Thanks!
  9. I will ask my mommy to make me a playdate! But I still wanna see if dewe is othew kids hewe who wanna be fwiends.
  10. Hihi! I'm Chloe. Evew since I gotted adopted I has had a hawd time meeting othew kids. I am 4 yeaws old, and I like playing games and explowing and ohtew fun stuffs.So, if you wanna be my fwiend, feel fwee to im me ^^
  11. Hi dewe! I is Hana Gloom. I is fow yeaws old. My mommy and daddy adopted me a few weeks ago. If you thinks that I wanted to get adopted to 'sustain my lifestyle' you is cwazy. Bein a kid on sl is sooo expensive, but I payed fow it myself. I did get pwesents fow Chwistmas, but dose is pwesents, so dey doesn't count. I didn't ask fow dem, I was suwpwised wif dem. It feels awesome to get adopted. It isn't about the moneys ow about a fwee place to live. It's about having a family who loves you. I spented fowevew looking cause I wanted a family pewfect fow me. If you has any questions about anything feel fwee to ask me ^^
  12. Uh oh! I got an error message. It says login failed, unable to connect to a simulator
  13. That. Is. AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!
  14. I am a kid on sl, 4 years old. I decided that the regular shapes that you can squish down looked a bit big for me still, so I got a squisher.(Sweet Baby - Tiny Tot Update 1.0 to 4.0) I realized after I started using it that most of my outfits look kinda weird when I use them with my squisher, because it makes part of me poke out either the front or the back (even some of the outfits made for tots do that). I have one outfit that actually looks right, and I learned that it uses an alpha to make parts of me invisible, then uses prims to cover the invisibleness. The problem is that outfits like that are pretty expensive, and I have only ever found one I like. My question is, is it something I could learn to make (given a LOT of time) and if so, where would I start learning to make prims and stuff? (I learned a bit of basic building, and I figured out how to make alphas today, but not quite sure how to make them look good) Also, is there a place to test it without uploading to sl? Because I suspect uploading fees are gonna kill me if I try this.
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