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  1. Before I view your video and answer your questions, I must ask, what are the reasons humans of any sex do anything? Is it not true that males strive to be successful in order to mate? Is it not true that females strive to be attractive to attract a mate? There are exceptions, of course, but if you recognize human nature for what it is, what can be the explanation for depicting nude children as art?
  2. https://community.lego.com/t5/LEGO-UNIVERSE-Roleplay/bd-p/1540
  3. I just looked at your Flickr. Are you serious?
  4. If you click on the links, the flickr page gives you the inworld map address. (hint: click John)
  5. Do you need assistance in how to not make your text italicized? Hint: click the HTML tab
  6. Twilight sucked so much it made more income than most small countries, and probably more than you will ever make in your awesome non-literary career.
  7. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Not only do I not know what they're worth, but I have no earthly idea what you're talking about. ...Dres Then why even respond? The question wasn't directed specifically @ you.
  8. Those are probably the only two that would stay friends with you.
  9. Kezio wrote: Caitlin Tobias wrote: You beat me to it....So the next question will be how much hours per week/day we spend in SL. Or if we spend real money and how much, where we live, if we consider our avatar a real identity.....and so on. I find your reply rude and unnecessary to my question Rude and unnecessary is what it does best.
  10. Caitlin Tobias wrote: LXBABY wrote: http://cinderellahuntspenguins.blogspot.com Looking for content to blog contact me in world lxbaby resident Although I am not a fashion-blogger If you have no experience in the matter why do you insist on insulting someone on a public forum? You can not know from this post if they are just looking for freebies or not, yet you insist on deriding them for asking a simple question.
  11. Could be worse, you could turn into a storm or a venus. Drug use explains a lot.
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