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  1. Hello! And Welcome! You are welcome to hang with me and my friend anytime! Sometimes when my roommate isn't online I get bored and lonely so it would be nice to have someone to hang with! IM me in world and we can get together and go shopping or exploring or what not
  2. Yea... that doesn't make sense. But i can kinda understnad why people don't want vigilantes on there sim. Kinda like how they don't want vigilantes in rl. lol :matte-motes-smug: But if there was a rp sim for us that would be legit. And people could choose to be regular citizens, villains, or heroes! I am just dreaming but it would still be cool! :matte-motes-smitten:
  3. you could try a shirt layer? unless you were looking for the shirt to be mesh too...?
  4. Well someone needs to revive it! I am shocked there aren't any really. I think it would be fun
  5. Hello! :matte-motes-big-grin: I was going through my inventory and found this vigilante outfit and started messing with it and adding things to it and now that I have it perfect I want to try this bad boy out! :matte-motes-sunglasses-3: But when I searched for Super Hero RP groups they seemed pretty dead and there are no sims dedicated to the genre. If you know of any please let me know! And if not maybe there are others, like me, that want to band together and create our own group! IM me in world or post on here letting me know if you are interested or have info on groups or sims! Thanks! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  6. Not sure if you have found someone, but if not I would totally love to be your rp sl mom! I have a large home with a yard and stuff! I am a single mom at the moment, but that could change soon haha My sl sister lives in the same house, but no worries there is plenty of room! Just IM me in sl and i can show you my home and stuff if you are interested! Robin Vesios
  7. Robin here! Making lasting friendships on sl has seemed to be pretty difficult. Most people seem to drop off the face of the earth or are only interested in that "one thing". I have recently acquired a home and decked it out to the nines! But find myself pacing around wishing I had people to share in the experience with. I am a really nice, fun person. I like to draw, watch movies, and listen to pandora radio. In sl, I like to go to clubs and dance, and talk to new people, as well as SHOPPING! lol Please give me an IM and I will invite you to my home and we can chill out and or we can hit up a club or beach and have fun! Either way, I am down! :D PS: sorry for any typos... keyboard tends to stick...
  8. I am trying to get it where I can see mesh. I have tried Dolphin, Second life, Imprudence, and Singularity viewers and either they look like a huge deformed donut or it is invicible. My Mac is OS X 10.6.8 with 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. I read somewhere that I should update my graphics card but it is the the newest. I need help so whoever can figure out my problem I would be greatly appreciative!
  9. Z&R Ceremonies and Honeymoon Resort is looking for the following positions to be filled: - Securitiy Guards - sculptors - Receptionists - Promoters - waiters - sculptors (deseparatly need...) - Rental attendant - Masseuse (for spa) - sculptors (I am serious...) - bartenders Please fill out an application in world! Thank you :D http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orchid%20LagoonYourHOME/208/29/22
  10. Well i have tried that but it is dificult to find exactly what i am looking for... plus textures
  11. I desperately need a sculptor for food dishes for my restaurant... i dont have the software (or skills...)... and I have a cafe in desperate need for food... I have a list of the dishes I need made and it would be nice if you could texture them too... I will pay whatever the sculptor feels is a legitimate price for the dishes i need! I have a place mat so just need the food to rezz! Please help! it is kind of an emergency and i am about to loose hope! If someone could tell me a free software to sculpt that would be great too! Thank you and IM me for the list! or stop by the cafe/wedding venue... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orchid%20LagoonYourHOME/208/29/22
  12. We are in need of a promoter and marketer for our brand new venue, Z&R Ceremonies and Café. We also have a honeymoon resort in the making too. Just fill out an application inworld or IM me (Robin Vesios). http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nara/210/25/37
  13. I have a promoting job for you. If you can IM me in world we can discuss the job and a paycheck!
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