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  1. My IMs don;t forward throuh to my e-mail even though my settings are to forward them. It isn;t a problem with spam filetring in my e-mail. I have tried unsettign forward and resetting, etc.
  2. I think people are missing the point of the original post. SL RPers, especially new ones, can get emotionally tied up (no pun intended) and drawn into abusive and manipulative situations. Many of us have seen control-freak doms/dommes who are really just abusers. I think the original poster was just trying to warn people of that and be supportive. It is easy to say "just walk away" but when someone who is lonely and isolated in RL spend six hours a day at a sim for a month or two, that is easier said than done.
  3. In the context of an adult roleplaying sim, would having one player wager Lindens and the other player wager sexual services violate the anti-gambling TOS? The game operator would not be getting a skim, so I see this as more like prostitution RP than gambling, even though it does seem to fit within the literal words of the anti-gambling TOS (unless you view this as not having a "payout" like a real gambling game does).
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