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  1. What's hot? What't the point of looking hot if the man can't even hold a proper conversation? You know what I think is hot? A guy who doesn't go AFK in the middlle conversation.. a lot! Heck.. I've had more engaging conversation with newbies than some older avatars. They thought that good skin and AO with a few good clothes on their avatar will make them the hottest guy in the block... but their response time to a simple chat conversation is worse than the lag itself. They think that all the female avatars ever want was to go to ballrooms with gravity defying gowns in exchange for a little s
  2. attacking? Who? ... me? You have valid points on those infringement crap you are preaching about. I will absolutely be on your side if the person you so openly accused did actually violated IP rights. I am however not going to friggin agree with you if what you have is just a snapshot and an assumption. Come back with a true and verified proof that she was indeed violating the IP right and I'll log in with you and we can both AR'd this Linden's ass. How's that?
  3. Nacy Nightfire wrote: I suppose it may be "none of my business", but despite the ultimate responsibility lying with the parents, I'd appreciate it if some kind stranger AR'd my hypothetical teenage daughter if she, unbeknownst to me, found herself in SL and claiming to be sldating a 30 year old man. Unfortunately, not every parents who used SL are here to be responsible parents. Most come to escape their real life responsibility. I suppose turning their heads away from these kind of situations is another way of them coping from dealing what comes close to home. Most are here to re-lived
  4. and perhaps you also aware of some basic courtesy... Have you asked the person you circled her name in Red for everyone to see (which is wrong by the forum policy standard, btw) if she asked for Bungie's permission or not? What is the real issue here? It seems to me you are making the assumption that this particular Linden employee uploaded the object for the sole purpose of crediting it to her name. It is an open area, but a test area is a test area.. unless there is some unspoken competition between content creators in Aditi of who could make the best mesh, I see no reason why a person wa
  5. Acheron Gloom wrote: ..... purely for research. However I'm not a lawyer, so thats really my uneducated opinion. That's the Keyword there... research. Probably no one is aware of lab research but if you need to bring up the best product in the market you will need to have samples from other competitions and brands for testing, benchmarking or setting up somekind of treshold of measurements. Aditi, is a Lab Test area. I don't see where is the wrong here? I'm not a lawyer, but maybe the OP is... so probably that is why he is posting it here and naming a person out it the open forum
  6. Probably just a pragmatic solution but it will do just in case your gf found herself outside your house. Keep a chair in the house, she can always position her camera into the house, right click and sit. She'll be right in the house. Locking a house doesn't prevent someone from going into the house. It just won't allow anyone to open the door. FYI: If you set the land to limited access then you will need to put her name to the access list. Also, there might be a time when you will set your home location to a certain coordinate in your house. Just make sure it is not outside of the house unle
  7. I think both be AR'd and tell them to move to Queensland.
  8. Descending Angel (red) from AVid. It comes with a teddy hair. Hair sold in the same store. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gothic%20Clothing/42/178/57
  9. I used megaprims primarily for sculpties. They tend to be much better as far as LOD is concerned. Texture alignments can be a little tricky depending on the path cut but it will improve with my own experience and practice. When buying for a set of objects, furniture, house, etc... It is also quite important to let buyers know that those items were built using megaprims and they can modify, at their own risk. Using megaprims as part of your selling items may or may not be lucrative depending on the level of knowledge of the buyers when it comes to building and prim options. Outdoor structures
  10. I don't think Fashion forum should be moved anywhere else. Fashion is a huge part of all creations in SL. A big business! But I also think Fashion forum should be used to talk about current trends, tips of getting what and where, controversial fashion topics.. etc. We already have 2 places for vanity threads, Your Avatar and that Art, Photography forum thingy. Here's a few fashion topics that we could post in this forum. !. Avant Garde, Cyberpunk, Steampunk... what's the difference? 2. Current Trend in RL for Summer, is it affecting SL too? 3. What Not to wear to a Church in SL? 4. 5 way
  11. Seconded! Let's see if more people could give Ann kudos so we can elevate her to a Pinky status for not caring! Sorry: Purple status
  12. Hey Jinny, You are not alone at all. In fact I am in my weary state right now and this is why I am here in the forums... rejuvinating.
  13. If there are still prims left why not go ahead and landscaped it now before the mall owner used up all the prims. So the owner did moved it up on the sky? that should solved the ugliness factor. Giant meatball is easy, create a megasphere and add fire particle script in it. Take any photos you can find from the web of minced meat and add it to the sphere. Voila! your giant meatball on fire. If you are low on prims already, build a giant Obelisk that is worthy of SL Guiness Book of Record of 'The Tallest Structure in SL Built on an Abandoned Land'. The mall owner might be a creative person an
  14. I am in total agreement with Qie, OP did say that it was a huge land mass so landscaping it in a tasteful way may do the community a favor. Think of a garden with the mall in the middle or an ugly shack surrounded by beautiful meadows. The idea is to used up all the prims so no more ugly prims being created. but the griefer in me still thinks a giant meatball of fire is a quick solution to get rid of the mall out of sight fast. God forbid if the mall owner starts putting in Lucky Chairs that spits out every 10 Seconds.
  15. Just wondering, have anyone of you tried age verification using other types of document other than Passport? I've heard that some people were not able to do this with thier passport but able to do so with their national ID card. Maybe you should try all the variables given on the list for Identification.
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