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  1. Nice to see people with a head on their shoulder about the value of a skilled professionals time. See it all the time, people expecting people to work for less than minimal wage, for something that is a high skill job.
  2. Hello guys, I am looking for work, for those who are interested. I do charge professional rates for anything regarding 3D/textures. I however am willing to do some entry level scripting for a discounted rated due to my profficiency. Please IM me inworld. cheers, Failed Inventor
  3. Display hud: Displays current level + Experience - interacts with leader board, and a script line embedded in scripts of other objects. example 1: user finds a treasure chest, when he touches, it runs the objects script to give object, but also sends /xchannel message to award x experience. example 2: user kills npc, before the object dies due to script operation it sends out /xchannel message to award x experience. Display hud, will interact with a leader board. on touch hud and leader board communicate. If user has top 10 ranking amount of experience, he/she is added to the board. Additional
  4. Hello Potential Applicants, F.E. Energy, LLC develops 3D asset kits that are used by over 30,000+ virtual world content creators, online game developers, and mobile app designers across the globe. Most well known are our sculpt kits brands, LIFE / DUST / FE Build Kits. We are hoping to produce over 2000+ Mesh based products for the 2012 year. While modeling is covered, we are in need of texture artist and material artist familiar with mesh, seam marking, and proper export/import processes for 3d editors. Developers will enjoy a supplimentary real life income or substancial Second L
  5. full grid and no announcement... holy crap thanks for letting me know!
  6. personally I make my uv's map to 1024x1024 or 512x512 or lower all pref on item. THen when I import my model I import my unwrapped full render bake and apply it to the item. hope this helps, cheers.
  7. Rusalka -"And I must say, I've filed my share of DMCAs with LL, and they have always yanked the offending merchandise within twenty-four hours. I'm 100% satisfied with their response to my DMCAs. Of course, I am still waiting for the online DMCA-filing system that was promised eighteen months ago, because filing them is a *#&$*@ pain in the fundament." That must be nice, recently I had a user buy one of my sculpt kits repost it up on market place, using my company logos the original vendor pictures and everything. When I filed my DMCA linden labs rejected it claiming I hadn't sent eno
  8. Honestly when mesh first came out I was excited. But here we are almost into august, the earliest mesh could have been fully rolled out full grid, is coming up, and here we are. Staggering penalties, ridiculous PE's etc etc. Gotta say all this makes me wonder if I should just stick with sculpts and douse any hopes and dreams of viable mesh in SL. With the penalties for everything from scaling to physics it nearly defeats the purpose of mesh in the first place. By the time lindens are finished, there won't be anything you can't make with mesh that you couldn't just do for cheaper or just as w
  9. Not sure if you are replying to me or just in general, but regardless of difference, either way it is difficult to enforce any form of any of these outside US especially in 3rd world countries etc.
  10. Due to Linden Lab's policy on harrasment I am not really allowed to speak my mind and call some one an idiot, as I have already been warned by the moderators for throwing out that one liner. ( sorry but if you do something stupid expect to be called on it. ) Most of you may be wondering.. what the hell was that about. Well I hate to say it but people can be at times *enter censored word*. IP infringement, in my mind is pretty clear, atleast in the methods in avoiding it. You can avoid IP infringement by going to your corner, thinking of an idea, not based of something you have seen, owned or
  11. graphics drivers I have tried, but network ones I have not, thank you for this suggestion I wil see how it goes.
  12. I also have the same error as you do, is there a fix for this?
  13. I understand and I think you have some very good proints drongle, thank you for discussing it further.
  14. Seems a well made uv unwrap with psd layers could achieve the same. I am still not seeing any upsides other than application of shine,glow, transparency to specific target areas. As you even said the one viable use it does have is not recommended as it will cause increase texture lag. I generally agree with you on most things, but I think people need to update from 2003 a little as optimized texturing and light baking is best done in the 2D and 3D exterior programs of your choice. While many may not like this fact, Second Life simply doesn't have the capabilities of professional editing pla
  15. I thought it would be terrific using multiple materials, like prim faces, but find that you can't really use them like sl prim faces if the ojbct is complex, so really there is no plus only penalty to multiple materials. Unless you need the multiple material for scripting purposes, say targeted effects etc, shine, glow where others would exist. But if no scripts or no special LL effects then you would want to just make an extremely well made template for your object with psd layers with a single material, cause any attempt to use the multi material feature will result in additional penalties.
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