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  1. It's was 2007 I had been laid off from my Job as a Land Acquisition Exec Assistant for a Southern California Home Builder. I was sitting in my living room watching Good Morning America (some something similar) when they did a segment on this women that was making real money in this Virtual World. They talked about how she was a UPS driver and how in 3 months she was making the same as she was in real life. I had done alot of work in Photoshop and will google earth and video editing etc. for my past job and thought to myself... I can learn to make things and maybe make some money as well as some point. I did not considered myself and artist or that I had any talent at all but with the crash of the housing market there where no jobs and I had a large mortgage to pay. So I jumped into Second Life on 10/24/2007. I meet someone right away that friended me and helped me get antiquated with this new world. I meet a few other people and shortly became best friends with Heather. I would wake up every morning excited and couldn't wait for my coffee to be done so I could jump into SL and talk with my best friend and try to learn how to be a Creator. I have had 3 business ... Epic Production House (Videos of Second Life events like party's or weddings even prim baby birthing), IMaGE Factory ( Avatar wearable s etc... ) and now EMBER. Second Life has given me the opportunity to make money from home even when the RL economy is down. I am not good enough to be one of the success stories but at times it has been the only way I was able to feed my family. Thank you Linden Labs ... for daring to dream and allowing me to have my world the way I image it.
  2. It is simply a misunderstanding !!! Chellynne is talking about what is RIGHT now .. and Cathy is talking about what needs to CHANGE to make somethings work. Chellynne I had hoped for your input on this because of the knowledge you have about mesh body / parts etc... I know that you know there are some popular bodies that do not conform to the SL UV Map. And instead of having someone make an onion skin and make it conform to the SL UVs (which CAN be done but a HUGE pain in the ass it would be) this would be an easier way to go and would make alot of people happy. The normal maps and the skin normal COULD work just fine IF someone bothered to take the time to alpha out the area of the clothing that was not needed to let the skin normal show through.... Seriously I don't think a lot of mesh clothing creators would do much of this .... Creating mesh clothing is getting to be do much work for the return.
  3. no body is try to force anybody into doing anything. It was merrily a generalization. If there was a button in the appearance editor that allowed you to switch from Default to Custom UV's then no one at all would be forced into any one brand at all !!! in fact if a customer that bought a system shirt from creator A and wanted to wear it with a Mesh body that used the default SL UVs they could they could ALSO wear the same shirt on a mesh body that does not use the SL UVs by checking of a "box" in the appearance editor that did magic on the back end on LL part ... IF they even like that idea ! - At least in theory I think that could work based on what someone told be able how the alpha's on the layers are used. Right now I could put any texture with any UV layout on a mesh if I used a system layer (Like the Tat layer) that did not have any transparency on it. Set the corresponding "flag" slider to 100 and the texture will get displayed correctly. They tricky part is the layer and how they stack ... yes you can sort some layers up or down but you can not put a skin on top of a shirt layer... so some thinking as to the amount and types of layers will be needed to ensure it can meet as many needs as possible..... I am not suggesting the limitation of anything !!!!!!!!!!! In fact I am trying to advocate the most flexibility ! ...... (this next statement is not toward you Chellynne) Can we please work together to come up with the best solution for all interest involved, instead of insulting or getting mad at someone because they make a suggestion ... even if it may not work ... maybe that suggestion can lead to another idea that will work ... I mean ist'nt that what brain storming is ?? Is that not why we get the chance to talk face to face with the Lindens at these meetings ?? - Never understand a creative mind .... what you think they will not do or can't do they will !
  4. Hello, a few things I would like to point out. It would serve the SL commuity at large if everyone could try to think of this project from the perspective of others that may not be into the same creation as themselves.. and example of this is a mesh creator looking at the issues from a scriptors point of view and vice verses. That might be hard because you might not know what all is involved in doing whatever XYZ creator does, if we do I think we could make the project more successful for more users of SL. 1. Bakes on mesh needs to work with ALL meshes not just bodies that use the SL UV Map, because alot of bodies and bodys part do not use the SL UV Map, like hands, feet, furries, and mesh heads, tails, other reproductive body parts etc... 2. This project has to be able to be very clear how it works to the community at large, more system layers wearables would help with this. example : make up icons / layer wearable, Dress icon / wearable (this would auto apply to the top and skirt) This would help to make it more intuitive for new users.
  5. Chellynne, recently in the last meeting they said you can use Bakes on Mesh for other Meshes ... so if that is going to be allowed (which it should for many reasons ) then they should fix this issue ... I am linking the report I made that also has videos of the issue. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-216054#comment-557118 We found that if you use the Skirt system layer and Cathy found also works with tat layers, hair and I think eye layers ... if you move the sliders to 100, then you can use those layers to use Bakes on Mesh ... this will also help with any Alpha problems when baking down the other SLUVs textures... I went and got your BOM test stuff today .. I think I have to wait until tomorrow for it to show up in my inventory so that I can use it. Because you have me totally lost in another direction as well.
  6. Chellynne ... I dont know what you have but I would be very careful. Also please do try to make it to these meetings, I think it might be beneficial to all. Also I found a bug .. that well for me as a mesh creator is a show stopper, I will be posting a Jira tonight.
  7. I am in the same boat! Normal and Spec are fine ... it's is flatting the layer stack for the main texture / base color / defuse. Yes they have a PS export but that doesn't really help at this point (they are going to make that part better in the future). I have been up in their Discord groups. One person suggested this ... There is also an Environment / light bake filter ... next to the bake filter. That is a promising way but I am having problems figuring out the template to use and the starter maps that I need. Please if you figure it out let me know !!!! There has to be a way !!
  8. You can not animate rigged mesh, however you can make the eyelids not rigged and attach to an attachment point, much like you would with sculpties or prims. I highly reconmend using this script system for animating prims / mesh https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/zEDAPSAnimated-Prim-System-10-CASHBACK-OFFER/2760746 it is easy to use (watch the videos) and lets you have options for the "trigers" and you can have more than one "triger" .. ie walking, sitiing, touch, etc.. Maybe do the jaw the same way ... but I am not sure if it will move with voice like the default SL avatars do... would be neat though and I wish you all the luck in the world ..
  9. Ok that demo you got, I didn't make that is a mesh template I got when I first started with mesh.... Now I am trying to do my own and have very few mesh stuff ... and I have a sister store that it only on the MP not in world where I sale my FP stuff.
  10. I am looking to hire a mesh rigger, I would prefer that you rig in Blender with Avastar that way we can swap blend files and save you and I a lot of work. I require extremely well done rigs and anything that tears or stretches in the wrong places will be unacceptable... I am easy to work with but I will not sell poor quality. I need someone that can pay attention to their work and not mess up face materials, rotation of mesh or linked parts of mesh etc.. Being able to make UV's, AO's and "Alpha Helpers" and possibly solidify or make inside faces would be a plus. I would like someone that is reasonably priced (they less you charge the more work I can give you) and or someone willing to take a commission on sales. (commission negotiable ) I would prefer someone that is willing to rig exclusively for me ( I know with such high demand for riggers this is a dream) The reason behind wanting someone that is exclusive is so that I don't have to wait 3 or 4 weeks for a rig while another store puts out 6 new items. (for example) I make almost all my clothing in Marvouls Designer, I do try my best to get the Verts, ploys etc... as low as I can, I also sometimes I add things to the clothing in blender so it is a mix of mesh. If interested I would like to see examples of your work and or names of ppl I can contact for references, if any of that is not doable then I would give you one "trail" rig and see how things go from there. It should be understood upfront that any files passed to you I still hold IP rights to and that you may not give out FP etc... blah blah blah. I would also entertain a partnership in the store as well. Please contact Jessicaann Wrigglesworth in world with a IM and a NC please (I don't always get my IM's and offline emails for some very odd reason I don't know) P.S. if this post sounded harsh I sorry, I am easy to work with and get along with and will try my best to work around any problems that may come up ... just a little upset tonight is all
  11. IMaGE Factory is looking for a Business manager. We would like to find someone with the following skills Able to use Microsoft Excel & Word or a program like them Able to use in world voice ( I don’t care if you’re a male in a female AV or a human in a furry AV etc..) Basic knowledge of in world building (move prims, put a texture on a prim, etc.) or willing to learn Ability to follow directions Ability to pay attention when given instructions Reliable and dependable Able to give 3 or 4 hours a day 5 days a week or more Able to work independently and a self starter Duties would included but not limited to Helping with store inventory in world and on MP Keeping a list of customers for mass product updating to do new SL viewer alpha changes (Which customers need which product etc..) Product testing to insure quality standards, any permissions problems etc.. Keeping up with dates of hunts, events, advertising etc… Sending out group notices etc.. And the famous duties as assigned disclaimer. Please send Jessicaann Wrigglesworth a note card with your skills and or abilities amount of time you can work per day or week and pay requirements Thank you
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